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Buy as much as you can used because you only use it for a few months or the first year or two.  A friend of mine hits garage sales on Fridays to find deals on baby items like bouncy seats and exersaucers.  My mom swears by the local baby cosignment shop; they used to run deals where you could stuff a small bag with baby clothes and get each item in the bag for $1.

Definitely buy a new carseat because you never know whether a used one was recalled or in an accident which voids the warranty.

Bottles you can buy used and clean them but I would definitely buy new nipples.  A used breast pump is okay, just make sure it allows you to replace the tubes and cups (this is how they are able to rent them out from the hospital which may also be an option.)

I would get a baby monitor used if possible because people get rid of them all the time.  You might be able to get a better used monitor than you would be able to afford new.

Crib mattress I understand but again it’s something that is only used briefly and you can always put a liner over the mattress under the sheets.

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Definately get as much used things as possible.  Baby stuff is EXPENSIVE and if you have say a consignment shop like Once Upon A Child, I highly recommend looking there for things. A lot of things you can find there are gentlely used or even brand new for low prices.  My son is 19 months and I swear by that place.  I can get brand name clothing for couple of bucks instead of spending $$$$ on clothing he will wear for couple of months.


Definately buy a new car seat.  We purchased our crib (which turns into a toddler bed) and mattress, dresser, and diaper changing station used off of Craigslist.  I couldn’t see spending 600 dollars on a crib brand new.  This crib is not a drop down either so bonus…



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Honestly, the car seat is just about the only thing I wouldn’t buy used. We got so many presents and pass-me-downs that we haven’t spent a dime on the baby yet, actually, and he’ll be here in about 2 weeks. We got one car seat for a gift and bought another with gift cards. I did spend some money on maternity clothes for me though, maybe $100, but I also got some of that gifted for Christmas, and some of that I bought in a consignment store. But once we start buying stuff for the baby, especially clothes, Goodwill will be my first stop. Once Upon a Child does sales where you can fill a whole bag and pay a set price, instead of paying per item. Awesome deal.


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I have certains things I would not purchase used- car seat, crib, mattress! 

All maternity and baby clothes?  Heck yes!  I did invest in one pair of designer maternity jeans, but I got those used too!  (They were still expensive, but I love them.)  I don’t like the idea of anything I can’t really wash though- like changing pad, travel crib, things like that. 

I did get gifted a used ex-frame pack to carry baby.  I also got a lot of “open box” things.  I don’t have a good consignment store here- and people are SO greedy on craigslist in the baby section.  Yikes!  A lot of things are less new!  I did invest in a new stroller, for instance, because people even on ebay wanted almost as much as they cost new.

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We bought our crib and crib mattress used, I just disinfected everything well. Clothes and toys can all be bought used since they are often in good shape and often not used very long. You could buy a used monitor, as long as you checked the reviews and were able to make sure it worked well. 

I would not purchase a used car seat for the same reason as pp mentioned, you never know if they have been recalled or been in an accident. 

For the breast bump you can buy used, but it would be best to buy a closed system, since open systems can sometimes become contaminated. 

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I agree with everyone else.  Yard sales are fantastic !!  Car seats, bath tubs, bottles, binks etc I would buy new.  Baby toys are rediculously expensive and they only use them for a few months.  Google consignment sales in your area.  I know around here, every fall and spring, there are crazy amounts of sales at churches that are incredible.  I have 3 boys and I have clothed them all for about $300 a year, if that.  It takes time rooting through everything, but so worth it and they ALWAYS have crazy amounts of baby equipment.  Also, most consignment shops (kid and baby oriented) have to have a matress license in order to resell.  If you go to a shop that does, there is rigerous testing etc that is required before they can resell. 

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I think you could get a crib mattress second hand if you could verify that it’s still firm enough. Most, if not all baby mattresses are covered in a plastic type material which could easily be wiped down with a lysol cloth to be disinfected. As long as it didn’t come from a smoker’s home there shouldn’t be any smells or anything that come with it.

We got most things gifted to us, but we got a baby bjorn carrier 2nd hand and it literally looks like it was used maybe once? The lady we got it from said her baby didn’t like it. I would make sure you wash anything fabric before letting it in to your home simply because of bed bugs because those can be present on even clean/new looking items but there’s nothing wrong with 2nd hand baby stuff, actually those are usually the items with the least wear since babies outgrow things so fast!

The only thing I would never trust 2nd hand (personal opinion here) is a carseat because there is no way to ensure it wasn’t involved in a car accident and to me that’s not a risk I’m willing to take. Everything else though, good to go!

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@RunningGal:  Check to see if your health insurance covers a pump.  Sometimes they do, especially if you work out of the home.  I read a really helpful thread on how to find out if/what it covers… I think it was here on the Bee.  I’ll go through and link it on the November board if I can find it!!

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I hit clearance racks at most stores for sales. Babies r us had my travel system and pack n play for half off. Watch for sales! 

I 2nd all pp… You should buy the carseat new. Everything else can be thrifted. 

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I am actually going to be using a hand-me-down carseat that was my nephew’s (he’s 2) so I know its history. I don’t think that’s an issue, but I definitely wouldn’t want to get one from a consignment shop where I don’t know the history.

But I am perfectly fine with just about anything used as I’m on a budget! I was gifted most things I need new, but I bought a lot of used baby clothes, books, swing, etc. I’m careful about selecting toys and books, though since some of them seem hard to clean.

My only things I would definitely only get new is a breast pump and crib mattress.

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Agree with everyone else.  

We got a used Baby Bijorn, for example, at our local Once Upon a Child for $30…retails for $180 here in crazy Canada.  It didn’t even look used!

Our car seats are second-hand, but we know the original owners and felt comfortable, so if you can go that route, do it. We also have a used crib mattress…which initially skeeved me out even though it was a family member’s…however, it’s plastic covered and we bought a mattress cover, so…less skeevy in my opinion.

I had some second-hand maternity clothes BUT I wouldn’t buy all second hand…especially if you are planning to have more than one child.  I was kind of emotional about some of the body changes and was in maternity pants at 8wks.  Having clothes that fit well was life-changing for me- just a thought.

Don’t buy a breast pump until you actually get home and the milk comes in.  They are expensive and you might find that you either don’t produce enough milk and/or breastfeeding might not work out…if you’ve opened the box, you can’t return it.  I waited and am SO glad that I did because I would have purchased a really expensive electric pump and, in reality, only needed a hand pump, so there you go.


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Carseat and crib new for sure!!!!!  The carseat for the same reasons as stated above (accident history, how old it is, recalls etc) and the crib because there are constantly changing guidelines about safety and there are recalls all the time!  I also prefer a new mattress…even though you can clean a crib mattress pretty thouroughly, there could be bedbugs or bacteria or any other number of things that can imbue the plastic cover with harmful substances.  Also, if they’ve used it from the time their own child was an infant through toddler, the firmness might not be the best for helping to prevent SIDS for your baby.  Just my 2 cents!  Have fun shopping no matter where you get your things from!

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