New Puppy causing tremendous stress and strain on relationship!

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elderbee :  I researched it and I was shocked dogs are left crated  all night or during the day when the owner is away. It’s just not done over here. My family was even reprimanded by a local healthcare official (veterinary division) because some days we’d keep our dog in the garden with a 2.8 meters leash: the law required it to be at least 3 meters to allow her enough movement range, even if she spent only a few hours leashed.

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My dog is 3.  She drove me insane for the first 6 months.

She is now my best friend, truly I love her more than I ever thought possible.  They calm down, puppyhood is just a phase.

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I personally hate the idea of crating not least because I would have to have an enormous cage in my house. However it is a well known and respected way of training. It is not a punishment, it is a safe happy place for the dog where there is often no need to shut the door, they will just stay in there. It’s not for me but I also understand that if used correctly and not abused, it is not cruel at all. To leave a dog a cage for 10 hours for example, would be cruel. To remove food and water sounds mildly insane. I can’t even process the thought of leaving a dog on a lead in a garden, 3 metres or otherwise, for anything longer than 10 minutes. 

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yupmarried :  I’m not trying to be a smartass- do you have kids? Legit need to know bc we do have two human children and are considering a dog. If you’re speaking from experience then we can just toss that idea out the window immediately 

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sassy411 :  oh gosh, we kept her tied because there was a part of the garden unsafe for her but we couldn’t always physically restrict access to (thereby the leash). It was for short periods of time, she had a dog house with roof and blankets and water right there, and she liked staying outdoor.

The article you posted is inaccurate. Wolves don’t spend most of their time in a den. They use maternity den but the pups leave them at 8-12 weeks. Also, a dog can go in&out of a den, but the crate purpose is mostly to keep him IN. Dens don’t have closed doors that get opened at 7am. Some dogs may like crates, others don’t – because yes, they might need a smallish place to rest, but it is not a natural need to be caged inside that space. A dog on a leash can move at least.

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I get it. I am not a “puppy person”, but I love dogs! Puppies are hard, but it doesn’t last forever. Once my dog got his adult teeth (around 3 or 4 months old) it was like night and day! Invest in some puppy training and go TOGETHER. It’ll help get you both on the same page in terms of training, as well as establish good habits and communication between you and the puppy. We did Puppy Kindergarten and it was around $300, but so worth it. We use pretty much all the skills we were taught on a nearly daily basis, and our dog is 2.5 years old now. 

Good luck! 

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