Neighbour poisoned my dogs and cat. Please help.

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Did you file a police report after he spit in your face? As I understand it, if his spit hit your face that is an assault charge. I think the police would take assault more seriously than the spraying of pesticide over the fence. 

Edit: Everytime he does something like this you should file a police report so that there is a case history on him. When the time comes again that he assaults you,  you might get better results as there is a clear, repeated history of his behavior.

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You came to a wedding site to post about your neighbor and pets? 🤷🏼‍♀️👍🏼

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petpoisonernextdoor :  Have you consulted a lawyer? 

Honestly, aside from the cameras, I would also install a fence extension and look into getting something that will prevent him from being able to view your yard. 

And because this whole thing would piss me off like nothing else, I would look into elder care services and see if I can report that there is an elderly man who seems to need ‘a great deal of help’. 

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There are a ton of posts on this site that have nothing to do with weddings, I see more things about homes, pets, and finances than actually planning a wedding. I don’t think it’s nexessary to mock this person who is clearly very upset. Soon2BMrsFredericks :  

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hockeybee0104 :  Yes, from established members. Not a random new person who somehow found this forum, signed up for an account and posted something completely random. It’s definitely odd. 

Anyways op. I would definitely be calling the cops on him for every. single. infraction. It sounds horrible, but I’d almost hope he tries to spray poison again now that you have cameras – you’d have some evidence to get the cops to DO something. Unfortunately until then you won’t really be able to do much. And that’s one of the worst feelings – the helpless, waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling. 

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buy an electric fence, do it overnight, and next time he gets near it. ZING!! lol. Or maybe put up a taller fence? 

Personally i would say something to him to stop spraying over into your property, but some old people are nuts, and that might make him even more vengeful to do it more. 

Do you have a homeowners assocation? maybe talk to them. 

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petpoisonernextdoor :  my only suggestion to remedy this situation would land you in prison, so I’ll pass on giving advice. 

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petpoisonernextdoor :  

Can you section off the other side of your yard so that there’s a buffer between the shared fence and your pets? You’ve already got the cameras so that’s good. I agree with every one else, report him for everything you can.

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petpoisonernextdoor :  That is terrible. You must feel like a prisoner in your own home. Recording everything that happens with video and camera footage is your best bet.

Another option to consider is maybe putting in a structure like a row of ‘decorative’ fence panels inset by a few meters between your shared fence to create a safety buffer for him throwing things or using sprays anywhere your animals may be. It will also impede him able to look into your yard.

Another option is do an enclosed  outdoor cat/dog run away from his side of the property that allows your pets to be outside in the open but will not allow anything to be thrown or sprayed near them.

From now on even if it’s a nuisance, every time you go outside your property hit record in your phone just in case he decides to stare, spit, intimidate or abuse you. If you have evidence then you can put forward a legal case against him. 








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   petpoisonernextdoor :  I am very sorry that one of your pets died and that you are going through a rough time with your neighbour. I have a cat and I would have grabbed my broomstick and chased him with it while he was spraying pesticides on my yard. 

 I would take every one’s advice on this post. You can put automatic sprinklers, so that as soon as he walks to your fene the sprinklers apray him with water. You can also get those devices that peep as soon as they hear noises. 

This article might help you as well:

If you ever come in contact with him. Also, don’t show him that you are scared. People like him enjoy others fearing them. That’s why he gives you those creepy stares. Instead, give him bad short stares and walk away without any confrontations. 

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petpoisonernextdoor :  

Excluding remedies that would land you in prison for life, here are a few suggestions:

—Never leave your pets in the yard unsupervised. We don’t. We live in a lovely neighborhood, with perfectly fine neighbors, and we still stay with our dogs when we let them out.   It’s a way to have some quality time and throw some Kongs.

—Make your cat an indoor cat.  I have zero cat knowledge; other Bees have tons of expertise.

—Teach your dog a “leave it!” command.  All dogs should know this command and be 110% proofed on it. Be willing to work with a professional trainer who knows how to do this.  It requires compulsion, excellent timing, and a lot of repetition. I’m not clear how your pets are actually ingesting the poisons.

—Clean your pets’ paws each and every time they come in the house from outside.  Licking their paws after stepping on the poisonous substances is a very common route of entry.

—Do some research into your local and state ordinances.  Your neighbor being in possession of and storing professional grade pesticides could be a violation of haz mat regulations.


My understanding, and I am not an expert, is that modern pest control companies in the US no longer use chemicals that are toxic to pets; so I’m not entirely clear as to what’s happening here. But, I will stand by my suggestions.

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sassy411 :  Excellent advice.


Now on cats. I used to have indoor outdoor cats growing up.  Now we have two indoor cats. One seems to want to be outside.  So we may look into training him for a harness and leash. Despite common thought some cats CAN be trained. It’s just a ton of work. 

So if your cat needs outdoor time I’d suggest this route that way you can pick him up if you see something weird. I’d wipe his paws too like sassy suggested for the dog. But with a harness and leash you cam control him more and not let him in the areas the crazy neighbor was. 

I’d also get a notebook you can keep by the door or with you to note down when neighbor is being weird or nasty.  

Leave a paper trail and maybe police cant do anything now but maybe if you establish a pattern they can so keep records of calls.

Good luck this sounds awful. 


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