(Closed) New to running…training for a half-marathon and need advice!

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I’m also somewhat training for a 1/2 marathon! It’s not until Feb of next year though. ALOT going on this year! I have the Nike Dryfit shorts and they are AWESOME. I got them on sale and they’re really comfortable, don’t ride up or anything, and are super light. I have Nike Pegasus 28s and they’ve been pretty great for me. I got some bad shin splints in my old shoes, and these new ones really help out with that. I’m not overly picky for the sports bras, I have a few different brands, but am sure I’m going to actually have to pay more attention when getting into the longer distances.

I’ve run a few 5k’s and am doing a 5k in April, a 10k in May, another 5k in June. Then it gets too hot to run down here in Florida for more than a 5k for me! I’m headed out in just a few for 3.5 miles, we’ll see how it goes. It’s about 85′ here today!

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Good for you that you’re tracking your calorie intake, and getting fitted for running shoes!

I get running clothes from all over — 6pm, Eastbay, Under Armour clearance, and Champion online clearance.  Definitely get a supportive bra if you don’t have one already.  I recommend Moving Comfort or Champion.

Following a training plan is some of the best advice.  I’m a multiple-time half marathon runner, and a successfull marathoner!  Training for my next one next summer.

And yes, rest days mean rest days, although I sometimes “cheat” because I’m trying to lose weight and want to get extra exercise in πŸ˜‰

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Check with a local running shoe store and see if they have any fitness seminars. Fleet Feet in my city has free ones and paid ones which are pretty cool and informative for the entry level runner.

I would highly recommend joining a running club too. It keeps you motivated and in line with what to do.

If you feel so tired that you need to take a nap after a run, you are likely running to fast. Your weekly long run, should be building endurance not speed. Your middle runs or track runs are building speed and strength. As far as days off, I only took the day after my long runs off, but if you are tired I would take more days off.

If you are skinny and can pull off shorts like I cant more power to you. I wear capris that are tight I think they are Clima cools from Nike. Socks for long runs depend on the weather, mine cost 20$ a pair, get some good expensive socks your feet will thank you. Wearing tigher clothes cuts down on chaffing, if you experiance chaffing get some Glide. Also lookup foam rolling, and icing it will save your legs. Get fitted for shoes, dont ust buy Nikes on sale. Look up proper running fueling, water, and salt.

Some of these things I first thought – I dont need this or I dont need to do that, but I did. It was a good learning experiance. Running distance is not as easy as starpping on some old trainers.

I’d recommend checking out some running blogs there are many out there that are good. I like www.shutupandrun.net/ If you start reading from here earlier entrys you can get more useful knowledge.

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I am also training for a half marathon! And a couple triathlons…. unfortunately i also had foot surgery three months ago so the recovery is SUPER tough. 

As someone who has started from the bottome up, here are some suggestions I would make to you…

1. When it says rest, REST!   I tend to do yoga or intense stretching or maybe take the dog for a long walk, but thats it.   Your muscles need time to recover and if they dont they might get injured.

2. You dont need to necessarily increase calories as much as certain aspects of your diet.   For example, maybe a bowl of cereal and piece of fruit is your normal breakfast?  You need to make sure you also have protein in there.  I tend to work out before work and then each breakfast once i get there.  My go-to breakfast is a bagel thin with egg beaters (you can microwave them) and a piece of cheese.  It has both protein and carbs and you’ll feel so much fuller longer.  But you’re right.. you’ll be STARVING later.  I eat a lot of baby carrots…

3. If it hurts… try something else!  I can’t run every day b/c of my foot so I do a lot of biking and other cross training to keep the cardiovascular fitness up and give my foot a break.   You can come backt o running once the body part has started to heal

Good Luck!



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Ugh… I envy you all I for the first in my life have gotten into running. I am slow as molasses, and can only jog .8 of a mile, then I stop.. then start again, after that it’s all over. … And I’m not going to hijack so I’m going to say good luck and write a thread of my own! 

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I’m training for a half marathon too! One in early May, and then hopefully another in October. I used to run pretty regularly, but then I stopped when I got pregnant two summers ago. I ran some last summer, and now am getting back into it full time.

I really like the Nike Pace shorts. They are similar to the ever popular Tempo shorts, but are cut slightly differently and I like them better. But really any sports store should have a decent offering of running shorts. I prefer tanks over tees because I don’t like the sleeves when I run. I usually opt for Nike or Adidas, something with that has a dri-fit or other wicking material and is long enough to cover my torso, since I’m tall. I really LOVE Bolga socks. They are soft and cushiony, but my feet don’t sweat in them. I usually stay away from really thin socks because they seem to be stiff after they get washed.When I try on clothes for running, I jump around and lift my knees up to make sure everything is comfortable. And I keep receipts, so if it rubs or something I can return it.



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I am also training for a half marathon in May. I wear the Under Armour Capris, I’m not sure what they are called exaclty, but they are a little bagg, kind of fit like sweats but are thin, and remind me of the Nike DryFit. I also wear those too though!  I love Brooks, but I know everyone is different! My favorite socks are the Thorlo Experia socks. As far as a bra, my favorite is the Nike DryFit, high impact sports. My favorite shirts are the Unde Armour ones as well that are polyester I think…thinner than regular cotton. Be sure to always listen to your body and yes take rest days. I would also suggest yoga for a rest day, the stretching is good for runners. If you are feeling bad with terrible headaches I would go up on calories too. Carbs are also good for runners. As far as your diet, maybe stay away from Sodas, fried foods, fatty  and high sodium foods, sweets, eat more greens and add color to your meals. I don’t know if that is helful but just a few tips!

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I could have written this exact post (including the yoga pants–I ran a 5K in yoga pants and felt really self conscious during/after haha). I’m not training for a half just yet. I want to do a 10K by the end of the year, but I’m loving all of these tips.

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Yeah fellow runners!  I started training for a 10k this time last year and made it to a half marathon by the fall πŸ™‚  Still running a year later, and I give most of the credit to having a running group with our local Running Room (a canadian running gear  chain store – although some US locations too!) I’ve made tons of friends there and it’s a great way to catch up with people that doesn’t involve going out to eat/drink.  

One thing that stuck with me over the last year is that it’s very easy once a race is over to slack off a bit – boy is it painful to get back into things even after two or three weeks! But, if you start from the bottom once, youlll know how to do it again, and even if it is slightly easier than the very first time, it’s just way easier to keep it a regular routine (barring injury of course! Sorry @NVACat ! )

I agree with @Captain013 and try to slow down.  Unless you are specifically doing speedwork or in a race, you should generally be able to talk while running.  If you can’t, you’re probably going too fast.  A little wierd to test out if you’re on your own, but who cares πŸ™‚  Speed will come from doing interval training and hills (yes hills!! ) 

Okay, that’s my 2 cents

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