Neighbor drumps trash on street – how would should I respond?

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  • poll: What is the best way to react to a neighbor dumping trash on your street?
    Contact the neighbor directly and ask him to clean it up : (5 votes)
    8 %
    Contact the city and tell them who dumped the trash (assume fines will result) : (38 votes)
    62 %
    Contact the landlord across the street and tell him that your neighbor dumped the trash : (15 votes)
    25 %
    Do nothing and live with it : (2 votes)
    3 %
    Clean it up yourself : (0 votes)
    Just move, yoiu can't live around these animals : (1 votes)
    2 %
    Other & I'll explain : (0 votes)
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    Honey bee

    cbgg :  Yea since people not at fault will get billed you should tell the landlord. Or if there’s a way to do it confidentially thats best. Your neighbor sounds awful. Ugh. I voted tell the landlord but if telling the city means confidentiality I’d do that. You never know how “off” people can get. 

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    Blushing bee

    cbgg :  


    Hey Bee!


    I was in roughly the same situation as you: The building next to mine will leave their trash bins out for days at a time! I happen to park near the bins (not a choice) and if it was windy they would blow over and hit my car. I was not able to reach out to the landlord as I do not know who owns the building so I called the town. They no longer leave their bins out.


    In your situation it is not your job to tell them to clean their mess, most likely depending on your neigbors they will just tell you to F off. Call the town or tell their landlord also if you can get pictures that will help!

    Once My messy neigbors left a full shopping cart full of trash in their yard for a week, once they cleaned it out they threw it in my yard so I had to call the store to get it. Best to not mess with messy people.

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    Sugar bee

    I would absolutely tell the city and hope the person got fined. That kind of behavior makes me really mad.

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    Bee Keeper
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    We had a neighbor once that must have been cleaning out the house because they had a mountain of broken furniture, random wood, broken toys, etc. rotting and getting moldy in their front yard for months. I eventually reported them to the city and it was removed within a couple days, though I’m not sure who paid for it. 

    I’d probably go with reporting it to the town and possibly letting your landlord know who it was so that you all don’t get billed if you can do so without the neighbor finding out it was you. 

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    Busy bee
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    I would call the city and the landlord. If you have a camera phone take a video of the dumping and forward it to the right people. 

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    Busy bee

    cbgg :  This is just me but honestly who cares. Its not really effecting you or anyone (its not on your space, theres no threat of you having to pay for it anymore) except the space its taking up. Eventually the city will have to do something about it but I just wouldnt do anything. 

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    Sugar bee
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    cbgg :  i would do several things. 1) contact your landlord to tell him what you know. 2) contact the other landlord to tell him what you know. 3) contast the city to tell them what you know.

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    Buzzing Beekeeper
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    Write out the details as you wrote them here, but with names, and anonymously mail the letter to your landlord?

    Both your neighbor and the guy across the street are in the wrong technically (I empathize with the guy across the street but there is no way the city will be like “oh you put this trash in a pile on the sidewalk because it’s not yours? No problem”) so I think your landlord is the most likely person to actually get this mess taken care of. Let him deal with the city and fining your neighbor etc..


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    Bee Keeper

    I would try to record him doing it and definitely report him. HE should be paying for the costs, not having the landlord/city/other tenants pay for it. 

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    Helper bee

    I wouldn’t bother with it. 

    LOL, life is really too short to worry about some dude sticking furniture on the otherside of the street. 

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    Honey bee
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    cbgg :  this is my biggest peeve.

    I’ve had this happen to me twice. Once was a property of ours that was in between leases. It cost me $150 to hire a skip and once was at our old house.

    We have verge collection once a year where we live. The council picks up your large rubbish items like broken furniture etc. They have restrictions on stuff you can dump. Glass is a no no. Our neighbors put a sliding glass door against a tree on the verge that borders his and our house. (Its technically on our land). My husband told them they needed to remove it but they didn’t. In the mean time the council came by picked up everything bar that  glass sliding door and left a note in our postbox telling us to remove it or get a fine. We lived in a shit area and the local gang of kids decided in the few hours that all this happened to smash the glass. It basically smashed into a million pieces into our lawn making it near impossible to eliminate it.

    We complained to council showed CCTV footage of the neighbour putting it there and he got a huge fine as well as being imposed with the bill to clean up the mess. Our neighbor also had to incur the cost of getting new grass laid because of all the broken glass. I’d make it known if I were you. I have little tolerance for people who expect others to pick up the tab for their rubbish. They are a#$holes!!

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    Bumble bee

    The reason why people say don’t bother confronting a messy neighbor is because if they are the type of people/person who does not give two sh*ts about dumping their garbage anywhere then they’re definitely less likely to actually do anything about it just because you said something to them. (most common reaction is they will tell you to F* off and fight you even more that it’s not their responsibility)

    You need to tell your landlord who it is before everyone gets a bill for it.  Because by that point, a lot more people will get involved (once everyone gets the bill) and in the clamor and chaos, pointing fingers at your neighbor who actually did it won’t get you anywhere.  If anything, you might look like a troublemaker to everyone because most people will think “Hey if you knew from the beginning who the culprit was, why the hell didn’t you say something from the start?!  NOW you want to point fingers at someone after we’ve all gotten the bill?”

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    Blushing bee
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    I’m making 2 assumptions here: the city has a garbage service of some sort (not the type where each perosn has to take their trash to the dump directly) AND there’s a bulk trash day soonish (spring). If that’s the case, just wait. 

    If neither assumption is correct, I’d tell the landlord so he can bill the correct person.

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