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  • poll: Is it reasonable to call the police if this keeps happening?
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    Blushing bee

    I would assume that this was a housewarming party. If it happens let’s say 3 weekends in a row then I’d go say something myself. If it then continued the I’d call the cops. I wouldn’t worry about it yet. But this is assuming that it’s seriously disturbing. 

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    Bumble bee
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      If you have kids then I’m sure you’re not quiet either.  It all goes with living in close proximity to people.   If you can’t handle noise in the middle of the day then move out to where your neighbors are miles away from you.  I live in an area where the houses are close together too.  My neighbor puts up with our weekend bbqs and day drinking and we put up with her kid jumping around and shrieking on her trampoline.   

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    Sugar Beekeeper
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    Horseradish :  

    Are there SCOTUS rulings in which swearing has been classified as *protected speech* under 1A?

    Or, would it be subject to limitations similar to those that the courts are willing to place on pornography, ie the government can regulate time, place, and manner?

    I have not kept as current on these things as I probably should be.

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    Busy Beekeeper
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    sassy411 :  profanity generally has to be directed at someone for it to be considered unprotected speech. The neighbor yelling curse words as insults at the OP would be unprotected, while two guys at the neighbors’ house using curse words as descriptive slang would be protected. Although there are a lot of nuances on this one.  But the over-arching theme of the government’s inability to regulate speech still applies.

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    Busy bee

    The most unsettling thing about this situation is that your new neighbours have just moved in, had one party, and you’re already videotaping them to amass as ‘evidence’. 

    The way you dismiss the apt comparison about vegans and BBQs and liked your old neighbours because they were elderly and quiet makes me feel that you are quick to complain about others but tone deaf as to how your own actions might affect them, it’s a very entitled way of looking at the world. 

    FWIW, it’s easier to compromise with your neighbours when you make an attempt to get along with them. If you’re friendly and welcome them, it may be easier to bring up noise/ swearing issues in the future- IF this even emerges as a problem. You seem to have made a lot of assumptions based on a one time occurance, it may even -as others have said- been a moving in/ housewarming party.

    If they’re halfway reasonable people, they’ll be wanting to get along with you as well and be on good terms with their new neighbours (providing they’re not already refering to you as the creepy new neighbour who watches them and videotapes them). Then- if this is in fact a regular occurance and talking to them hasn’t worked, you may want to see what your legal options are. But right now this seems an awfully big stretch from a single loud get-together. 

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    Busy bee

    slomotion :  lol!!! So true. My first words were: “go fuck yourself!”. I learned it from visiting my grandma in prison.

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    Busy bee

    gatsbymermaid :  You really do seem blind to your own actions. How would you feel if you just moved into a new home and one of your new neighbours was videotaping you? I find your actions far more disturbing than theirs, it’s not merely ‘arbitrary’ criticism. 

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    Busy bee
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    What time was this party? Because unless it lasted into the night, past noise ordinance time it absolutely isn’t illegal and a noise complaint will not be issued. 

    10-11pm they will get a warning, but if you were sitting on your deck in the day and they were day drinking and being loud you are out of luck. It would be like me calling a noise complaint on the kids next door jumping on the trampoline yelling and shrieking. Yes, I’m trying to sun bathe and have a relaxing time in my pool and they are ruining it but they have every right to be obnoxious kids in their own yard at 5 pm. I’m assuming the people who said they would take issue assumed this was a nighttime party that actually violated the noise ordinance. 

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    Busy Beekeeper

    (comment moderated) 

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    Busy bee
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    gatsbymermaid :  We were all in our 20’s once.  From their perspective, they are enjoying their new home.  It was daytime, so I do think you are being unreasonable.  Your children will hear adults swearing many times in their lives, it’s on you to enforce boundaries on what your children can do, not what your neighbours can do.

    But as far as a plan for if they escalate, I’d kill em with kindness.  Take some home baked cupcakes over or something, welcome them to the neighbourhood.  Make small talk.  Wave and say hi to them when you see them out the front.

    That way down the track if you have a more reasonable issue (eg. constant loudness, late night parties etc) they will probably be more receptive if you ask them “hey guys, I hate to be a pain, but it was hard for our kids to sleep last night/kids are hearing inappropriate conversation frequently/etc, do you think it would be possible to *insert reasonable compromise here*

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    Busy bee

    jellybellynelly :  Or it emphasizes how you always jump on the chance to post an unnecessarily rude comment, in general. Lolololololol

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