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LOL, my mom and my grandma definitely suck the joy out of my soul.  I love them, I do, but I’ve never in my life encountered anyone who would rather be bitching than breathing- and they’re usually bitching about each other!

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I have an aunt like this.  I called her a few weeks ago, and when I asked how her summer was going she responded with “Oh, you know, as good as it can be I guess, with the weather being so lousy”  What?!  Firstly it’s the summer, how can you be upset about that, and secondly, the weather had been FANTASTIC that week!  I can tell you I didn’t keep her on the phone too long after that.

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@TaurianDoll:  Me.I analyze every situation and I will always point out the bad that can happen. I don’t ever complain really but I can be really negative about things. For example someone can be really excited about something, idea or event etc and me being me ( I hate being this way btw) I just blurt out whatever bad scenario comes to my mind that might happen.


Like last week my Maid/Matron of Honor was planing this elaborate party for her girls, water slides and clown and moon bounce. SHe always goes all out and her parties are fenomenal! I love going to them 🙂 anyways we were just talking and out of nowhere I say “did you check the weather we are supposed to have T-storms hope the party won’t be ruined”, making her freak out and ruin her happiness. Then of course as it’s coming out of my mouth I realize what impact it will have and I regret it instantly. I just can’t think before I speak. Luckily my friends are used to me by now and just take me that way. Still sucks because I know I can be really annoying at times


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I do have a very hard time with people like that! It’s probably because I’m the opposite, I am usually quite happy about at least a COUPLE things in life even if I am going through a tougher time or something. I am an optimist and I just like being happy so that does drain a LOT from me to be around a negative person all the time.

I have to try so hard not to say, “You know you’re miserable because you WANT to be miserable, right? So please excuse me for not feeling THAT sorry for you.”

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Ironically enough my FMIL’s name is Nancy and she is like this about our wedding. The other person I know who likes to complain all of the time is my Nana. If it’s not one thing it’s another she always has to have something to worry about. It used to be Papa before he passed away, lately it’s been a combo of the complications she’s ended up with after cancer (fractured pelvis) and her aging greyhound who she has trained to be afraid of storms and whose health is starting to decline. I recently got new pets, so I managed to stem the tide of complaints by telling her stories of the silly things they get up to.

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@TaurianDoll:  Yes, I know what you mean!  I have a co-worker like this.  Even if you AGREE with her she’ll still argue and be negative – with anyone!  I’ve pointed out to her that I was agreeing  so why was she still being combative with me?  No logic, that one.  I avoid her at all costs, lol.

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My aunt is a Debbie Downer. I always link it to the Family Guy time travel episode where Stewie and Brian go back to the world where everyone had a downer personality.

If we tell her, “OMG we went to the water park!” She will say, “There are so many people who pee in the water. Gross.”

“We got a Saint Bernard.” Her: “They drool and can get mean.”

“I have been eating cinnamon because it has many health benefits.” Her: “Cinnamon can give people heart burn. I don’t think that is healthy.”

Yeah, she can take any situation and just make you feel like poop about it. I admire her honestly, but seriously…if you don’t have anything nice to say just keep it to yourself sometimes.

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@TaurianDoll:  My mother-in-law. I guess she’s more of a fun-ruiner though. She almost always cancels plans she makes with anyone. I’ve had times where I made dinner for a holiday and she’ll leave the table after a few minutes and shut herself in her room without an explanation. She’s very classist even though the family does not have money anymore and has thrown “ghetto” word around regarding our wedding and where we’ve lived before. The whole week of the wedding she just kept talking about how we should cancel because it was gonna be a disaster. And of course there’s her complaining about co-workers, friends, and family and when you bring it up later she’ll claim she never said that. And criticizing us whenever we’d eat ethnic food because “it’ll make you sick”, “it’s not sanitary”, etc. Every time I take a picture of me and H at the beach she flips out and makes a comment about watching out for sharks. One time we were sitting on rocks overlooking the ocean and she thought it was a cliff and how she was going to drop dead and then she shared it on Facebook and said this does not sit right with a mother. And then told my H on Facebook that she was driving right now to come rescue him. UGHHH




She manages to ruin any good, genuine moments we do have with her. I took a cute picture of my husband last night because I had just made him a bow tie and he was trying it on. I said that I would send the picture to his mom but then she’d be really weird about it like, “my son, I love you and I love that face so much miss, you love mommy I wish you were 3 again where did the years go” or she might call him and do her baby talk ughhh it’s so weird.




Funny story, H’s aunt is a Debbie and she is pretty much a Debbie Downer. Her husband does things for like make dinner and she just gets pissed off at him no matter what he does and she thinks he’s an idiot and she’s always annoyed at her son lol.
















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Yes, I know one girl – sweet as can be, but every single FB post of hers is complaining about something.  She’s also like that in real life…  I’ve hidden her from my news feed for the moment.  I’m just glad she’s not like that when it comes to other people’s posts, etc. 

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In our family, this would be my Future Brother-In-Law.  No matter the conversation, he will always find something negative to bring up.  FI and I buy a house?  “You’re taking on a lot of risk with the housing market the way it is” (and no, we didn’t,  the market was ideal when we bought).  FI and I get engaged? “Traditional weddings are expensive and meaningless”.  FI and I get well-paying jobs right out of college? “You work too many hours” (never mind the fact that he is still unemployed and living with his parents).  Oddly enough, he never has negative things to say about the decisions he makes for himself.  Fascinating how that happens.

Fiance and I stopped listening to him long ago.  Life is too short to be negative all the time.

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@bleusteel:  sounds like jealousy to me ! I think he’d actually like to have everything you have, but won’t put the efforts to actually achieve the same goals. 

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@TaurianDoll:  oh yeah…we got one of these in the office…I call her, The Dragonlady…and no matter what, no matter how awesome, no matter how cool…she’s coming in there to tell you that you look fat today, remind you that your dog will eventually die and then try and snitch on you to the boss about some weird screw up in the accounting department…


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