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    I’ve been to more than one wedding where the dog was included in the ceremony processional, but not actually the wedding party. Can you do that?

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    i don’t see why the bridal party has to be even. I could see the dog being a ring bearer and that’s it. And I’m a dog lover, my yorkie is spoiled rotten. 

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    Also keep in mind that if the dog is at the ceremony, someone will need to look after her when she’s not “standing up with you.”  If you keep the dog hanging around for the reception, then someone will have to look after her then, too. Really not fair to put that responsibility on a guest, a family member or a member of the wedding party.

    If you feel that you must do this, consider hiring a dog walker for the day who can be in charge of the dog when you are busy doing other things.

    Remember that, even if this wedding is in a familiar place like your back yard, the whole setting will be very unfamiliar to the dog. There will be a lot of activity that she won’t be used to, a lot of people buzzing about, all sorts of new sounds and smells. Even the popping champagne cork can be really startling to a dog.  You can’t assume that just because doggie is a perfect angel on normal days, she will be a perfect angel on your wedding day.

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    OP, at the end of the day, haters gonna hate. I put pictures of my cats in fancy dress on my invitations, and I thought it was hilariously funny. Plenty of people here just wouldn’t get that. I remember when I asked for tips on merging cat photos with accessories, seeing as I couldn’t get them to wear the costumes, and people on the bee said things like “get it done professionally, because if they aren’t perfect, or if people don’t take them seriously, you’ll be really upset.” I thought “hang on a sec… I’m putting CATS in FANCY DRESS on my invites… just from that fact alone, you should have worked out that I’m not the sort of person who wants or needs fancy, perfect invites, or who takes things like invites terribly seriously”. Anyway, I love them. They look like a 16 year old’s graphics project, but I think that just adds to the eccentricity and the charm. When I showed them to Fiance, he burst out laughing and said that they were very funny. Perfect!

    Likewise, if you want the dog, have the dog! **** ’em all if they disagree! People get so obsessive about weddings… they think they should be like something in a magazine.

    With that said, I do have a few reservations about the dog. I’ve heard stories where the dog got an attack or nerves, and had diarrhoea everywhere. I’ve heard stories where the dog panicked and ran away… others where it jumped up at the bride and put muddy paws all over her dress. Think of the practicalities… who will take the dog to the site? When will you feed the dog, water the dog, walk the dog and clean up after it? Who will do the walking, cleaning, and feeding etc? How will you transport the dog to the site and back? Who will look after the dog during the reception? Where will it sit? What will it eat? Can you guarantee it’s behaviour in a strange, noisy situation full of strangers and small chldren who may want to play roughly with the dog? It is extremely difficult, logistically, to have animals in your wedding party. You may find it a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

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    @kris325:  I know u aren’t I was replying to the poster who thought u were! 

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    @lolaswann:  Yeah I felt my situation was a bit different.  I would not be okay with putting my dog in place of a bridesmaid because we were short. My dog is definately not a bridesmaid. Also, we are having a Destination Wedding so there wont be a large crowd of people. Most of the people at the wedding, she has met before. Plus, she will be with us all week at the condo socializing so I think she will enjoy it. Then again, my dog will do anything for a dingo rawhide bone. lol

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    @Rachel631:  agreed!! We are hiring a dog sitter for the day who is responsible for picking up the pup at my condo, bringing her to our venue, then taking her back after the ceremony. You dont want to do it yourself bc its too stressful and you dont want to burden family or friends with missing part of the reception to take the dog home. If youre dead set on doing this, hire someone. 

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    Go for it!

    Don’t do something to replace a person, do it because you love your animal and want them included in your special day.

    My dog was a groomsmen ( not actually obviously but did stand up there with the guys), and the best man held him via leash during the ceremony, and then he was handed off to us as a couple once we were officially married and walked back down the isle. Then he went home for the rest of the evening, but if you plan it out correctly it can work. We also had someone in the crowd with a bag of toys and treats who was there to take him if he were to be of any trouble during the ceremony.

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    A couple of years ago, I attended a wedding in which the bride’s beloved dog wore a faux tux and “served” as one of the groomsmen.  I’m not sure that the bridesmaid who was paired with him relished the idea of walking down the aisle with him, but she seemed to be a good sport about it.

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    This is a joke, right? This cant be a serious question…

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    @Rachel631:  I think your invites sound awesome!! And a big part of that is your self-awareness of what they were – funny, kitschy, silly invites that reflected a feel you were going for.

    To me, the OP comes off as somewhat less self-aware… replacing a bridesmaid with a dog and wanting to put the dog in a matching dress? And one of the main reasons being matching numbers on each side.

    I think including a dog or other pet in your ceremony can be really cool, as long as you’re prepared for the challenges you mentioned. But I think you have to have a self-awareness that the animal’s involvement is a little outside the norm, they’re not a person, etc. To me, the OP read a lot more as “I feel bad that I don’t have someone else to stand up there so I’m going to try to make this dog thing work” (obviously paraphrasing!).

    If someone asked this question and they were doing it from the get-go and seemed to have a better grasp on the realities, my answer would have been different. But she’s only doing this because someone else dropped out.

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    just have an uneven bridal party it is not the end of the world.  The dog idea is not a good one and i think it would be rude to ask someone to “step in” just so you could have it even.

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    @kris325:  Aw, I know how you feel. I keep telling my two cats at home that if it were more sociably acceptable, I would have them as my bridesmaids. I feel like they are the two girls that I’m most close to in my life. 

    Unfortunately, people just don’t get it, I guess. 


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    My Fiance put his foot down on my girl being in the wedding period! Lol but he made certain whereever we went after accepted dogs. If your dog is well behaved and will stand nicely I see no problem what-so-ever! My dog wouldn’t stand nicely she would be all over the place trying to get me to pick her up!

    Dogs are special and it isn’t like nobody has ever done this in the history of weddings… people have! If I could, I would!

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