(Closed) New Home—-What went wrong within first year??

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Blushing bee
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I’m with you on the ants thing! I still find them every now and then and we have to cover our flat with poison.

About 2 months after we moved in, we looked at replacing the bathroom as it was old and not decorated well. Turns out, the previous owner had done it himself, cheaply, and redone the plumbing. Cheaply. The shower pipe had been leaking for 6 months and we were close to one of the walls caving in because of it. That was an expensive month…

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Bumble bee
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Our house had been vacant for about two months before we moved in, it was winter time, so there were several mice who had made themselves right at home. I realize it is silly to be scared of such a tiny little creature, but oh did I scream each time I’d see one run by. After laying quite a bit of poision out, we stopped seeing them, but a couple still popped up last winter.

There was a bat in the house once. My husband’s solution was to open every single door in the house, despite my telling him to just open the two outside doors. I had to remedy that situation, as my husband hid under the towel I gave him to shoo the bat out.

I’m sure there were more small things that happened, but that is what sticks out in my memory!

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Bumble bee

On the ants thing – do you have trees surrounding your house, with the branches touching your house? if so, get them removed. That’s how they get in your house.  I’ve had lots of experience with this. Had trees removed around the house and never had ants again.  


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Worker bee

we purchased a new build so the house itself was perfect- and under a 5 year warrinty- great if anything does happen.
buy moving in with my SO was not the easiest! i nearly rang his neck a bunch of times! he and i couldnt agree on anything!! (oddly enough before we purchased said house we had already been renting together for 2 ish years so it made no sense!)
but we argued ALOT!!

i have since come to realise that we were both under a lto of stress, we hadnt booked annual leave so moved in around work, had no money to spare (the house had completed EARLY so we had to pay and move in earlier than planned!)

ahhhhhhh i dont miss that time at all!!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

We moved in Dec 2011 and by January our furnace broke down and we had to pay 3k to replace it.  We were so annoyed. We’ve had other little fix-ups to do too.

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We haven’t had a ton of problems, but we are also just past the one year mark, so I will share to!

1) one of our cats also decided it would be fun to mark the finished basement. repeatedly. I think we will need to replace the carpet down there.

2)Discovered that none of the basement windows have insulation around them, and that there is just one heat vent which is in the roof. The combination of these two problems was causing the cement around the window to start peeling. We pulled out the frames and fixed the insulation and that seems to have fixed things. Annoying because we noticed that the outside of the window seemed to have been repaired but the home inspector couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong to need it to be repaired. I am sure the rest of the windows in the house are the same so if we stay here we will need put insulation around all the windows.

3) Faucet handles on both tubs broke at the same time. On the plus side when I contacted Moen to get the replacement parts they sent them to me for free!

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Buzzing bee
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@sn2bmrsmntgmry:  Perfect timing for this post! We bought our house a year ago, did work on it for 6 months and moved in middle of October. This is our first house together, not going to be here forever, but a great starter house. Well, we found out yesterday the whole crawl space is flooding because of the exceptionally rainy June we’ve had. To top that off, the height in crawl space is too low so we can’t put a french drain. So there goes that. And the next option would cost $17,000! Yea no thanks! I’ll try to divert the water another way. 

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Bee Keeper
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We have ants too, so we filled in the cracks and put powder down. We also had to sort out the light fittings in the bathroom and our next jobs are the patio and the bathroom. 

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Bumble bee
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We have had a couple little problems.  Water was bubbling out of our A/C unit because a pipe was cracked, but it was a pretty easy and cheap fix.  

We had a leaky pipe because the former owners had hit the pipe draining from the upstairs bathroom with a towel rack they screwed into the wall in the downstairs bathroom.  When we removed the towel rack, a hole was left in the pipe and we had to rip out part of the wall to fix it.  Again not too difficult or expensive, but we discovered it in the weeks between taking possession of the house and moving in, which was a pretty stressful time all around.

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Blushing bee
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We have the same problem with ants. You can try ant killer in the yard/driveway anywhere around the house too. Also, the perimeter spray for ants and spiders has seemed to work well for us. You spray it outside the house along the ground and around the windows.  

Our first year we had mice, ants, our well dried up(no water for a week till we connected to city water=expensive), and no heat for days in winter.  Luckily we were prepared and had money put away for emergeny use.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Our underground sprinkler system control box was wonky so we had to replace it. That’s about it for issues though! Our house was 4 years old when we moved in. 

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Helper bee
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How about what went wrong the first day? We bought a home that had sat all winter vacant. We were so excited our first night in the house (it was a Friday) we had gotten some take-out and headed over to eat in our new home (lack of furniture wasn’t a problem, we just ate on lawn chairs ha). I ran to use the masterbath and wash up my hands while Darling Husband used the kitchen sink to wash his hands before eating. The kitchen sink wouldn’t turn on. Apparently the seals had dried up during the winter and turning it on (or trying to) caused some malfunction. 

I knew the seller, ironically she was my former boss, and texted her to see if there was a trick we weren’t aware of. Within 10 minutes she and her husband were at our house with a brand new faucet, sprayer, and handle set and her husband installed it for us. Seriously, how nice was that! Papers had been signed at closing and they did that out of the goodness of their hearts.

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Bumble bee
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We moved in in December and 10 days later, our sewer line backed up in our basement. It wasn’t too terrible to clean up the inside, but it revelaed that we needed to excavate basically our whole front lawn and replace the line.

And then a little over a year in the house, our water line broke, too, and we had to dig that up and replace it…luckily homeowner’s covered a large portion of that cost, but still. Yuck!

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Sugar bee

We thankfully didn’t have any major issues in the first year, but we did have some minor things here and there:

  1. We had to replace the kitchen faucet because there was a hole in the sprayer hose and it started leaking into the cabinet below.
  2. We replaced the exhaust fan in a bathroom, and when we took out the old one we realized that it was being held up with one nail.  Not even a screw or a galvanized nail.  Just one nail.  That was an accident waiting to happen.
  3. The water filter in the fridge had never been changed and the bottom of the fridge was caked in dirt.  Took us an hour just to get the old filter out.

We also have been getting ants in the kitchen recently.  We had to wipe down the counters with vinegar and put out a bunch of ant traps, but it seems to be working.  We’ve also been making a ton of Archer jokes about how you get ants 😛

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