(Closed) Neighbor's dog barks continuously

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Honey bee
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Do they give the dog toys or bones to play with?  Do they ever walk it?  I think once the dog settles in to a routine it may not bark as much.  Is there something the dog is afraid of and is barking at?  

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Honey bee
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I’m just going to say.. you can’t fix a barking problem like that in a week… only thing I would suggest is letting them know that their dog is still barking and that maybe they need to look into treatment/training for separation anxiety. If they ask for any particular suggestions then you can suggest specifics.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Maybe you should sugget crate training? That can help the dog feel more secure and less anxiety. Honestly though, there’s no non-awkward way to go about this situation…

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Bumble bee
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@MrsBeck:  Our dogs bark when people walk by… they are protecting their home’s its something they naturally do when they are scared or nervious to either let us know something is there or let the thing be aware this is their space don’t come in


if the dog is barking an they are not there i don’t know how they can reinforce to bark or not bark b.c. its a habit that happens only when they are not home witch leands me to beleive the dog is gaurding its home naturally 

I will say this… notto be offensive but its a dog they bark its just like you talk … or if you were to be on its level would likely assert hey this is my yard house apartment 


i have no clue what our dogs do when i am not home… I also am not aware what i could do to change it … my dogs are pretty quiet unless someone is out near the door or if they are running int he yard they bark at birds alot … and any other lil critters that come in the yard …. and ppl who walk by the fense lol ohh and to the other dogs on the street but tis just part of what a dog is 


they are quiet when nothing is in there space 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@MrsBeck:  My feeling is it’s not your place to ask them about whether the dog’s getting trained. It’s hard to ask a question like that without sounding critical. Plus, even if it’s getting trained, that doesn’t excuse the barking.

I would just politely tell them again the facts (that it barked continously for 3+ hours while they were out). Then it’s their responsibility to deal with it however they see fit.

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Busy bee
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@MrsBeck:  Instead of asking them about training ask them if they adopted from a shelter and if they did suggest they contact them for tips on helping the dog to adjust sometimes the dogs get connected to a certain toy, blanket or kennel and its not mentioned when they adopt. Unless you are willing to help train the dog or check on it for them when it starts to bark I wouldnt ask about training but it could be an easy fix like a crate, toy or even leaving on a TV so the dog has something to listen to.

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Sugar bee
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@MrsBeck:  We’ve had to contact the authorities numerous times about our neighbors dogs. I feel so badly for them, they leave them out all of the time! One time one of the dogs barked literally all night, and I threw a tennis ball over the fence for him and he was so happy. I know I can’t get mad at the dog, as it’s the owners responsibility. He’ll bark from boredom, maybe that’s why your neighbors dog does as well? 

We also invested in a dog whistle. Best $4 EVER spent on Ebay! If you blow it when they’re barking, they’ll quit. They HATE the sound! It doesn’t hurt them, just annoys them.


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Buzzing bee
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@MrsBeck:  Is the dog barking from the indoors or outdoors? In our townehouse community some neighbors leave their dogs tied up outside for short periods of time. It’s not very pleasant, but usually only for short periods. I’d hate to have to hear it all weekend. Is it a large dog or a small dog?

I’m not sure what I’d do. Do you think it’s bothering others, as well?

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Helper bee
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I would write them a letter. Include information you provided- you like dogs. You are not looking into filing a complaint. You are concerned for the dog’s well being. Your home is still being infiltrated by the noise of the dog barking while they are gone. 


Ask them to fix it. But, don’t tell them how to do it because in situations like this it just comes off condescending. 



……If all else fails I would suggest a white noise machine for yourself. It’s annoying to listen to barking. I don’t even enjoy listening to my own dogs bark (they have an obsession with doorbells from TV shows. Drives them crazy!!)

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Busy bee
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Give them time! They just got it! I know its frustrating, but the dog is in a new environment and the only people it knows keep leaving and he doesnt know if theyll be back.. Our pup did this when wed crate her and go to work for the first few weeks, granted i ended up taking half days off work for a while until she got settled, but she RARELY ever barks now. I mean ever! I can count on one hand how often shes actaully barked in the last 2 years. She is the best apartment dog ever.


try some ear plugs or some good headphones. Our neighbour enjoys the electric guitar… In the middle of the night lol so i always have a pair handy. If im really struggling to sleep or study ill throw on some “white noise” from youtube, and can usually block most noises with that 🙂

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Helper bee
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@MrsBeck:  It sounds like you’re being really understanding, which I think is great, and I agree with PP that it takes more than a week to get a new dog accustomed to your home.  But I think it’s nuts that you should just have to deal with a dog that barks for hours – noise isn’t something you can just ignore, and you have the right to live in a peaceful environment.  I would bring it up again to your neighbors, because if the dog only barks when they’re not home, then they shouldn’t leave the dog home alone during nighttime hours when people are sleeping.  What if you had a child that was trying to sleep?  I think it’s good to be sympathetic to their situation, but I think you’re well within your rights to say something again.  And I’m sure if you’re feeling this way, many of your other neighbors are too.  Good luck!

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