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No advice because I had my Dirty Delete almost 3 years ago but I just wanted to tell you….YOU WILL BE A GREAT MOM(: Can’t wait for you guys to meet your little man!

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In the beginning they sleep A LOT. They start to develop a pattern where they eat, sleep and have awake time, The longest chunk being sleep. Repeat x8 or so. (Best advice I got was from a LC who told me to feed him on demand but nit longer than every 2 1/2 hours during daytime even if it meant waking him up. This helps them start to understand day and night and sleep longer at night.) The first few weeks I feel like I did nothing but feed him and rest. Their awake time in the beginning is just looking around and at you. or fussing. Now at three months, he wakes at 6ish, eats, plays for at least an hour (this consists of “talking” with me, watching my face, practicing rolling over, laying on his mat and smacking dangling toys, listening to music or a book etc.) then naps for an hour. Then he eats and repeat still on that 2 1/2 hr schedule.  He’s awake for about an hour and a half at a time these days Before getting sleepy. Also in the beginning they are slow eaters. He used to nurse for almost an hour per feeding but now he’s done in 10 min.


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@wifegoodman:  They’ll tell you at the hospital what the max amount of time is to let LO sleep between feedings. But I don’t remember what it is because my son never got close to sleeping that long without waking up to eat! Every 2 – 2.5 hours was the case 24/7 – he didn’t have any concept of night and day. I believe once they hit 2 weeks and are gaining weight you don’t have to worry about letting them sleep for longer stretches, but at 4.5 months now my son has still never slept longer than 6 hours without waking to nurse and that only happened on 2 occassions. I just let him nurse on demand – however much he wanted, whenever he wanted. And my one piece of advice to ladies who plan to nurse is read everything on the Kellymom website before baby arrives – I got seriously bad and conflicting advice from nurses at the hospital, and was glad I knew what I should be doing because I read a lot in advance.

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@wifegoodman:  I agree with reading the Kelly Mom website.  I use that A LOT.  I think each baby is different about letting you know they are done. I hear most babies either fall asleep or pop off happily but my little bugger never did.  I now know he’s done because he starts playing with my nipple instead of really eating but he is always unhappy when I take him off.  I used to think that meant he wanted more but really I just have to stick a paci in for him to be happy after eating. (BTW, this was recommended by my LC because I was getting raw from him wanting to use me as a pacifier for weeks.) For the first couple of months, I weighed him before and after eating to make sure he was getting enough because I just couldn’t tell- he acted like he wanted to keep eating constantly, and I was feeding on demand.  Like I said though, I think it depends on the kid, and you’ll figure it out.  Just know that it takes some time for you both to figure it out.  Don’t give up just because it is stressful in the beginning.  I found breastfeeding very hard for the 1st 6 weeks and now I love it. 

My little boy is a whopper at 15 lbs and 26 inches already! He’s an EATER πŸ™‚

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@wifegoodman:  oh and about night time, they just told me not to wake him at night and just feed when he wakes.  They often don’t sleep more than 2-3 hours anyway in the beginning.  

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I am due with my 4th in about 2 months and I kinda of know what to expect with a newborn and with breastfeeding but every baby is different so I am still nervous. 

I was also told to feed on demand.  Whenbabies are that young you don’t want to wait until a certain time to feed them, just feed them when they are hungry, which can be often.  As a brand new breastfeeding mom you can’t really know or tell if baby is getting enough until you get the weight results from your pediatrician.  Some babies seem to nurse longer while others are done in mere minutes and still get what they need.  

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for monitoring how feeding is going, look at weight gain, behaviours (most babes will fall asleep, or become very relaxed, when they have had a good feed) and diapers. Good input = good output!

Waking them every 3 hrs or so in the first two weeks, to feed…. this helps bring your milk in, helps them gain well, and helps them adjust to night/day. They are pretty sleepy for that first week or so! After that, on demand should work just fine πŸ™‚ Good luck! Once you meet your baby, you two will figure out a “routine” that works for you guys πŸ™‚


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I’m commenting to follow! I’ve been wondering this exact same thing!

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@wifegoodman:  My son is 9 weeks old, so i can give you an idea of how things started out for us.

We exclusively breastfeed, and practice feeding on demand and cosleeping.  I pump once a day to provide milk for the two nights a week I have school. 

DS had a great latch at birth and settled into nursing well at the hospital, so we got into a pattern pretty quickly.  


I get up between 8-10.  DS gets up with me we change diapers and put on clothes.  DS nurses. I pump on one side while DS has the other.

We have a short period of activity followed by sleep.  The first weeks this might be 15 minutes. Now its usually around an hour of awake time.  

DS falls asleep in my arms and naps for about 1-2 hours ( I put him down once he’s really asleep and use this time to eat, shower etc.)

DS wakes up, we change diapers and nurse again, followed by awake time and another nap. 

We continue this pattern all day.  

The doctor told us to wake him up if he went more then 2 hours without eating at first, and then after 3-4 hours as he got older.  

Since I feed on demand, if he starts looking for food sooner or more often, I feed him.  Sometimes this will rarely happen, but we’ve had two growth spurts where I’ve nursed, stopped and had to start nursing again 15/20 minutes later.  (This is what helps build your supply up)

We’ve been blessed with a decent night sleeper.  We nurse around 9 and DS goes to sleep.  He usually follows this session with a 3-4 hour stretch of sleep.  We go to sleep around 11, and I get up and nurse when he fusses.  He learned to nurse laying on his side next to me very early on (first week I think) so we nurse like that and he goes right back to sleep.  I change his diaper and he usually sleeps right through it. We have another nursing/diaper session around 3am and again at 6.  

You also asked about knowing when he’s done nursing.  For us I wait until he “pops off”.  DS will often take breaks when nursing.  He’ll either dose off attached to me, and wake up when I tickle his toes or rub his tummy and keep right on drinking.  He’ll also let go, take a couple breaths and wriggle a little but look for the nipple right away.  I can tell when he’s done because he lets go and doesn’t try to latch back on in the next minute or two.  

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Luna is 2 weeks old and eats every 2-4hrs. She usually nurses on one side for anywhere between 15 and 45mins and then will pop off on her own or fall asleep. Some nights she will cluster feed a couple hours in a row but not normally. I can tell when it is time for her to eat again even without the clock because the breast she didn’t feed on previously will feel more full and firm. (downright painful when milk first comes in, but then it adjusts to how much she actually eats)

And holy crap can she go through some diapers! Many times, we will get a fresh one on her just for her to explode in it right after, haha. But plenty of diaper changes means that she is eating well. πŸ™‚

As for sleeping, Luna sleeps  90% of the time, it seems. If newborns are awake much more than an hour and a half, they get overtired and it is harder to soothe them to sleep. But in her awake times, I fit in reading to her, tummy time, baths, diaper changes, and showing her some toys. I tend to sleep between her feedings at night between about 11:30pm and 10am and usually nap an hour or two during the afternoon if I didn’t het much sleep at night.

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You will be fine. I was the same way and now my baby is 12 weeks. In the beginning they sleep A LOT. Feeding on demand. I remember she would stay on one side for about 10 minutes then fall asleep. I never pumped one side while nursing. I only pumped if I wasn’t with her and she had a feeding. At night should wake up every 2-3 hours to nurse then sleep again. Now she is doing 6-7 hrs stretches. You will do fine, I felt like a natural after having her. And don’t listen to people that tell you that your life is about to end. I found it was quite the opposite, my life just started.

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