(Closed) Newborns & Sleep – what's worked for you?

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I heard that sleep training isn’t reccommended before 6 months… but I’ll have to look around and see where that came from.  

Here is a useful chart on what is and is not “normal” regarding baby sleep:



She actually has some really great articles and posts on there as well, but I found that looking at what is and is not normal helped me in the beginning.

We are now in the throes of a sleep regression so I’m also posting to see if anyone else has any GENIUS ideas haha.

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Sorry, I can’t help, but I wish I had the answers! We are bed sharing because it’s the only way I can get her to sleep. She’s bf on demand, so we don’t have a schedule for her yet. She usually sleeps for about 2-2.5 hour stretches at night, although she slept for almost 5 the other night. She’s been VERY gassy lately, and it wakes her up in pain every time unfortunately. I notice that she seems to sleep better if she’s gotten a bath before bed, so I may start doing that nightly.

During the day, I try to get her to take naps in the swing, but if she wakes up on the way into the swing, I’m doomed.

Not going to lie, I’m exhausted! I really miss pre-baby sleep. I’d even take pregnancy sleep over new mom sleep lol.

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My daughter is almost 17 weeks old. We started a bedtime routine REALLY early. Like, at 1 week old. It started at 9:30, we’d do a bath, baby massage, dipe/onesie/swaddle, white noise on, bottle, then I’d hold/rock her to sleep in her glider. Bottle and rocking were in the dark. Sometimes she’d be asleep within minutes, others I would be holding her for an hour +. Once she was asleep, she went in her crib. For MOTN feeds, no lights were turned on, I’d do a diaper change (I don’t do this anymore unless it’s poopy), then bottle and holding/rocking to sleep in the glider. We ONLY do feedings in her room/glider at night to help differentiate when it’s bottle/sleep vs bottle/playtime. Now, her bedtime is between 7-7:30 everynight. If she stays up any later she gets so overtired and really fights sleep. She pretty much finishes her bottle and knows it bedtime, we can put her in her crib after her bottle and a few snuggles and she’ll usually fall asleep. I think the routine really helped with getting her here. Two nights ago she slept 7:30 – 6:15. It was glorious. Normally, though, she’ll get up once in that time span, eat for about 10 minutes, then is back to sleep.


She doesn’t nap well, though. So I’m no help there.


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@DaneLady:  I’m just waiting for a sleep regression. We’ve been so lucky. She has a few bad nights here and there, but mostly she’s a great nighttime sleeper. How old is your daughter? How long has the sleep regression lasted?

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@FloridaGatorBride:  She’s almost 9 months.  This one was a doozy (but we had an upper respiratory infection, then a tooth, then a tummy bug).  The 4 month one only lasted about a week or so for us.

I remember our biggest sleep disruptions were around the big growth spurts- 8 & 12 weeks, and again around 5ish months.  The later growth spurts are less severe because they are eating some table foods at that point.  It is literally one thing after another!

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@StaceyA:  My baby isn’t here yet but I read baby wise, secrets of the baby whisperer & happiest baby on the block to get ideas on this same topic =) So far Baby Wise has been my favorite read. One of the things I did take away from Happies Baby on the Block was to swaddle. They also have the 5’s to calming/soothing a baby, and maybe some of that in connection with what you are currently doing (the EASY method) will help you find a method that works for you & your baby. I also liked what was said about having a bedtime routine & doing the same thing every night before bed to help establish some good habits. Best of luck to you! 

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@FloridaGatorBride:  ditto on the nighttime routine being key.

Our baby gets bath-swaddle-bottle-bed every night, with white noise and total darkness for nighttime sleep. She has her bath, then I take her upstairs into the dark room and swaddle her up and give her a bottle with just a nightlight on. She always ALWAYS is ready to go to sleep by the time she finishes her bottle. I just rock with her on the glider for a bit until she’s really drowsy, and off to bed she goes.

I also loved Baby Wise, but the one thing I DIDN’T like was how they advise you to put your baby to bed at 9:30PM. This did not work out for us one bit! We put DD down to bed around 6:30 or 7PM and that as made all the difference!! She is now sleeping 6-7 hours at a stretch, which is great. Of course, that means she still wakes up for a bottle at 1 or 2 in the morning, but that’s just a 20-minute disruption — much better than listening to her fuss and cry all evening and then sleeping like crap most of the night. 

Also, our miracle cure has been bringing her into bed at those times when she just won’t settle. I always swore I would never do that, but sometimes, after she’s woken up crying for the 4th time in a row at 2AM and I have to work in the morning, I just bring her into bed and she settles down and falls asleep.

And finally — Gripe Water. DD gets gassy in the night (she is also a formula baby), so if she won’t stop fussing we always give her some. Even if the problem isn’t gas — she likes it and it has calmed her down numerous times. It’s all natural, like ginger ale for babies, so there’s no harm in giving it whenever she starts being a monster.

But if there’s anything on earth that I would recommend to someone having trouble with a baby who won’t sleep at night, it’s to try putting them to bed earlier. It was night and day difference when we stopped trying to keep her up so late like the book said!

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@StaceyA:  My baby has been sleeping 11 or 12 hours through the night since 8 weeks old. She sleeps 7/8pm through 7am every single night. Prior to that we were getting 6-8 hour stretches from her first night home to 8 weeks when we had our first glorious 12 hour night. She takes 3 naps a day an AM nap that is an hour, an afternoon nap that is 3 hours and a quick 30 minute cat nap in the evenings. She’s 8.5 months old. We’ve had no sleep regressions at all. She’s had growth spurts, a cold and gotten teeth but it has not affected her sleep. Maybe we’re just lucky but I’ll share with you what we’ve done. I read Baby Wise, The Happiest Baby on the Block and Secrets of the Baby Whisperer as well as Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (quite possibly my favorite.) We swaddled her from birth through 12 weeks we used swaddlemes and the miracle blanket, from 12 weeks to 18 weeks she was in the baby merlin magic sleep suit and since then she’s been in a loose sleep sack. From birth to 12 weeks she slept in the rock n play next to our bed. We moved her into her crib at 3 months. She sleeps with white noise (very important!!) and room darkening shades. I really think the swaddle helped foster good long sleep stretches and the white noise keeps her asleep. Good luck ladies! Sleep deprivation sucks!

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@FloridaGatorBride:  Not all babies have sleep regression!!

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2 months? 


At 2 months, your baby SHOULD probably wake up a few times a night–or at least it’s not unusual for that to be the case because of their caloric needs. Formula can be a blessing and a curse in the sense that while bfing moms never know how much the kid is eating, formula moms know EXACTLY how much–which feels very secure, but it also can mislead you into thinking that the baby only needs x ounces, no more, no less. At 2 months, your baby is also changing and growing so quickly that the body will change up its energy requirements all the time. Cluster feeding is an example of this, which is when the baby eats small amounts, but like, all. the. time. As in, every 15 minutes for 5 minutes…for 4 hours. It happens usually when they’re going through a growth spurt and it’s common when they are newborns (1-3 months, although it happens later on, just not as often). I breastfed, so I don’t know how cluster feeding plays out for a formula-fed baby, but I do know that if that’s what is natural for a baby to do, then rigorously scheduling out the eating patterns seems antithetical to that. I swear I’m not a hippie-granola-crunchy mom who is into natural cycadian rhythms and all; I just point this out because your expectations might not be high for a baby this age. 


Some babies do sleep through the night early, but in general, 3 months is more common to start seeing that. Ours started around 3.5/4, but it was because he got his first teeth at 3 months and it was a good couple weeks that he wouldn’t sleep through the night because of the pain! Otherwise, to me, waking every 3 hours sounds pretty typical for a baby that young. If it were happening when he was 4 or 5 months, I might worry about sleep training, but I think you might want to wait until he’s a few more weeks to do the scheduling. 


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my DD is 11wks, she has a routine.. Bath, lights go off, she gets nursed until she falls asleep (sometimes it takes 1+ hr), swaddled and laid in her crib with white noise playing. 

She usually falls asleep around 12am, then wakes up at 9am to eat and gets changed with the lights off and just white noise, and she’ll sleep til nooN or 2pm! I honestly think it’s part luck, part night time routine, and part threatening DH if he makes any noises I’ll strangle him! Hahahahahaha 

Also I’ve noticed that she eats a lot during the day and especially before bed… I think that’s part of why she’s able to sleep 9hrs

The key for us is relaxed, quiet, calmness around bed time. If DH and I talk she won’t sleep! Lol 

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@StaceyA:  The only thing I can suggest (which may have been mentioned, but I’m too lazy to read) is to make sure day time is bright and busy, while night time (whether the baby is awake or not) is dark and quiet. And maybe shorter naps in the day time (if you can keep him awake longer or wake him up sooner). But mostly you’ll be at the mercy of your baby cause you really can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do.

I am also wondering if you put him in the same place to nap as to sleep. Does he nap in his crib/basinette? Just wondering if maybe his problem is that he doesn’t like his crib/basinette. I’ve had two babies who HATED basinettes. I mean hated. Wouldn’t sleep in them, EVER. I had plenty of sleepless nights before I decided to get the crib out and boom, baby asleep. It was weird.

Also, maybe try changing the position of the crib/basinette in the room or try a co-sleeper basinette that fits right up to the edge of your bed. I had one baby who would not and I mean not ever sleep at night more than a foot away from me. He took plenty of day time naps, but refused to sleep at night without my hand on his tummy.

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@BothCoasts:  +1 My baby didn’t start sleeping long stretches until he was 3 months old. I think it’s normal for babies to wake often to eat, since their stomachs are so small. They can’t hold a lot of food and it digests quickly. My advice is to be patient with your baby. They know what they need, and they will grow out of the waking all night long stage sooner than you think. 

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My little muffin has been sleeping in 4-7 hour stretches since two weeks… She’s only 4 weeks now, and slept 7 consecutive hours last night. For her, her sleep depends on where she is sleeping. For the most part, she sleeps best in her swing or on my chest. I know co sleeping is frowned upon, but we need our sleep! 

We started using a swaddleme sleep sack, and she finally slept 7 hours last night in her bassinet. 

I feed on demand and make sure she’s got plenty to eat when she wakes up. She’s a big baby and gaining well, FYI. 

Fwiw, I read Baby Wise, too, but all of the instructors of the classes I took said not to follow it until 6 months. I guess our baby just likes sleep, though. 

Also, we found that when she sleeps matters, too. We keep her up between 10 and midnight, and she goes down between midnight and 1. It works well for us because she wakes up between 5 and 8 and always naps for 2 hours after breakfast. I guess I just support her body’s natural routine.

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@FloridaGatorBride:  Ha you’re lucky! my daughter is the same age (born sept.16), and we have a similar routine, but lately, she’s up every 2 hours at night. I’m so tired it’s not funny.

Before the past 2 weeks, she would wake up only twice per night, once only to go back to sleep by herself within a minute, and the second time was to feed.

OP, the key is to have a solid routine and to let your baby settle to sleep by herself. Here, during the day, we have a eat-play-topup-sleep routine. I then swaddle her in the same blanket all the time and sing a song before putting her down for her nap. She’s a champ for naps, I put her down before she’s asleep and she settles by herself. Sometimes she’ll cry a little bit, and if I see that she can’t calm down I’ll give her a paci and sshhh before I leave again.

For the night, we give her a bath at 6:30, then I feed her, burp, read a story and I swaddle her in her blanket while I sing her lullaby. She’s usually asleep by 7:15. She’ll sleep until about 1am, wake up and go back to sleep right away, wakes at 3am to feed, and then sleep until 6:30, when I feed her and put her back in bed until 7:30.

this is her usual routine but as I said, in the past days/weeks, she has been waking up every hour or two starting at midnight and I don’t know why. I’m going crazy here so I’ll keep reading this thread in case someone has suggestions!

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