Negative HPV test but warts, and pregnant.

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prism :  I’m so sorry Bee. That sounds terrible. 

I’ve had something similar and I immediately thought it was something that meant I just got the virus or HPV or what have you. But my doctor explained you can have some form of HPV for years and not know it. Most people get it sometime in their lives. It has thousands of forms so just because you test for a specific kind or get a shot to prevent, it can’t prevent from every form. 

My husband and I talked about it and it could have been something I came to the relationship with, he could have given me and just been a carrier, or he could have given it to me and then he will eventually show signs. It’s not a big deal and your doctor can prescribe a medication and it’ll clear right up! 

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Oh gosh I’m sorry bee! I am so angry at your husband’s reaction.  You’re right there is no test for men and they can be carriers while being completely asymptomatic! Why is he offended when you suggest he might be a carrier even as he is saying that you are the carrier? No hypocrisy there right? And the expectation that you still perform oral sex on him while not giving you any sexual contact is…ugh! 

As far as the test showing HPV negative and the Gardasil vaccine, my understanding is that there are like 20-30 different types of HPV so maybe the test doesn’t test for all variations? I know the Gardasil only vaccinates against the varieties most likely to cause cervixal cancer and not 100% effective at that.  

It is also possible that you’ve had it for a long time and it’s just never been symptomatic until now. It can be because pregnant women are immuno-suppresses and that’s why it’s popping up now.  As to why it didn’t happen with your toddler, it doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t have the virus then, it could just be complete chance it didn’t turn symptomatic then. A lot of people have one strain or another HPV and they’re NEVER SYMPTOMATIC<—Most likely your husband. 

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 Your husband is being a (warty) dick. undecided

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Sorry bee! Your husband is an ass. Speak to your doctor and insist that your husband join you so he can learn the real facts. Even if you had only had one partner before him this could still be an issue. I wouldn’t engage in any type of sexual acts with him at all if his attitude is all about pleasuring him and “you get what you deserve”. A partner who wouldn’t have compassion for this type of thing is not a good one. I’d also suggest couple’s therapy since this is the second time he has been this way towards you. 

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prism :  I’m sorry, Bee. Your husband sounds like a class A ass wipe. What a horrible way to treat his pregnant wife and not a good way to inspire you to want to give him BJs. I suspect he’s going to experience a long dry spell. 

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Why did you even tell him how many people you slept with? Did he force you to tell him? He sounds like an abusive ass*ole. I’d get myself treated and then consider leaving him for a better life. There’s NO way I’d let anyone treat me like shit. 

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That is abusive. He doesn’t have to be OK with your sexual past or S T Is, but the solution to that is to walk away, not to continually punish you and make you feel like you’re “dirty and not as worthy”. Since he decided to put up then he needs to shut up. No one is saying he shouldn’t refrain from sexual activity during an outbreak, but there is no law requiring him to act like an ass about it either.  

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prism :  Hey dear. First of all, don’t stress out. The presence of HPV during pregnancy is very safe, and it will be closely monitored. There’s no evidence of it causing any harm to your developing baby. Congrats, btw! And, it’s true, Guardasil only prevents against a few strains of HPV, while there are over 100 different strains. 

Second – your husband’s reaction is completely callous and unacceptable. He married you, you have a health problem that could affect both of you (*cough* in sickness and in health *cough*), and you should absolutely be working as a team right now to get each other checked out! There is absolutely no reason to place the blame on either person, it’s in the past! There is nothing you can do to change it, so he needs to accept it and move on. But really, his reaction and your prior testing positive of HSV2 makes me wonder if his reaction might be… due to a guilty conscious. I really hope not. 

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