(Closed) Newly engaged! Do you sleep/shower/do dishes with your ring on?

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mrslovebird12 :  I have a 14k white gold engagement ring with 2 carat center stone diamond and diamonds in the pave band = super delicate! I take mine off when I do dishes, cook, work out (I mainly indoor cycle), shower and when I do my make up in the morning. I sleep with it on sometimes but mainly take it off. Get a cute Kate Spade ring holder! It’s the perfect place and NEVER put it on a bathroom counter! 

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I take mine off for all of those things.. I especially take it when doing my hair because I dont want hairspray to get all over it. And I feel like it wouldn’t be safe to wear while working out

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My rings are all pretty easy wearing, but I have seen some pretty awful damage to rings (and even diamonds) worn when sleeping (i.e laying body weight on it, smacking it against a headboard, damage to prongs getting caught in sheets) and in chlorine (chlorine reacts with nickel and so on in certain alloys) and so on. Plus prongs, milgrain, and engravings can wear faster over time rubbing against sheets every night. Really bad if you have pave!

I also think it is really gross to never take your ring off (they need a good regular clean, diamonds get dirty, dead skin cells build up). 

Plus, uh, look up ring avulsion. There really are things you should not wear rings for, and not because you might lose or damage the ring!

My main rings have survived for 80-115 years before I got them, but I still them off for many things: working or cleaning with chemicals, showering, applying hand sanitizer/lotion/makeup, lifting weights, scuba diving (especially important to me with technical stuff as there is more equipment to bang against, get caught up on, seals to rip, etc), scrambling over rocks, repairing equipment. I also take them off to sleep except if I am at a hotel or someone else’s house. Depending on what I am doing, for some or these I might keep on a plain band (like I don’t worry about having on a plain band when sleeping or under my scuba gloves). If I am traveling, in pool, etc I have a couple alternative sets I can wear that don’t have nickel, or I am not sentimental about, etc. I still won’t wear those if there is risk of damage to my finger etc though!

I have lots of ring holders in house and one at my office. I also carry a ring box in my handbag to use if I need to remove it while away from home but if I know I am going to take it off I usually leave it at home. You can also get ring holder necklaces 🙂

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As a former jewelry professional I’d like to comment to all those ladies who have pave of any kind until it holds a .20 or bigger. Please do not sleep in your ring, ask any jeweler and they will tell you sheets are like sandpaper. Delicate pave rings of our time will not stand more than 5-10 years while sleeping, and depending how rough you are, less or more. A jeweler can easily tell what ring has been “slept” in under a loupe. The metal will be destroyed. If you don’t believe me, you can compare pave rings that haven’t been slept in. If the ring is a solitaire or rather simple or the prongs are larger, such as holding .20 (an arbitrary carat weight I pulled from knowing crown sizes) or larger. While sleeping won’t destroy rings with prongs of this size, you will have to re-tip them far more often. I once had a customer who didn’t believe that sleeping, showering, building a fence in her ring contributed to her pace falling out left and right. She was very unhappy that I suggested not sleeping in her ring. She came back the next week to apologize because she called ten Jewelers and they all said the same thing.


Take care of your ring Bees! It has to last a lifetime 

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I never take mine off. I just fear I would lose it that way. I may not take it on vacation next week, bc we will be in the ocean a lot, and I wouldn’t want to leave it in the room or lose it in the water. 

I’m gonna just wear a band, but I haven’t decided which one yet.

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Sometimes I sleep with mine on and then take it off for my morning shower. Sometimes I take it off before bed. It always goes back on after I’ve lotioned and I keep it on all day. Once in a while I take it off for messy cooking or activities however. I don’t lift weighs (currently) at the gym so it stays on while I do my cardio/running.

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Since we got engaged I have never taken my engagement ring off.

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I take off my e-ring and my grandmother’s band right before bed, but I leave my own wedding band on. It’s plain metal with milgrain edges, so no pave to worry about. And I got that band just so I’d only have to take it off to clean it or if I was doing something super messy, like spray painting something. I like always having my band on. The other two rings go back on in the morning after I’ve showered and gotten dressed. The only other time I take them off is when I’m working with power tools, paints, or for whatever reason am going to be working with my hands more roughly than normal and don’t want to risk a knock to the rings.

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I take mine off when my hand has to go into water of any kind and sometimes while cooking. I sleep with it on all the time. I have 10k white gold but i also wear a ring size adjuster because its loose right now. So the underside of the ring isnt in contact with my hand yet

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I wear mine for everything.

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I only take it off when I’m cleaning it or sometimes if I shower and put on tons of lotion.  But usually I just rinse it off afterwards. 🙂 Or handlling something really gross/dirty. I don’t think you need to take it off to shower or do dishes.

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mrslovebird12 :  I also have a 14ct white gold ring and wedding band. When I first got engaged, I kept it on for everything but showering, because I didn’t want it to get caught in my hair, or soap build up, or for lotion to get on it afterwards. 

I’ve since started taking it off when I wash dishes and use cleaning products (though I typically wear latex gloves anyways) and at bed time. I managed to scratch my thigh with my ring in the middle of the night, so now I take them off before bed and put them on with the rest of my jewelry when I get ready in the morning.

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I get mad anxiety if I don’t have it on. I had to send it to get some loose stones fixed and I had to go buy a fake one Bc its all I could think about! I only take mine off for showering, dishes and any cleaning that requires harsh chemicals (i.e. I keep it on for dusting and vacuuming and take it off when I deep clean the bathroom and kitchen) I sleep with it on and it doesn’t bother me! 

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I took it off to shower, wash my  hands, do dishes and sleep.  I had a ring holder – a box – since I had cats and it never went off my finger unless it went in the box.

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I always keep mine on. I wondered the same thing when I first got engaged and did a Google search and came across someone saying that most rings get lost when they’re taken off to wash hands/dishes etc so I always keep it on! It’s never harmed it it is still super sparkly 2 years on of constant wear!

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