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I don’t have experience, but wish you all the luck in the world! Remember, it’s possible to be honest without providing details that you’re uncomfortable with. “Hey boss! I wanted to give you the heads up that due to some minor health concerns, I’m going to need to go to some appointments over the next month or two, and the doctors are notorious for scheduling things fairly last minute. I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as I do when I’ll need to be out. What is the best way for me to handle the leave/make-up for these appointments?” 

FWIW, I’d never put my family plans on hold for a job. If you get the goahead, put yourself and your family first, since even the most generous and kind employer wouldn’t hesitate to lay off or replace an employee they loved. 

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ladyvictoria :  I switched jobs 8 months into TTC, started fertility treatment soon after, and I gave birth around my 2 year work anniversary. My clinic does monitoring appointments between 7-8am so that you get in and out and to the office on time (they are super fast appointments). For my retrieval I told my boss that I had a procedure scheduled but that I was also on the cancellation list so I might call out sooner if an appointment opened up. That was my work-around for the fact that you only have 48 hours notice for when your retrieval will be. One of the female partners I worked with guessed it was IVF since she had done it too but she kept my secret. We’re gearing up for a FET this summer and I’m just going to say nothing and call out sick that day. You may also luck out and get it on a weekend! My transfer back was a Saturday morning so I didn’t need more time off. 

You have no idea when you will get pregnant unfortunately. Don’t put your life on hold. You’re still in the testing phase so realistically you won’t actually start treatment for another 2 months, and then the actual cycle takes several weeks, and then if it works on the first try you have 40ish weeks of pregnancy. At this rate you’ll have been at the new job at least a year before you give birth so I’d vote for full steam ahead. 

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Definitely bring up needing some flexibility to go to doctor appointments to help your supervisor manage things, but otherwise, don’t put your life on hold for any job!

Unfortunately, there will always be people in the work place who are judgemental of a woman’s decision to get pregnant. You can’t let that dictate your family planning.

One thing you may want to look into, though, is your maternity leave benefits. At my current job, they don’t kick in until after 1 year of employment. 

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I just wanted to say if you are in the US make sure you check into any maternity benefits prior to accepting a job. Unfortunately a lot of companies use FMLA as “maternity leave” which you aren’t eligible for until you work there for a year. No other advice as I’m not a parent or TTC but just wanted to give some food for thought! Good luck  

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Buzzing bee

ladyvictoria :  I don’t have personal experience with IVF and a new job but my advice would be to be upfront about some medical appointments that you may have in the next few months and that while you’ll try to schedule around work, some may not be able to be planned outside of work hours/far in advance. They should be able to accomodate that, and there’s no need to be any more specific. 

I’d also ask the clinic about their general policies. Obviously, you’ll be out on egg retrieval day for the full day, but all my monitoring appts were before work hours (clinic started appts at 6:30) and I never felt uncomfortable enough during stims to not come to work. Transfer was another non-flexible time, but I could have went in to work that day before and after if I needed/wanted to.

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IVF is a very long process. I would not put anything on hold. While it would be great if it worked the first time, most people require more than 1 round to get pregnant so it’s possible you wouldn’t be having a baby for well after you’ve been there for a year. Plus, the process of IVF is much longer than you expect. From start to finish, it can be up to 8 weeks for priming and retrieval. I am doing my 5th round in June despite being, on paper, an “easy” case so I would prepare yourself for the long haul just in case. 

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I don’t know about starting a new job, but I was able to do 8 retreivals and 5 transfers without my work having a clue what was going on.  Monitoring was done either early morning before work or during lunch, so all was normal for the most time consuimg part.  Retreivals require a day off, but it was pretty easy to say “something came up” and I need the day off, or it happen to fall on a weekend anyways.  For the transfer, that was typically in the morning so I just “had a doctors appointment” and came in afterwards, or it was on a weekend, or if it was frozen, my doctor timed it for me to fall on a weekend.

I wouldn’t put anything on hold for a job, other than maybe 3-4 months if you need the 1 year at a job to quality for FMLA if that matters to you.  Other than that, I think personal life always trumps job.

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I would just make sure you’re employed there for a year so you can be covered by FMLA, if applicable.

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I can’t speak to IVF or American mat leave, but I got pregnant very shortly after starting a new job. I was terrified to tell my boss but she has been absolutely amazing. You never know how people will react, so I hope your new boss is as good as mine. 

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ladyvictoria :  it probably depends on your protocol, but after all the testing was done I had to wait for my next period to begin birth control for a couple weeks and then start stims. And while I REALLY hope you get lucky on the first shot like I did, I know a few couples that didn’t get pregnant until their 3rd or 4th transfer which would push you further out. I actually had planned on not getting any maternity benefits and I didn’t care – I just got lucky that it took so long to get pregnant that I did lol. If you aren’t going to be covered by FMLA see if your state has their own provision. I live in MA and you only have to be employed for 3 months to have 8 weeks of job protection. 

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ladyvictoria :  I started a new job and knew I was going to need fertility treatments. I gave myself 4 months to get through all my job training then I was just honest with my boss. I mean I didnt give her all the details but basically told her we were doing fertility treatments and would need some flexible scheduling. She was super understanding and I’m so glad I told her bc we had a tough go of it. Started with iui and that didnt work so she was super supportive when I started ivf. She even helped me cover for me with my coworkers saying I had family stuff and would be working from home etc. No one questioned it! It was just easier for me to be honest! I have a daughter now and  no one in my office knows I did ivf accept for one coworker who I am super close with. Good luck with whatever you chose!!!

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