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I was basically breastfeesimg non-stop at 3-4 weeks. We didn’t really have a schedule. We still don’t have much of a schedule at 8 weeks, but I do give her a bath every night before bed now. That seems to help her sleep better.

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We didn’t have a timed schedule, but she had an easily predictable pattern of events.

Wake up, eat, sleep, poop, wake up, eat, sleep, poop, wake up… etc.

At some point (don’t remember exactly when) she would stay awake a little longer after eating and we’d do tummy time or “exercises” like moving her legs like a bicycle, or I’d wear her in my Moby to get stuff done around the house.

Then she would eat again and take a nap, sometimes longer sometimes shorter, and then she’d wake up and eat again and play again…

And poop.  There was always poop.

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At 3 weeks, literally all she/we did was eat and sleep and get diaper changes. She would be awake awake for about 10 minutes in the morning where she would not be crying, and we just stared at her then. At 4 weeks, she would eat/sleep/poo and then fuss from 6 to 10 pm. 

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My daughter is 5 weeks today. We don’t have a real schedule, but we have a routine. She goes to bed between 8 and 10, and she’ll wake up once or twice before getting up around 7. We nurse, change diaper, get clothes on. Then we hang out. I read her a story, we have tummy time on her play mat, etc. Then she nurses again, and then, around 9ish, she’ll nap– I use a Moby wrap to help facilitate this, and then I pop her out and into her SwaddleMe sleepsack in her bassinet. She’ll sleep a solid 2 hours. Then we nurse, change, and go for a walk, if it’s not raining. Then we nurse and hang out. She’ll nap again between 1 and 2 and stay asleep until 3 or 4. Then we nurse. I pop her into her swing so I can start dinner. Daddy gets home around 5. They hang out pretty much until bedtime, and then we wrap her again to facilitate bedtime (after daddy gives her a bottle). 

Everyday isn’t perfect– sometimes she decides she hates naps, but this it our general routine. She’s a great sleeper and eater. We’re really lucky. 

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Definitely didn’t have much of a routine for the first month or so. Now at 8 weeks, we are starting to establish a predictable pattern. DS wakes up around 0630-0700. Nurses, bird bath, then on the play mat. 30-45 minutes after eating, it’s nap time. My son will not fall asleep on his own in his Moses basket, so it takes a bit of work on my part – a little something I like to call nap training. LOL. In the morning, he sleeps for 1-1.5 hours, then nursing again around 1030. read a story or go for a walk, then nap time. His lunch time nap is his longest – about 2.5-3 hours. Up at 1500, nurse, then nap time again about 45 minutes later. Sometimes it’s a massive struggle to get him to nap at thus time, and when he does, it’s usually only for an hour max. Nurse at 1730, then time with dad. He tends to fuss quite a lot between 1800 and 2000. Once that passes I feed him and try to have him in bed by 2100. He will then wake up around 0130 to eat, nd he always wakes up again at 0430ish, but lately I’ve been trying to settle him back to bed without feeding him to get him through to 0700. 

The above is a great day and certainly doesn’t happen every day. For example, last night I tried to get DS to bed around 1900, which resulted in him waking at midnight to eat instead, then was wide awake at 0300! Tried to feed him, but he wasn’t interested and it took me an hour to get him back to sleep. He started fussing at 0500 and managed to cat nap until 0700. I thought, “Great, back on schedule”. Not! He refused to nurse at 0700 and has now been fast asleep in his swing for the past hour! 

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we didn’t really have a set schedule either until about 6-8 weeks or so when things kind of started falling into a routine. it’s mainly eat, sleep, poop! just started to fall a bit more into a schedule… i also like to wear him in my baby k’tan (like a moby, just no wrapping) while he sleeps so that i can get stuff done.

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I honestly can’t say since we were still in the NCIU at 3-4 weeks. Our schedule was this.  He would get fed every 3 hours by feeding tube or by me trying to breastfeed when I was there. If was there I would cuddle him when I could since he was in the incubator .  We would change his diaper before feeding. 


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Commenting to follow 🙂

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My daughter was on a pretty good schedule from the time she was a few weeks old. We didn’t enforce the schedule; she kind of did it herself! Our day would be:

8AM: Wake up and come downstairs; have a bottle; diaper change; “play” (whatever that entailed at that point in her life) until she started yawning/whining, then down for a nap.

10AM — repeat cycle

1PM — repeat cycle

4PM — repeat cycle

6PM — bottle, diaper, playtime for a full hour

7PM — bathtime, then upstairs for swaddle, bedtime bottle, and down to sleep

12AM — wake up for a bottle

4AM — wake up for a bottle

Dirty Delete would cluster her own feedings in the morning and at night. That schedule worked for us for WEEKS before she started shifting it around a little and staying up longer. But she was so reliable, I could really plan my day around her naps.

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@Monny:  I’m just curious if you swaddle or use white noise for naps/night time sleep? My Dirty Delete had trouble with naps when she was a newborn and I started the swaddle/white noise/swing combo. It put her right to sleep for a couple hours! Then I slowly stopped using the swing and moved her into her crib for naps, took away the swaddle at ~4 months and now she sleeps in a loose sleep sack still with white noise. She sleeps 11-12 hour stretches at night (no more night feedings) and take one 2 hour nap and one 3 hour nap a day. I swear the swaddle and white noise turned her into an awesome sleeper!

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@Daisyb:  I was all over the place at 3-4 weeks and wondered the same thing as you. 3 weeks is when I had an emotional crash and spent an entire day in tears sobbing. I was feeding in short bursts round the clock and was completely sleep deprived. I even fell down the stairs one day. (Not holding the baby thank god!)

I tried to start routines but they went out the window. I just followed the baby’s cues.

Things fell into place by 3 months (for me anyway)

If your baby is fed, warm, and sleeping (however long) you’re fine!

Congrats 🙂

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