(Closed) New dog/puppy with old cats?

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I don’t have a dog so I don’t have any experience to offer. I just know that cats are very territorial so it’s going to be tough. My cats were apart for one day and when I brought the younger one home, the 6 yr old treated her like he didn’t know who she was (she was at the animal hospital, so he wasn’t too thrilled with her new scent).  It took 3-4 days to get him to calm down.  Not exactly your scenario, but just showing that cats are crazy creatures and that it will be tough to get a cat aclimated to the puppy.  It’s definitely doable but you have to be very patient and it will put a lot of stress on the older cats.  I would probably talk to someone at a shelter or your vet to get some pointers on how to make the transition a little easier.

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My suggestion isn’t as simple as just picking out any dog at the shelter, but it is possible to find dogs that are good with cats, or have previously lived with them.

I don’t know if a puppy would be the best choice…maybe 1-2 years old instead.

Aside from that, I don’t have any personal experience on the matter.  I’ve heard antecdotally that cats in the situation you’re describing will likely just tolerate the dog, and everyone will learn to co-exist.

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Are your two older cats fixed? That can play a big role in how they will react to a new pet family member.

In my experience – we had two cats. One was 18 and the other was 7 when we brought home a rescued 7 year old pekingnese. Mind you the dog was as big as the 18 year old cat. The older cat was neutered and the younger was not.

The older cat loved the dog. Would sleep in his bed with him and never minded him being around. This brings me to the younger cat. She was not spayed and already had a b—-y personality to begin with. We have had the dog now for 3 years, and to this day, she can.not.stand.him. She will hiss at him, chase him around the house, wont go anywhere near you if the dog is around, etc. But they have managed to cohabitate with us without any major issues. They just keep thier distance from each other.

The dog doesnt care either way. he loves people, animals, babies, everything. So with the cat just not liking him at all, it doesnt seem to phase the dog one bit.

I dont know if this is because the cat was not spayed when we brought the dog home, or if the cat is just a b—-. We have brought home another rescue kitten, and the cat adores her. But the cat has since been spayed.


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I think they will be fine. You did mention adopting from a shelter, maybe the shelter will let you have a trial run. Our shelter here allows two week trials – the only downside is the pet is still considered adoptable during that two weeks.

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I don’t have much insight on this situation but I am really interested in other’s responses (:

My parents just introduced my childhood cats (a 18 year old Siamese and her 16 year old Tabby daughter) to a new puppy and they seem to be taking to him really well considering they HATE other animals. They’re friendly to each other but are so used to their own company that they do not take well to other cats or dogs unless they’re super calm or sleepy. They grew up with my childhood Border Collie who passed away last year at age 16 though so it’s a different situation. The main thing they do when they’re annoyed is pee on the bed/the dog bed/the dog crate/etc. Basically my parents just try to keep the cats’ routine as normal as possible.

Right now my Fiance and I are working on introducing our new puppy to our cat (she’s four) and it seems to be going alright. We’ve been trying to give our cat extra attention and treats and things so that she doesn’t feel replaced or left out. It’s only been two days and they’re peacefully co-exisiting but I can tell our cat is really annoyed and confused. The hardest thing is having to move her food. We got our cat from a shelter when she was a year old and she has some attachment issues with her food. She habitually runs into the kitchen to check and make sure her food is still there if we’re going anywhere near the kitchen. It’s funny sometimes it’s like she doesn’t even know she’s doing it! We tried moving her food to a desk so that our puppy wouldn’t eat the cat food, but we ended up moving it back to the kitchen on a stool since our cat was very unhappy with her food being moved.

We try to give our cat extra attention when the puppy is sleeping in her crate at night and for short periods of time during the day when she’s sleepy. I think she doesn’t understand the puppy’s energy and she doesn’t understand why the puppy wants to play all the time.

Anyways, I’m interested in hearing what other posters have done since we’re trying to adjust everyone to this new lifestyle haha.

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Busy bee

I have 2 cats. When my SO and I move in together next year we want to get a dog and have started to research dogs that work well with cats (and kids). We keep seeing that BEAGLES are supposed to be AMAZING with cats. I know you said about getting a mutt, but you also might want to research this a bit too.

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