(Closed) Nervous about my kittens getting fixed :(

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Aww, they’re such a cute pair! Both spay and neuter surgeries are very routine, and while complications are possible with any procedure, it’s very rare. You absolutely want to get this done soon, before the spraying and heat starts. Do NOT make the mistake of thinking because they’re siblings, they won’t mate together. They can and will. 

The most common complication we saw at the vet hospital from spay/neuter surgeries were due to not wearing the e collar after surgery. We fixed a lot of torn out sutures and infections caused by well meaning owners who wanted to be nice and take the collar off. 

Normally, they’re tired the day of the surgery and sometimes the day afterwards, and then they act like nothing ever happened! 

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I’ve had all my animals spayed and neutered! Usually boys are back at it the next day and girls take a couple days, but mostly they are just sore.

My current girl ate her stitches out according to her vet records, so they stapled her. Keep an eye on kitty! (Also, she’s absolutely fine, and knowing her it makes total sense she ripped them out. She would.)

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sweetchiquita12:  Neutering is really really easy. Spaying is a little more difficult but cats are much easier than dogs in the sense that all cats have pretty much the same face so vets can go in and out very fast. 

I’d be worried that they havent already mated though. 4 months is long enough for a male to start mounting a female. My little black kitten started doing that when he was really young although he didn’t have any other behaviors before he was fixed

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sweetchiquita12:  They will be fine!!! We foster kittens and we have had many, many litters stay at our house and then go to get spayed and neutered and there have been virtually no problems. Occasionally a female kitten’s incision would get a little more swollen than I was comfortable with, and even then when I’d take them back to the shelter so a vet could look at them, I was always told that it was within the range of “normal” and that while it was good that I was cautious, I could stop worrying. This is super routine surgery and the chances that anything will go wrong are teeny-tiny. In my experience, the biggest challenge is to keep the kittens mellow and bored for a few days so they can heal – usually by that evening or the next day, boys and girls alike are acting completely normal.

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Oh goodness they’re adorable! I just had to take my baby boy in to get neutered last week. He’s about 6 months and 4 times the size of your kitties though, I think he’s going to be a monster! I was so worried about leaving him alone, and that something would go wrong. But a few hours later he was back home and didn’t even seem to know anything had happened! He never licked or anything, and he’s still the adorable happy kitty he was before!

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sweetchiquita12:  I was exactly how you guys are! I freaked out basically until they were home safe with me, then freaked out until the anesthesia period was over. I stayed home and watched them like a hawk! They were fine. But that will never stop the worrying about your babies! Anesthesia, though it’s a small percentage, can always have a chance of danger. Just read up on it and know what signs to look for if they do react badly to it. Ask your vet all the million questions you have, you’re just being a good kitty mom! 

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Awwww, it is always so sad taking them to the vet for anything. They’re so little and cute and scared, right? But you’re totally doing the right thing, as you obviously know. They’ll be ok – I remember when my family’s female cats got spayed and they just came home groggy and wanted to sleep it off for the rest of the day. It’s sad (but a little bit funny) to watch them stumble around while they’re still a bit drugged. Other than that, they seemed totally fine – even by later that day. Just be gentle with her (both of them) and let her be until she’s ready to cuddle and be picked up again. I’d probably also move all their food and water and litterbox into your bedroom so they can be close to you and not have to travel far. 

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Aw they’ll be fine – my little girl is a runt too, and she was a ok. They give then pain meds that make then pretty groggy for a day, so she was just sleepy and cuddly (no complaints here). Then totally back to normal after 24 hours. Yours are sooooo cute!!

Pinkmoon:  my boy kitty is totally scared of the vet – but the not-so-smart, somewhat oblivious girl loves it there because of all the petting she gets, haha. 

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I’ve had cats my entire life and we’ve gone through a bunch of both spay and neuter surgeries – all completely without problems. At this point, my husband and I have two cats (both boys) and pretty much the one thing that they found HORRIBLE about the entire procedure was the cone. They were both crap at eating with it on, so we would remove it during meals and they were all happy and bouncy! Then the cone went on again and they looked like we had sentenced them to death – total drama queens. 🙂

Anyway, you’re taking a day off to stay at home with them – so you’re really doing anything you can to make sure they’re safe and sound. Just remember that you’re a good kitty mum and rely on the vet to do their work, kitties will be fine!

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