(Closed) Nervous about my Bachelorette party this weekend…..

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sjreed14:  Well, make sure you drink LOTS of water! That’ll help. I know how it is – my friends are of the “oh, it’s your birthday/bachelorette party/celebration – we’re gonna get you WASTED” variety too. Assuming these girls are your friends and don’t want you to have a terrible time, simply saying “I think I need to take a break for awhile” should suffice. That doesn’t come across as mean or un-fun, and it accomplishes the goal.

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I agree with the PP. When I feel like I am at event where I will be drinking more heavily than usual I typically follow the rule of per each glass of wine one cup of water and for any hard alcohol I try drinking more than a cup whenever I can lol. It keeps the hangovers down too!

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sjreed14:  We’re in the same boat. My bachlorette is this weekend in Miami! I am so excited to get on that plane and get away from it all, but I hope that I can keep up with these girls! I’m nervous that they are going to want me to get wasted everyday and my body won’t be able to handle it. Good luck to you!

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sjreed14:  You don’t need to be drunk to have fun.  One of my girl friends had her party a few months ago and she does not like to drink.  I think she had 2 drinks and one shot.  No one forced her on the drinks or tried to get to to have more, she made it clear that she wanted to have fun and not drink too much beforehand.  It was still a great time.

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I was nervous about the same thing for my bachelorette. I knew I didn’t want to drink a lot and just completely ruin my night. While all the girls pregamed in the hotel, I pretty much just hung out and enjoyed their company and didn’t have a drink until once we got out. I paced myself and took things slow and drank water periodically. All of my party guests understood and was completely supportive cause they knew once I was toast then they would have to take care of me. LOL I ended up having a wonderful time! 

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Don’t feel pressured to be drunk. If you’re not comfortable confronting those who try to buy your drinks that evening, have a cup of soda and if people ask, let them know you’ve already got a soda and ______ (insert alcoholic beverage here). Have the bartender keep refilling your cup with regular soda.

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I get tipsy quickly when I drink too, so I’m nervous for the same thing at mine! I agree with the comment that said drink lots of water if you plan on drinking. Since the people at your bachelorette party should be close to you, explain to them what you just explained to us. Feel free to let loose and have fun, but that doesn’t always need to include copious amounts of alcohol (God I sound so old!). Pace yourself. If it’s something you’re not comfortable with, communicate it because it’s all about you- you’re the bride and the one that needs to be having the most fun!

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The best way to avoid getting drinks offered to you is keep a drink in your hand. Tonic with lime looks the same as a vodka tonic. And I agree you should just be candid with your bridal party about this. They’ll be your peeps that also back you up if strangers pressure you to do shots or drink more.

Make sure you eat a good meal before, and drink lot’s of water throughout the night. 

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If you are offered a drink you don’t want just keep a positive attitude with your refusal. Stay upbeat and smile letting them know you’re having a blast but what you really need is a water. If they keep pressuring you, take the drink and then set it down somewhere and go get yourself a water! 🙂

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Maybe you can get at least one gf on your side.  I was alarmed at the amount of alcohol some friends tried to make one bachelorette drink and I found ways to suggest rules/times where she could select someone else to take her shot for her and I came up with a sneaky way of helping her “get rid” of her shots without drinking them.  

Basically, you can always hold a drink or shot in your hand, then when others are taking the shot, hand yours off to your helpful gf (nobody looks at each other when they’re drunk & throwing their heads back for a shot), she can combine it with another, leave it somewhere, etc.  Once ppl get tipsy & confused about who left which drink where and if a drink is melted ice or backwash or whose drink it even is, they leave you alone.  That gf’s exclusive job is to get you water or drinks that look like alcohol but aren’t whenever you want them.

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Another thing to remember is that many people offer/push drinks on people because they want cover to get drunk themselves! So if friends are trying to shove drinks down your throat, just laugh and shove the drink right back at them — tell them you’ve had enough but they look like they could use one more. That way you’re giving them your permission to get hammered while you yourself are safe 🙂

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I assume the friends who are throwing the party love you and want you to have a good time, so if they offer you one too many drinks, just smile and say “no thank you, I’ve had enough for tonight” or  “I really don’t want to spend this awesome night puking or not remember it – I’m having too much fun! I need to take a water break for now.” They should understand, especially if you already gave them a heads up. If they really don’t get the hint, don’t be afraid to be super direct and say something like “I really appreciate this party but I really, really do not want to get too drunk. This is important to me. Please respect that.” If your friends care about what YOU want, I’m sure they’ll listen. If someone is really super into alcohol and keeps pestering you, have her be your “designated drinker.” I’ve done that on occassion. it’s a win-win situation.

I don’t drink much at all and my friends know and respect that. There was alcohol at my party but I didn’t really have any. Most friends drank, some didn’t, some were drunk and some were sober but we all had a good time.

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sjreed14:  I don’t enjoy getting blind drunk either, those days are over for me! I’ll have few champagnes or a vodka here and there but I don’t continue to drink and drink and drink. I won’t be getting drunk at my shower/bachelorette either!

My advise would be, as you said, tell those close to you that you don’t want to get so drunk that you don’t remember things or start feeling sick because this is a special night for you and you want to enjoy it, remember it and remain coherant! If someone offers you another drink and you don’t want it, just say you’ve already got one!

Other than that, enjoy!!!!

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sjreed14:  you will be fine as long as you pace yourself! Just because they push drinks doesn’t mean you have to drink any of them, don’t let yourself be pressured! Smile, say thank you, and then set it down. I generally stick to 1 drink per hour or so, usually the same drink all night – no mixing different types of booze, and drink lots of water – I always achieve a pleasant buzz but don’t get wasted.  

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