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Busy bee

It’s nice to see an article that doesn’t totally shit all over formula feeding.

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Bumble bee
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Because I struggled with breast feeding for 7 months before completely relying on formula, I wish I had seen studies like these before. I agonized over not being able to do away with formula. I would still probably have tried for almost as long as I did, but I wouldn’t have been so hard on myself. 

Next time around I’ll certainly try hard but not to the point where I’m not enjoying time with my baby because of it. I hope it goes better the second time around because 1) it saves money, 2) doesn’t involve factory dairy farming and 3) feels great (when it’s going well). 

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Buzzing bee
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As a FTM myself….(still pg) its nice too see the variety of info and not just the scare tactics that seem to be so prominant about Boyfriend or Best Friend. Yes its great and probably the best option…but there are plently of reasons why some people dont/or cant.

I personally just read one that was the most ridiculous thing ever and more or less said “if you formula feed your child will probably be at risk to develop cancer or diabetes” and all of these other issues because formula doesnt have x,y,z nutrients blah blah…. its like come on!!! It pretty much read like ….”you are an unfit parent if you use formula”. So…..what about women who cant? What about women like my best friend who has gone through breast cancer and lost hers completely……she cant ever Boyfriend or Best Friend her future kids…so what do they suggest those women do, forbid them from having a family or tell them they shouldnt ever have kids of their own because they have no choice but formula feed? ….make them feel like even less of a women then they may already?

I wanted to cholk the author of that article lol…made me so angry

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Busy Beekeeper
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So nice to see, it really annoys me when sanctimonious mommies say stuff about breast is best, your child is going to get sick blah blah blah.  Yes breast is best but um some of us couldn’t Boyfriend or Best Friend even when we tried. My son was born 7 weeks early, my milk never really came in and he was tongue tied and had issues with latching. I ended up only BFing for 5 months and that was not even exclusive it was a mix of both.  And when a mom is made to feel like shit because she choses to do formula or Boyfriend or Best Friend that isn’t cool.  I love my son as much as my SIL loves her son but one of us couldn’t Boyfriend or Best Friend does that make me less of a mommy/human nope. Just means my son was fed a different way

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Honey bee
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Yup. It’s very hard to prove sciebtifically that breastmilk is superior to formula. This is why I hate this breast/formula debate. Let’s leave it up to the mom, period. Note that I say this as a working mom who chose to EBF for 6 months and am still BFing at 14 months. We should all do what works for us and not have to explain our reasons to anyone. 

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Bumble bee
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An interesting article re: the study mentioned above, take a gander at the comments, the last comment from Georgia Peach is particularly en pointe (emphasis my own).


Georgia Peach says

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“First I have to give credit to the authors for a section of their paper that has received almost zero attention: At the end they argue that instead of focusing our efforts on simply harassing women to breastfeed, we need to change the structure of our society. ”

This is not a *section* of their paper, It is the point of their paper. That’s why it’s in a social science journal and not a pediatrics journal. The paper addresses the very real problem that women who are wealthier, better educated, and who have good access to maternity leave, are much more likely to breastfeed. The study acknowledges the fact that breast milk is the best food for infants. That, as you say, is pretty much a settled question.

Their question is how do we, as a society, improve long term child health outcomes? Their answer is that overemphasizing infant nutrition at the expense of other ways of supporting disadvantaged mothers only further disadvantages them.

Secondly, since these long term outcomes seem to suggest, though granted in a preliminary way, that children who were formula fed as infants are not significantly worse off than kids who were breast fed as infants, that women should not feel stigmatized for not breastfeeding. Women feel stigmatized for not breast feeding in large part due to be bombarded with messages about the whole-life disadvantages of formula.

I was not able to breast feed, and I tortured myself about it. I tortured myself because people kept telling me that not only was my infant not getting the best nutrition (which is true), but that he would suffer the consequences of this for the rest of his life.

I know breast milk is great and all, but as you say, it’s not magic. You may think this is obvious, but it isn’t. What’s really great for kids (in the long run) is having a mother who has the time and support to breast feed. A mother with a partner. A mother making enough money to get by, and a job with maternity benefits. A mother who had the opportunity to get an education.

I find the study intensely comforting (largely because I think the study is well constructed given its aims). I agree that media coverage has been awful, and has made it look like the study is saying “breast milk is no better than formula”, but it’s not. It’s saying that we are overemphasizing infant nutrition in our strategies to maximize good long term outcomes for kids.


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Sugar bee

Breast feeding didn’t work for me and eventually I had to concede defeat and go with formula.  My paediatrician told me that the studies claiming superior health outcomes in breast fed babies only really applied to 3rd world populations where one might question the water qualityof formula mixed bottles.  She said she saw no differencesin her own practice between breast and bottle fed babies ie saw just as many sick babaies having breastmilk as bottle fed ones.

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