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@wifegoodman:  The first 2 weeks were the hardest for me.  I have a great sleeper, but she is a lazy nurser!  Verrrry lazy… like she will be latched on for half an hour but be asleep, so I spend the entire feeding trying to keep her stimulated enough to eat and then she’s hungry again in an hour.  It actually ended up stalling her weight gain, so I have been exclusively pumping and giving her bottled breast milk ever since.

At 10 weeks, she is still a great sleeper, and now that we’re using bottles her weight shot up!  Here’s a typical day for us:

Wake up between 5am and 7am- dad feeds her 4oz, I pump.

She is content to hang out in her crib looking at the mobile or sit in her vibrating seat or the swing for a while, and she dozes off about an hour after eating (on weekends we spend this wakeful period together, snuggling or playing, but on weekdays this is when I get ready for work)

She sleeps for an hour, maybe two, and is awake for a little bit before it’s time to eat… 4oz again, then rinse & repeat until about 8-10pm.  I pump every 3-4 hours and prefer to do it while she’s asleep, but sometimes she’s awake and content or hanging out with dad so I can pump.

For her bedtime routine, we start with waking her up (if she’s not already) around 9ish and giving her a bath.  We usually do baths every other day, and if it’s every day I don’t use soap every other day… it’s more about the routine for us right now.

After bathtime we get ready for bed- so lotion, fresh diaper, wrap her up in the fleece sleep sack, then it’s time for the last bottle of the night.  Typically, she is dozing in and out of sleep by the last ounce.  She’s usually asleep when I put her in the crib, but a few times she has only been half asleep but still did A-ok.  She is in bed (usually asleep) by 10 or 11pm. 

I pump one last time at night either before I wake her up for bath time or after I put her down <—usually the case on fussy evenings

I steam all my pump parts, pack her diaper bag for the sitter and portion all her bottles for the next day, pack my own lunch and/or gym bag for the next day, and freeze any excess milk beyond what she needs the following day. 

Then I go to bed, usually in bed between 11pm and midnight.  We are one of the lucky families who have been blessed with a wonderful sleeper, so once she’s down for the night she rarely wakes until 5-7am.


Ok, so here are a few quick stats in case you’re interested… bear in mind also that I have a 10 week old so she has kind of fallen into a nice schedule, I am back at work full time (came back 5 1/2 weeks pp), and I pump exclusively. 

-she eats 24-28oz per day, which is now about 6 or 7 4oz bottles.  We recently went up from 3 1/2oz per feeding about 7-8 times a day.  We started out with 3oz 8 or 9 times a day. 

-she was eating every 2-2 1/2 hours, now she eats every 3-4 hours.  As her portions have increased, the time between feedings has also increased.  She will always get at least 24oz, and if she missed a feeding because someone let her sleep too long during the day (eh-hem, DAD) then I stay up late enough to get an extra feeding before bedtime to make it up.

-I pump for 30-45min first thing in the morning, then another 3 or 4 times for 20min a pop throughout the day, then another marathon pumping session for 30-45 min before bed.

-The rule of thumb for breastfed newborns and pee pee diapers is ONE wet diaper on day ONE, TWO on day TWO, THREE on day THREE, and so on until you have a wet diaper approximately every time they eat. 

-Poops happen, and on breastmilk they are runny, strange colored, and not foul smelling.  The poop will be black and tarry at first (meconium) then green, then yellow, then brown, and it’s completely ok if it looks like there are mustard seeds in there.  Apparently that’s normal and good.  Looks strange as hell to me though.

Ummm… I think I just wrote a novel but if I left anything out or if you want to hear more about baby poop just let me know 🙂

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@wifegoodman:  I really wanted to use the babywise schedule when I was pregnant.  It appealed to me because I’m a little type A/OCD and nice neat schedules really appeal to me.  I loved the thought of knowing what baby wanted by seeing what time it was, and having a nice littel schedule to follow.

Once I had the baby though I completely changed my mind.  The lactation consultant at the hospital was a big supporter of feeding on demand.  She pointed out what a difference feeding on demand can make in your supply.  She also talked about not “needing” to monitor how much a breastfed baby eats by scheduling feedings. Instead your body will learn to work with your babies.  If he/she wants to comfort nurse in the evening your body will produce less milk at that time of day, allowing your baby to get the comfort it needs without overeating.  

I also live in a hot climate (southern US).  I was at a family gathering when the baby was a week old, and had an inlaw mention something about not feeding the baby so often because I would spoil him.  This same person then turned around to refill their iced tea because it was so hot, and mentioned how thirsty they were even though they had been finished the last glass 15 minutes before.  I couldn’t imagine sitting around drinking all the water etc I want when I was thirsty, but requiring my infant son to wait 2 or more hours before he could quench his thirst.  

I also ended up cluster feeding some evening, typically about once every 10-14 days, baby seemed to hit a growth spurt or need a little more.  He would want to eat every 15-30 minutes or so for a couple of hours.  It can be exhausting when he picks 1 in the morning to start a cluster feeding session, but its a major factor in increasing your supply as the baby needs it.  

Overall I ended up with a feeding on demand for the first weeks of his life.  Now that he is 11 weeks, we’ve gradually worked our way into an eat, activity sleep schedule with feeding 3+ hours apart unless he is cluster feeding or not feeling well (like after his two month shots).  This pattern wasn’t anything that I pushed, but what naturally evolved as we figured out what worked for us.

I remember that feeling when I was pregnant, that I needed to figure out everything now, our schedule, parenting style etc.  I was sooo sure that if I didn’t decide ahead of time it would be a disaster when the baby got here.  I’m glad I did the research and had an idea of the options out there, but I changed my mind on a lot of things once my son arrived.  Hang in there!  What seems so overwhelming and confusing now will all fall into place once your little one arrives.  

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