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Absolutely get the full carat! I have size 4 fingers and I love the size.  Much better to get the bigger size now if you can afford it then do an upgrade later because this rings is going to mean so much to her. I think most girls would prefer the original diamond they were proposed with instead of an upgrade later for sentimental reasons. Also it may have been her friends setting that looked ridiculous on her hand, not the size of the diamond. I can’t ever imagine a 1 carat looking ridiculously huge on anyones hands. And I am sure your gf would never tell her friend she wanted a bigger diamond than hers anyways, or her friend may just have not wanted her to have a bigger diamond than her either. You never know girls can be silly with those things. So sweet of you to put so much thought into it. The setting is beautiful too.

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@gswelec:  Ooooh solasfera I’m SO JEALOUS and your budget makes more sense now 🙂 If I ever upgrade I hope to get one myself. It sounds like you’re shopping Good Old Gold, that’s where we got mine! Good luck and I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.

Btw, I have medium fluorescence, and I kind of wish it were strong/very strong now (as long as it’s not cloudy) because the effect is SO awesome when the sun hits it right.

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@gswelec:  I think the fact that you’re putting SO MUCH thought into this is really what’s special.  I’m not just saying that to be corny, honestly, I think you know her better than any of us, so your analysis of the situation is probably justified.

That being said, I think based on her ring size and the other details on the ring, the stone size you are scoping out sounds just right.  I don’t think you need to change it and I think she’ll be very pleased with the end result. 

I’m in the NYC area too and I’m well aware of the number of rings out there that are bigger than mine, but I think it just comes down to what you want to communicate with your ring. Some people want to communicate their wealth/success with it and others may want to communicate their style.  For me, it’s very simple.  I’m communicating that I’m loved and the size of the stone does not indicate how loved I am.  

It’s just something to think about.  

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My feeling is, if you aren’t sure whether she was just being cognizant of her friend’s feelings, you could always go bigger and then, if she really thinks it is too big, you can get a different one.  I doubt that she’ll end up feeling it’s “too big.”  I’ve really never heard of someone complaining about that before!  My feeling with diamonds is the bigger the better and I have pretty small hands!  My ring size is 4.25 and I have a 2 carat with .5 carat band and it looks great.  I realize not everyone shares my enthusiasm for big stones, and, although some may disagree with me, I do think it shows a lot of “effort” or at least enthusiasm that, if you have the budget and you want to spend it on a bigger stone, you do.  I agree that, especially in the NYC area, most people have big rings.  I don’t know your soon to be fiancee, but I wouldn’t make this big decision based on an off-hand comment she made to her friend that could have just been her being overly nice to spare her friend’s feelings.  Whatever you end up choosing though, I know she will love it!  You are so thoughtful!  

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I think you should stick with your range. A quality diamond in that size will be amazing. My SO and I recently bought my ring it is .70 carats and I think it was good quality (the saleslady said excellent a bunch when she was talking about the specs) and I am in love with my ring. My ring size is 6 and I think anything bigger than a carat would look bad on me. Good luck and I am sure she will love it! 

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@gswelec:  I don’t have much to add here — you are getting great advice from PPs.  But I just wanted to say that I think it’s so great you are putting so much time and effort into your ring search, and in trying to consider your future FI’s feelings and wishes.  You sound like an awesome person.

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I have that exact tacori ring that you posted and it’s 1.09 carats. I don’t find it too big at all and I have thin fingers. I get compliments on it all the time and no one thinks its too big. 

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A well-cut diamond will look bigger than a less well-cut diamond of the same size (you probably already know that one if you’ve been over to Pricescope). If you are going to GOG (sorry to keep assuming!), they are going to take GREAT care of you.

I wouldn’t worry too much about size, honestly. Have you heard about diamond shrinkage syndrome (DSS) yet? It’s kind of a joke, but honestly the longer you wear a ring, the more you get used to it, and the smaller your diamond looks, haha.

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It looks like you’ve done some good homework so far, a good website for general info on Diamonds (their EDUCATION Pages) is Blue Nile = http://www.bluenile.com and you can use that website to check out pricing for unmounted diamonds as well… just type in your specifications for the 4Cs (Cut… Quality & Shape – Clarity – Colour – and Carat Size) and you can get an idea of what an individual diamond with those specifications are worth.

Generally speaking, it is CUT (Quality), COLOUR and CLARITY (in that order) that makes a Diamond Sparkle

Many couples though make the trade off between Colour & Clarity (stressing clarity) due to pricing.  This isn’t a bad decision if one is on a budget, and wanting say a bigger stone.

When it comes to size, you’ll find that pricing jumps at the “traditional” mile markers… so .25 – .50 – .75 – 1.00 – 1.50 etc.  So something to take into consideration.

Realistically, size differences are really small… so visually it is very hard to tell a .75 Diamond for example from a 1.00 one.  It really is only when you get to larger jumps like 1.00 to 1.50, to 2.00 to 2.50 that one can “see” a lot of differences

Check out this page on Blue Nile and the link for Diamond Carat Size Chart = http://www.bluenile.com/ca/diamonds/diamond-carat-weight

NOTE – that you need to set your Browser / Printer appropriately so that it shows / prints in actual size.

And this Percentage Coverage Chart for more info..

If she has smallish fingers… she may just fine with a smaller carat size. 

My own fingers are short and stubby (Size 7, longest finger is under 2-3/4 inches long… hand from wrist to tip, under 6 inches).  When Mr TTR bought my ring, he gave me a choice of something in the 0.75 range or the 1.00 range, and I opted for the smaller one… and it looks fine IMO (photo posted below)… and I too had a lot of other bling happening on my ring.

As well… it is worth knowing that in the Diamond Industry, that when they say 1 Carat it is actually a range… in that in reality they deal in fractions… so anything in the .95 to 1.05 size is called a Carat (this is because it would be impossible to cut each and every Diamond to showcase its best features to just 1.00)

So in fact there are 3 levels in the range you are considering…

3/4 Carat (0.75) = anything between .69 and .82

7/8 Carat = anything between .83 and .94

1 Carat (1.00) = anything between .95 and 1.05


And now…

Here is a pic of my own E-Ring.  Almost 2.00 CTW with a Feature Diamond that is 0.80 Good Cut Round Brilliant – SI1 Clarity – and F Colour.  It glitters like all get out (reflection sparks all around whenever the light hits it).  BUT sadly, like a lot of WBee Posters, the pics just don’t do it justice.

It is also a Conflict Free Canadian Diamond and GIA Certified (the 5th and 6th Cs), that are important factors for some people.

Hope this info helps… and good luck in your search for the perfect diamond, now that you’ve been lucky enough to find the PERFECT GIRL



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The thing is, the specs you are considering will get you a very beautiful stone. Diamonds not only “shrink” over time, but the other aspects also become more and more noticeable. Carat is the first thing a person sees, but that doesn’t make it the most important.

Carat weight beyond a certain point is not as much a priority for every bride. For slender fingers, .75-1 has plenty of finger coverage, and then you’re planning to put it in an elaborate setting on top of that. I think you’re right not to go ridiculously high (D/E, VVS), as that’s very expensive and the differences subtle, but the range you’re looking in for quality, I would agree with you that it’s the optimal quality/cost tradeoff.

I wouldn’t want to recommend to reduce that for a jump in carat size, when the carat size you’re considering already seems quite approrpriate – not every bride thinks bigger is always better after a certain point (of course, some brides certainly would prefer the carat size trade off, but they tend to hint that size is the important factor pretty strongly). In your case, it looks like all the aspects of the stone can be optimized, there will be no weak, sacrificed aspect to your stone. Over time, the fact that it is an all-around quality stone, and never disappoints, will be a pleasure.

By the way, it’s also true that a better cut stone really does appear larger than a somewhat larger stone with worse specs. In my case I noticed that with a .23 difference, the worse cut, larger stone, looked smaller than the very good quality stone. It was really a surprising discovery to the point where I measured the tables of the stones just to make sure the larger stone really was larger “face up.” It really is larger, it just doesn’t look that way at all though. I think it was mainly due to cut, but the larger one was more included as well, and I honestly don’t know enough about the mathematics behind all that – that is, how much inclusions (esp larger cloudy ones) mess up the light return properties. I think the effect was due to the light return around the edges of the stone. The larger one had more deadness/flatness overall.

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@gswelec:  First off, congrats!  Second, I think that you’re overthinking it.  I bet she’ll be happy with any of the options you mentioned!  Even if you go for a .75, the band you posted has lots of sparkle, so I think you’re good.  Then again, I am biased toward small stones.  I have a .25 carat and don’t plan on going any higher than a .5 should I choose to upgrade.  I have short, size 5 (or 4.75, really) fingers and the big stones just felt like too much.  NOT saying that people shouldn’t go for the bigger stones, they’re just not for me.  🙂

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in all honesty heres my e-ring .63 side by side with a 1ct ring i got as a grad gift from my grandma.

not too too much of a difference so don’t worry, she will love it because of the meaning and what you picked for her


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I have a very similar diamond to the quality your looking at and its a .9 ct.  I’m a size 5,  The sparkles are amazing on a really great diamond. 

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i think the .75 will be just fine!! i wear a 6.5 which is pretty average and it’s a .78 with a halo and a 2mm band also from gabriel and co. she’ll love whatever you pick and if she doesn’t then there’s a problem with her. materialism isnt healthy.


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