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TiaMP:  Definitely talk to your doctor about it but I’ll give you some of my experience. I started BC at 16 and I’m 25 now.

I started on the pill, I’ve tried different brands and all seem to have effects on my skin, my weight, and my moods. YAZ did seem to make my AF lighter though.

Right before I turned 24 I got on the Mirena. So leading up to that I did a TON of research. (So far, love the Mirena BTW).

-The mirena is a 5 year low-dose hormonal IUD. As opposed to the pill, the hormones are localized and it is only one type. (Pill has two types of hormones in it). for like 90% of women it cause AF to stop all together. I didn’t get that lucky. Mine seems very normal and I feel more normal and not at all hormonal and it hasn’t affected my weight.


-The paraguard: 10 year non-hormonal IUD. No personal experience but in my research I’ve heard it causes very heavy AFs. Some people love their paraguards but I feel like the copper puts your uterus in a constant state of being irritated even if you don’t feel it.

-The depo shot: Administered every 3 months, heard many reviews on weight gain.

-The implant: Goes in your arm, maybe lasts 1-3 years? I forget. Also heard complaints of weight gain.

-The Skyla IUD: 3 year IUD. Don’t know much else except the few people I know who have it love it.


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Also there are sponges, diaphragms, the Nuva ring though I have no experience with those. The Nuva ring is changed every month and you can do it yourself.

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Also (sorry, I’m longwinded lol) if you can find yourself the recent Cosmo edition, the one with Nina Dobrev on the cover, they had a list of basically all forms of BC with  ratings in different categories like price, spontinauity, effectiveness…

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I take the seasonal pill.  I think the extreme side effects such as a stroke from birth control pills are rare.  I like the seasonal style pill b/c I only get my period every three months.  The flow isn’t worse its about the same.  The cramping is less than not being on the pills and my mood swings are reduced. 

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TiaMP:  Your doctor will be able to pair you with what the best options for your specifics needs are, but my favorite so far has been Mirena. I got it in after I had my daughter and it’s been great! No side effects, no period (partly to do with breastfeeding, though). But these things are different for everyone. I had Nuvaring for a while and I had some friends who swear by it, but I wound up bursting blood vessels in my face from vomiting so much from it. So that lasted all of 4 days before I took it out and said “nope”.

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I took the pill and gained approximately 30 pounds. I got off of it because my face was really swollen and I was retaining water. After two months of being off the pill I started losing the weight without changing my diet. Now I used nonhormonal birth control methods like the sponge and spermecide, and I also use ovulation test to check if im ovulating.

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i was on the depo shot for a couple of years and i wouldn’t recommend it. i was having very painful periods and my doctor felt that i needed to gain weight, so she put me on the shot. i didn’t gain weight at all, i was bleeding almost all the time, and i had a lot of cramping. i also broke out in horrible cystic acne, which my dermatologist said could have been caused by the depo.

i’ve been on a couple different pills- ortho tr-cyclen lo, which i had no issues with, and seasonique, which i didn’t care for. i think my body just doesn’t like being told not to have a period.

for the last few years, we’ve been practicing nfp and we use condoms.

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TiaMP:  I also suggest consulting your gynocologist, as they will have more information on options and be able to guide you to the best choice for your own health.

I’m on the pill, and have been since I was 17 (about 5 years). I have mixed feelings. If it weren’t for medical reasons, I probably wouldn’t be on BC at all and just use condoms. I finally found a pill that I like, but it still has its pros and cons. The first one I was on was called Apri. It worked, and didn’t really do anything as far as side effects. I didn’t love it or hate it, and it might be a good option to ask about since you’ve never been on a pill before.

I switched to Ortho TriCyclen Lo because I wanted a low-hormone dose. I’d also gained a bit of weight (mostly due to college and lifestyle changes, not the pill) and wanted to see if that would help. I hated it. Not everyone has issues, and my sister is actually still on it a year or so later. I believe with some pills of that type you have to go back to your doctor a few months later to test your vitals and make sure you can stay on it. She seems to like it. It did weird things to my body, including causing pretty bad migraines (headache, nausea, etc.) and rapid heart beat. 

Now I’m on Junel FE. I believe they renamed it, but I’m not sure to what. Your doctor would know. I really don’t mind it most of the time, and I’m sticking with it because it works and I don’t want to change again. I’ve noticed a decrease in number of periods, although that could be from my medical condition.

Definitely eat something when you take the pill (if you choose it)…I get pretty nauseous if I don’t have food with it! That’s not a reason to rule it out, though…time when you take it around a meal and you’ll have no problem! I think the pill is a great choice and it can help make period symptoms much less severe and keep your cycle on track, if you have problems with that. 

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I have taken birth control pills and had a copper IUD. I hated being on the pill, even when I found one that was okay I never felt 100% and had some side effects, but no weight gain. I LOVED my copper IUD! Zero hormones were perfect for me, I never got any acne, moodiness, exhaustion or anything like I did with the pill plus my periods stayed the exact same. No increase in flow.

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I got put on the pill at 15 for acne, even though I wasn’t sexually active. It helped tremendously, but I was bad about remembering to take it and would double up on doses pretty frequently. I switched to the NuvaRing when I was 20 and I absolutely love it! I don’t have to remember a pill, I have no side effects, and my husband can’t feel it during sex. I literally put it in, set a 3 week reminder in my phone, and forget about it! We plan to TTC next fall and I have every intention of going back on it post-childbirth!

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I had some nasty side effects from hormonal birth control. DH and just recently made the decision to try Natural Family Planning / Fertility Awareness Method. You chart your Basal Body Temperature and your Cervical Fluid. If you’re interested in this method of BC I would highly suggest reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

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