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    I love this idea. Don’t let anyone hate on you!

    Please skip the dress idea, but maybe do a wreath of flowers or a matching collar! I would love to incorporate my Lab into our wedding ceremony, but frankly he is insane and would be a total pyscho.

    And as a Bridesmaid or Best Man, I would never, ever be offended if someone wanted to include their dog. Honestly, I just relocated and my Fiance is gone alot- I spend more time with my dog than anyone/thing else. People get that he is important to me!  

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    Why can’t your daughter, or your mom, be your MOH? Picking either would be very special.

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    I love the idea!!! Don’t listen to those that think its weird. I regret it to this day that I didn’t make my dog my ring bearer. I listened to too many people who said the same thing when I got married. I say do it if you want! Who cares what others think!

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    I think you need to step back for a second and think this through a little more thorougly. I am a huge animal lover. I would think it’s absolutely adorable (as long as the dog isn’t wearing a dress). BUT so many things could go wrong.

    Do you really need both sides to be even? Maybe your Fiance can knock off a person to make it equal. He can tell whoever he is knocking off the circumstances (that your Maid/Matron of Honor left) and I’m sure the person will understand.

    I think incorporating your dog in a different way would be a better way to go. For example, as a ring bearer or something like that.

    I agree with doing a really cute collar and maybe putting some flowers somewhere on your dog if you’re going to have him or her in the wedding, but not a dress.

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    Man this post sure is full of snooty pants! This sounds fantastic, OP! I wouldn’t put her in a dress, for sure, maybe a collar and harness in the same color as the dresses though, and a cute matching hankerchief with flowers tucked in. 🙂 

    Someone above said they’d be insulted to be on “the same level” as someone’s beloved dog? To hell with that I’d be HONORED. I’ve had incredible relationships with pets, often better than people, and if someone’s awesome, well-loved dog was standing next to me in a bridal party I’d feel happy. 

    TONS of people put their dogs in their weddings, it happens all the time and nothing bad occurs. 😀 Not all dogs hate crowds or loud stuff — mine’s a city dog, happy and confident in busy areas, and he’s only 8 pounds! And when it’s thundering or I make a sudden loud noise, he runs over, tail wagging, to check it out, not runs away. Just an example. 

    Tips (this post gets LONG here, but I’ve have some eduation and experience here, so it might be helpful.)

    -Consider your dog’s temperament. Does she like meeting new people? Does she stay calm? If she gets a little hyper, practice being around new people at a dog park or dog-friendly outdoor concert or somthing. Take her to an outdoor area that you know will be crowded and busy and do it a couple times a week until the wedding. Get her used to the feeling of being surrounded by loud, happy people. (If she is fearful, it might be too much work, but if she’s already chill, it should be easy!)

    -Make her fall in love with whoever will be her walker-down-the-aisle. I assume they already know her. Get them in the same place, preferably for a walk, at least once a week, have them order her around and give her lots of treats, etc. 

    -Rehearse the walk ON SITE if possible. Do it several times. Have someone standing nearby clapping, shouting, blowing a vuvuzela, you get me. Once she gets the idea, try your hardest to distract her and give her a million treats and kisses when she ignores the distractions or reacts calmly. 

    -If there will be kids in/around your wedding, make sure she and they are prepared beforehand. (How is she with kids?)

    -On the day of, you need a main handler and at least one backup who understand they are responsible for the dog and exactly what they are expected to do. You may even want to hire a dog walker for post-ceremony care as the backup handler to relieve you of stress — it’s a very low expense for one day and TOTALLY worth it to know you’re not inconveniencing anyone and someone’s got her well in hand.

    -You, your FH, or your main handler should take your dog for a LONG run before the ceremony. As long and hard as possible, add weights (they sell doggie weight backpacks) if you can, basically tire her out as much as you can. Feed her breakfast early in the day and delay the next meal until AFTER the wedding. Get her to poo and pee as close beforehand as possible (if she’s already peed, recently, pee her again!) so even if she WANTS to go, she won’t. 

    -As added insurance, consider buying a dog calming treat like Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Dogs is excellent. You drip a little of the liquid on a biscuit and feed it to them, it’s inexpensive, 100% safe and natural, it doesn’t zonk them out, just soothe them a little. (It’s similar to a human drinking chamomile tea to relax.) Just test it out before the big day to ensure she likes it and the effect is a good one for her. 

    I know lots of dogs who’d handle this with grace and aplomb and enjoy every minute. Dogs, especially ones like labs, were bred to serve and work for us, and as long as they’re well-prepped, a task like this should be no sweat to a trained lab! I bet your dog can make a wonderful bridesmaid, good luck!

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    If you are concerned about having an uneven wedding party I don’t understand how the addition of a dog as a bridesmaid would make it “even”. 

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    i don’t think it’s a good idea, sorry. it’s just kinda weird.

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    My dog, a mostly lab (shes a mix and we have no idea what she is) will be a part of my wedding, but not really considering her a member of the wedding party. My little brother will be walking her down the aisle as a ring bearer and thats it, she may make an appearance in some wedding photos but only as a beloved pet. So I say include her, but don’t call her a bridesmaid

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    totally depends on your dog. i really wanted to make the families mother bulldog the ring bearer but dogs are not allowed on the church premises. 🙁 but she has a super low bark. rarly barks and is super old and not hyper. she is always trailing behind people so it wouldnt have been a problem. cuz churches do echo. but i LOVE the idea! i think it will be super cute! just make sure there really isnt any one else. even people you think you are not that close with can be offended you didnt ask them.

    but as an animal lover its a great idea!!!:)

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    DO IT.

    Who is a better friend than your best bitch? No one. Your dog should be one of your most honored guests. 

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    Damn 4 year old post trick

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