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It’s only been a week? Give it time, as long as they aren’t actually hurting each other it’ll usually be fine. My mum’s cats still hiss at each other and have a little scuffle but they don’t hurt each other and ultimately tolerate the other’s presence in the house. 

My cats fight and hiss and growl all the time, but they are just playing. 

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My mom recently got a new cat in addition to the ones she already had and they act the same as you’re describing. I think they need to establish their kitty hierarchy, but should be okay together soon. The older cat slapping the new cat might be trying to tell her that’s not the right way to behave  My dog has done that with puppies before. 

Good luck!

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bridetobe166:  First, I’m sorry to hear about your cat passing! I would give them time, it can take awhile for cats to get along. When I added a new kitten, it took him and my other cat about three months to get along. Even now, 2.5 years later, they still have little squabbles with each other.

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We kept our kitten separated from our big cat for maybe a week or two, with him in the master bathroom and her in the living area, and them taking turns in the master bedroom. The doors have a gap at the bottom that they could get their paws through, so they were able to play through the door without getting in each other’s space.

If they are already eating nicely near eachother and learning how to tolerate eachother, then you are on the right path. If you can relax then they will pick up on that. The more anxious and upset you get about them interacting, the more tension there will be between them. Accept that sometimes they will play/fight and it won’t seem to be good, but they have to figure out their relationship. When my cats do that, I will separate them after a while if they are getting too worked up or if they are driving me crazy, but I don’t intervene right away.

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I’m sorry for your loss 🙁


I would give it time, my cats still do that and we got her almost a year ago. They normally get along but every once in a while our kitten. ( Overy a year old) will just chase the adult cat (about 7) and the adult cat will hiss and slap her. We don’t really have other issues, so we yell at the cats and they stop and we call it a day. It doesn’t really bother me because I know they aren’t being aggressive and I have to be extra careful cuz kitten has fiv, which can be spread to the other kitten of they were to actually fight, and I’m still not worried about it. It’s all harmless. 

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Domestic cats are naturally solitary animals and prefer to keep their distance from other cats. As your aren’t litter-mates or mother-kitten, it will be particularly stressful for them. Try to help them retain their own territory, perhaps place feed and water bowls in different places so they don’t have to perform this very elemental thing next to each other. 

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It takes time and they may never like each other much. Its great that you have the Feliway even if its working most on the younger. I’ve been told by a vet that it can take up to 8 months for cats to get use to each other, so really just let them get use to it and keep them apart when it’s obviously necessary. Our cats get along now fine 75% of the time and will sleep against each other etc, then that other 25% of the time they’ll whack each other or hiss. Cats can be temperamental and it’s pretty normal since they’re all just so full of sass 😜

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Cats need at LEAST a month to adjust. Give it more time and don’t stress about it or they’ll feed off of your emotions. Don’t worry, it’ll happen. Did you love your best friend the first day or did it take some time? 🙂

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My vet once told me it takes cats a full year to really get used to another cat being in their space. I have three cats, a five year old, a two year old, and the youngest just turned one. My oldest took a long time to accept new-comers. There’s still times she will smack the younger ones but they both know their place in the house. Play with them together, that really helped mine. I have a feather stick toy that made play together. Then I’d only feed them treats when they were close in vicinity. 

Just be patient and eventually they will establish a relationship. Good luck!

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Give it a little more time.  We introduced the grey kitty, Gus, to Skeeter and Skeeter turned crazy.  She would actually attack Gus.  But slowly she could sort of tolerate him.  We played with the laser beam with them together as Skeeter gets really focused so she really wouldn’t pay too much attention to Gus so I think that helped but again every situation is different.  After maybe two weeks it was like night and day and Skeeter loved Gus!  She bathes him, they snuggle together.  It’s been 3 years now and they’re still best friends.  You’re doing everything right…just give it some time.  

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