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Helper bee
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Awww! This is kind of a very cute post. Congratulations! I would just say RELAX. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry! You have a lifetime to figure it out.

Also- a glass of wine helps everyone! 

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Buzzing bee
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Two letters: K Y  πŸ˜‰

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Worker bee
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Don’t expect fireworks the first time πŸ™‚  And feel free to laugh at yourself!

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Hmm…I was in this situation not so long ago and here are some tips:

 1. go slow..lots of…um.. warming-up before beginning the game.

2. Twister works best with some kind of slickness…. I recommend Sliquid H2O because it doesn’t contain glycerin and is water based….glycerin (sugar) can cause yeast infections and the silicon based lubricants can irritate players.  You can get it from Drugstore.com and lots of other places.

 3.  Laugh—Twister can be awkward sometimes and humor is always important to bring players closer together.

4. If you find that months go by and you’re having a hard time stretching out those muscles to actually play the game well….look into a physical therapist specializing in women’s health issues.  I had to do this and she taught me SO much about my muscles and how to stretch them.  As with many physical activities…. Twister included…. stretching is important! πŸ™‚ 

 5. Have a blast!

 6.  Don’t do what I did when reading the Cosmo articles….. I read a quick entry that said guys like it if you like their armpits…..so I dove right in one night and got a mouthful of antiperspirant that instantly made my mouth bone-dry!  It was hilarious….but so did not turn him on!  He was real confused as to what I was up to! πŸ™‚ 

7.  Twister isn’t like they play it in the movies…it’s better because it’s you…but it’s different.  

 Enjoy the game! πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
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Good luck! It took me 3 tries to get past the pain to enjoy twister. I agree with the other posters, KY is your friend. Have a glass of wine and relax- try not to tense up. Don’t have movie expectations of knocking his socks off because chances are it wont be like that- but it will be so much better in other ways because its a moment you two are sharing together.

Laugh @ the awkwardness. It’s the best part.

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Helper bee
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I agree with everyone else! Take it slow, and do what you’re comfortable with. If you get it all right on the first try, awesome! But it takes some time to really learn what works and what you both like. If you go in relaxed and you know it probably won’t be perfect, you’ll enjoy yourself more. And just remember, practice, practice, practice

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Worker bee
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Take it slow! I mean REALLY slow πŸ™‚   It may hurt the first time but it will get better.  And beware it may also get messy.  But enjoy the first time.  YOu’ll always remember it.

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Bumble bee
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Take it slow! Definitely focus on relaxing and just getting used to each other — you’ll "knock his socks off" just by being there, I’m sure! I second the glass of wine advice; it can definitely help ease some of the awkwardness and tension. I’d say that the best part about waiting to "play twister" is that you get to experience each new thing together, gradually, as your relationship unfolds, so just take your time. And good luck!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I agree with the above posters!

LUBE. I wish I’d discovered it months before I did. KY makes a his/hers kind that we like. It’s fun! Chill out, take it slow, enjoy it for what it is. It’s such a wonderful, tender moment! You’ll start rockin’ socks off in a few months, but it does have a little bit of a learning curve!

We like vibrating condom rings. TMI? Maybe, but they’re awesome!!! I include them in a basket i give all my virgin friends before they get married. And you all don’t know me in real life anyways They are fantastic though!!!! So much fun. 

Massage oil! Nothing puts me in the mood like a good massage…..and then you’re all oily! LoL.

And…last but not least, I always consider the first one a "freebie". it doesn’t last real long usually b/c it’s hard for guys not to get all kinds of excited! He’s been waiting how long, after all? So buy some "fun stuff" for you guys to do together…like strawberries and chocolate so that when it’s over you can still be all romantic and feed each other fruit in bed, sip champagne, etc. Or do your massage while, he, er, recuperates so that maybe there can be a Round Two? 

And congrats on your wedding!!!! 

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Helper bee

I think its SO awesome that you guys have kept your board games in the closet until your wedding night! Congrats!

Mr. Gloss and I have played twister before…but we’ve only ever twisted with each other; and while it’s not waiting until the wedding night, it’s special in it’s own way.  Everything we now know about ‘twisting’ we learned together.  It won’t be knock-your-socks-off great the first time, but its all the times after that where you get to learn about each other that you will fall in love with.  And DON’T be scared to say if it hurts, he will care more about making it equally great for you than anything else.

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Busy bee
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All of the previous posters are right on.  Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and give plenty of feedback.  Just as much as you want to knock his socks off, so does he for you.  Demonstrations are always welcome to show the other what feels good.  Best wishes!

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Busy bee
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If I were you I would stay away from the KY his & hers until you’ve gotten the first couple of Twister games under your belt.  I think you probably need to know what you like all natural before you start supplementing.

We use the lube named "Wet".  I highly suggest it.  It’s water based and I’ve even seen it suggested in multiple other places. You can get it in places like Walgreens and Walmart even.  

Will you be using some sort of birth control?  I find condoms to be very uncomfortable (as almost every man I know would agree).  If you are planning on using BC you should start using it immediately. It takes a while for it to be considered effective, though I can’t remember how long.  Condoms can cause alot of friction so if you do plan on using them make sure you have plenty of lube.  The friction can definitely increase your risk of yeast infection, bacterial infections, and even possibly UTIs.

Make sure you drink water before the big game and then go pee before and after Twister (especially after).  Twister increases your risk of UTI significantly and by urinating you flush the bacteria away.  This isn’t a problem for everyone but it def effects me along with many many other women.

You have the rest of your life to dig into fun stuff like toys, tingeling lubes, and handcuffs but you can always start incorporating those things as you feel comfortable with them.  Maybe a blindfold and some sexy lingerie might be a little bit easier to start out with.

And remember.. there’s nothing to be embarassed about and have fun πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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I agree with all of the above posters for SURE, but my best advice would be DON’T BE UPSET IF IT DOESN’T "WORK"!!!!! Honest to God, I do not remember my first time, and not because I was drunk or because I just forgot, but because I’m not sure exactly "when" my first time happened. It seriously took at least 5 tries to get my ex’s twister part to go in my twister part! So it was definitely gradual and the first many times were DEFINITELY not knock ANYONE’S socks off kind of twister! Much more like "ow! try this- no- ouch- wait-maybe like this?-no" I agree- just laugh, have fun with it, and enjoy your first night of really exploring the game of twister- but definitely don’t expect it to be the best game either of you will ever play!!  

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