(Closed) Nervous about seeing doctor for TTC – what to expect? what to try/do/prepare?

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mrsgroomzilla:  I am preparing for this step too, so I’m interested in what others suggest. 

I think since you don’t already have a OB-GYN, you definitely should go ahead and find one you can feel comfortable with and set up an appointment to have a Pap done.  You should have this done annually anyway. At the appointment, tell your doctor you are TTC and share with them everything you’re doing.  I highly doubt the Dr is going to yell at you. lol

I think it depends on the Dr, as some will make you try for a year before agreeing to more testing, some will agree to do it earlier.  I think being able to show your charts will show them you are at least trying to hit the fertile window and confirm O. 

Also, regarding your DHs health, are you saying he’s limiting his alcohol drinks to 3x day? I don’t want to sound judgemental, but I kind of feel like having to “limit” yourself to 3 alcoholic drinks  every day should reveal that there’s an alcohol issue overall that needs to be worked on before having a baby.  


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It might be helpful for your Darling Husband to start taking a multi vitamin at the very least. A B complex would be great too. Supplements help men with sperm production!

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I agree about getting an OBGYN that you feel comfortable with (especially since you need to have Paps done annually).  I don’t know what kind of mean doctors you are expecting, but I don’t think any doctor should yell at you.

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First off, yes, get a doctor. Most gynecologists are also obstericians. Find one you like and just get the regular work up done. Go see your primary care physician and also have a full workup including bloodwork, wouldn’t hurt to have a thyroid panel done. How have your cycles been up to this point?

For stuff to do at home, I think charting is really your best bet and adding OPKs if your charting is somewhat inconsistent might help. The most important thing about TTC is knowing if and when you’re ovulating. I was just a couple of days off when I was guessing (going by symptoms alone) and when I started temping I figured it out. Also this is somewhat awkard, but make sure your Darling Husband isn’t taking care of business by himself around the times you are ovulating. We discovered that this was in fact an issue for us, he was depleting his reserves and many months we didn’t stand a chance based on that alone. Once he realized what he was doing and stopped doing it, bam, pregnant.

Get all of these things in place and see how the next few months go. If nothing is happening still, time to talk to the doctor further. Maybe have a sperm analysis done for Darling Husband, ultrasound for you to check for abnormalities, etc. Good luck!!

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I’m also curious about what is considered “trying” for a year.  Darling Husband and I have sort-of-kind of been NTNP since about August, but we’re going to start really “trying” at the start of my next cycle, focusing on timing and such.  And I’m wondering if I have to wait to see a doctor until 12 months from that point, or 12 cycles (which would be more than 12 months for me), or 12 months/12 cycles since we stopped preventing (aside from WM some of the time), b/c we were totally letting it happen even if we weren’t timing it?

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To answer one question- The 12 month trying guideline means 12 months of having well timed unprotected sex. “Well timed” typically means having sex every other day in the 5 days before you ovulate (your fertile window, if you know it) or every 2-3 days for the duration on your cycle. 

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mrsgroomzilla:  Below is what I typed about for another thread, this was written 8 months ago: 

Just wanted to tell the bees it was totally worth it for me. I’m 28, Darling Husband is 23 and we’re about 3 months out from starting TTC, so I decided to get a preconception checkup so I know I’m healthy going into it (No reason to think otherwise but just wanted to play it safe!)

Mostly we just talked (probably the longest I’ve ever chatted with a dr.) I had a chance to ask all sorts of questions (like timing of BD and how much does it matter, medications that are okay,  whether DHA matters etc.) I found it very useful because i’d rather hear it from my own doctor that will be walking through this journey with me than read 15 conflicting opinions in books/online. 

 She did recommend taking prenatals (which I was already doing) and said the DHA can’t hurt so if I can find a brand I like, might as well, but if I can’t tolerate it, not a big deal. I’ve now tried two brands that are nasty fishy: target up and up fish oil, and the DHA pills in a sample pack I got at that appt..not of fan of either so I’m trying the target up and up prenatal DHA that’s non-fish. We’ll see! 

Also got the basic prenatal labs/std testing (urine/bloodwork) they typically do at the first prenatal visit, and scheduled me for the basic genetic testing (optional, I did the nXt panel, which my insurance didn’t cover, but my dr’s office has a contract with progenity where whatever insurance covers, the dr office pays) and that was it! I wasn’t due for any physical exams, so I was clothed and sitting in a chair the whole time. A med student was with my dr and the tech  asked before they came in of that was okay, which I was fine with. She actually added to our discussion too, as her class had recently discussed Mucinex as a fertility aid and I was wondering about that. I also learned a bit about how they schedule first prenatal appts.

Update 11/2/2014: So glad we did the genetic testing!

After I wrote this, we got our results for the nxT panel. This is a carrier screening for CF, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and Fragile X. I called into the office and got the results- CF carrier testing (negative), fragile X (negative)  SMA carrier testing (positive!). I later learned that it’s a 1 in 35 chance of being a carrier for Caucasians. That was a shock to me and we immediately had Darling Husband tested…a couple weeks of nervous waiting and a negative result for him (my dr office assured me it was much less common for both partners to be carriers), which was a huge relief, but I would so much rather find all that out before TTC or once I’m already pregnant.

I’m on month #6 TTC and I’m still glad I did the preconception Appt. I have been charting, temping and using OPK’s for a few months (added one more thing every 2 months or so.). Those are helpful things but can be overwhelming to start all at once, especially when you’re starting out. I’d recommend charting menstrual cycle and cervical mucus for a couple months prior to TTC if you can (I was on BC right until we started trying), or for the first couple months TTC, then adding temping and opk’s a couple months in. We pulled the goalie in May, so started trying in June. If I’m not pregnant in June 2015 I’ll talk to my doctor. It’s totally normal for it to take 12 months!




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I’m curious about finding a good OBGYN. I go annually but I have never seen the actual doctor, only the nurse who I really like. Is this good or should I look for a place where I will be seeing the doctor? It would be the actual doctor delivering right? Just wondering for the future. 

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AdaLee:  at the practice I go to, you really don’t see nurses often until you’re pregnant. I see the tech and then the doctor. Then there’s a nurse that handles all the genetic testing/the initial pregnancy consult etc. I think it’s very important to like the doctor(s) you see, since you’ll see them for 10 months…keeping a couple of things in mind regarding the actual birth process.

1) If your practice has different doctors, it’s important to rotate through who you see so you’re comfortable with whoever would do your delivery since that’s a last minute decision of which one will be on call that day 2) Recognize that things can change last minute in labor and deliver and you may end up with a resident doing 99% of the delivery, or even in a pinch someone you’ve never met from another practice/staff from the hospital floor. 

For me, the main priorities were a staff that delivers at my hospital of choice, and an all female practice. That narrowed the field to two practices in my mid-sized city…and one had horrible office hours, so I picked the one with great hours and a location near home and near work. Great choice! I love them!

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