(Closed) New Home—-What went wrong within first year??

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Fiance and I bought a house a little over a year ago.  The house was built in the mid 90’s so it isn’t that old.  Since moving in, we’ve experienced the following:

-Dishwasher broke.

-Water heater broke and leaked water all over the floor and through the walls soaking the master closet carpet

-Major wasp problem.  They’re like in our walls. It’s pretty much horrible when the pest control guys spray because the wasp find their way into our house to get away from the poison

-Ants.  I usually just spray poison in their entry points (if I can find it) and they don’t come back.

-Attic ladder broke on day 1


It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure.  But, it’s also been fun having the freedom to decorate however you want. 

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Fortunately, our house had pretty much all new systems and appliances (wasn’t brand new, but the previous owners took extremely good care of it).  The biggest thing to go wrong in the house actually occurred while we were on our honeymoon and 2 of our friends were watching our dogs and house… One of my friends knocked over a full Big Gulp (32 oz. or so) of strawberry slurpee, all over our white carpet.  He tried really hard to clean it up, even steam cleaned it, and then I cleaned it countless times after we got back, but thick white carpet + tons of red food dye is just never gonna come out.  We have since replaced the carpet with hardwood.  We actually had thought the white carpet was going to be an issue since we have 3 dogs, but it turns out our friends were harder on it than the dogs ever were!

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We had lots of ants as well once we had the house re-sprayed for temites. Apparently their enemies so when you don’t have one you get the other. That’s what my mom said anyways.

Mold in the bathroom. Our master bath is grouted tile and the homeowner caulked over the grout. Like clockwork 6 months after purchase it mildewed. We’re still dealing with it. If anyone has advice let me know. I’m afraid we’ll have to get it re-grouted.

Air Conditioner started leaking. Apparently the previous owners never bleached the line. We had a friend come over who helped us clear it out with bleach and a wet/dry vac. Now it’s fine, but boy I’ll never forget to bleach it ever again.

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@sn2bmrsmntgmry:  Haha aww. At least they’re not major structural things.

My ILs always told me that a house always has something to do and that it always has plans of its own! Boy were they right. 

We bought our house this May. 

We just had very heavy rains here a couple of weeks ago, and FH and I were so worried that our pool was going to overflow as our submersion pump hadn’t come in yet. The pool was fine, but the basement wasn’t. FH goes down there to play a game and I hear yelling and cursing. It was flooded. Oh yay. We weren’t planning on redoing the basement anytime soon, but like they say – the damn house had plans of its own.

The other minor thing was that the filter for our pool broke. Nothing major but I had to stick my arms in a very tiny deep whole (the filter cylinder thing) to get the bucket that was stuck. I went in there with a screw driver and nudged and yanked until it finally came out. 

That’s it……for now


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We bought our house in Feb 2012 and have not had any problems so I feel really lucky.

A coworker of mine just bought a home that had been flipped and it is a DISASTER. The previous owner cut corners on everything, had uncertified, wannabe plumbers work on it and everything else. She is in the process of suing the seller, what a nightmare.

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Lets see washer went out during middle of a cycle. 

Sewer lines backed up into laundry room thanks to roots in the line. 

Replacing all faucets underneath sink piping due to leaking. 

Replaced water heater

Fixed furnace


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Helper bee


Thank you for posting this. I just got a call from my Fiance that our septic has backed up through the shower in the rental unit that we own. Before this we had ants, our brand new roof leaked, our oil tank leaked, and to top it all off I was in an accident last week where a guy blew a red light and completely totaled our brand new car. 


I needed to get that out.

Your old owners sound like ours. It sucks when people who aren’t handy try to be. I’m glad my Fiance is basically Mr. Fix It All. πŸ™‚

Oh well, they say the first year is the worst and then it’s all up from there. Plus with the renovations we’ve done over the past few months we increased our homes value by $100,000 when we only put in $19,000. I’m trying to focus on that. lol. 

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Busy bee
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We’ve owned our home for a year this July.  It was built in 1940 so we knew there were going to be some issues.

The major thing was our insurance company made us replace our oil furnace.  We knew we were going to upgrade soon…we just didn’t think we were going to tackle that project our first winter in the home!  Plus, the whole situation annoyed me simply because the previous owner was able to get insurance because she was “grandfathered in” but as soon as we took possession….nope, not insurable anymore.  It’s the SAME equipment.  I’m still bitter, haha.  So $6500 later we had a new natural gas line, high efficiency furnace, and central air.

The roof also needs to be replaced this summer and we are in the process of completely gutting our bathroom.  Which is taking waaaaayyyyy longer than we thought.  But when you open up the walls of an old house, you never know what you’re going to find.

The only other small problems we have is the fact we can’t run the microwave and the coffee maker at the same time without tripping a breaker (still can’t figure that one out…and my husband is an electrician) and our automatic garage door stopped working in the dead of winter.  But a free part from the garage door company and a couple screws later solved that problem.

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@sn2bmrsmntgmry:  Oh yeah!  Reading another post reminded me of the OTHER issue we had.  The main sewage line going out from our house was clogged.  So low and behold, everything was backing up into our crawl space!  They found white wipes clogging it up.  So i have no idea who did that.  We did have a lot of people working on the house so who knows.  But yes, it was not a pretty picture, but I did not go down there to see for myself.  Ahhhh, home ownership is great! πŸ™‚

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Things we discovered that were not part of the list made by our home inspector:

  • Wasp problem in our gazebo
  • Insulation on the exterior walls is riduculously thin
  • Water leaks under the basement door, under the living room door that leads to the deck, and bay window in the family room
  • Pipe ruptured in our basement, soaking the main electric panel in the house. And since everything in the house is electric, that meant that we had no heat, electricity, or water in our house on a Friday night when it was 17 degrees outside
  • Mold and mildew like to grow on the ceiling of the master bathroom because there is no exhaust vent in there

Things we knew about because of our inspection that we fixed in the first year:

  • Replaced the HVAC system
  • Replaced every outlet in the entire house because they had all worked loose over time
  • Started adding insulation along the footboard in our basement and in out attic
  • Still need to replace the hot water heater (that is happening in 2 weeks!)
  • Still need to replace the pipes in the walls (all of them)

All told, in the first year of ownership we’ve spent an extra $25k on the house and maintenance equipment. I swear to all that is holy, I think my husband looks for a reason to buy another nifty tool to play with.

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Sugar bee
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We had this house built and boy does it have it’s fair share of issues.  First year we had shower problems.  We still have shower problems.  We have fixed the roof mulitple times due to leaking and the house is less than 10 years old.  We have had electrical issues too and had that fixed last October when the fuse blew up and several things got ruined (had to get new washer).  Ants are a problem again after we sprayed for them and they disappeared only to return again 2 weeks ago ugh.  We just fixed the wtaer drain outside 9we get heavy rains here for 6 month).  It just seems like as soon as something gets fixed and the house seems perfect and I love it, something goes wrong nad I hate it again.

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