Newly engaged, planning during COVID?

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Congrats on the engagement! so exciting!

We got engaged beginning of Feb and were planning on the wedding for September of this year since we didn’t want a long engagement and had big financial plans for next year. I live in NYC and the situation here is pretty grim so we ended up postponing to next summer. 

All of Feb and some of march, we looked at almost 30 venues and narrowed it down to a couple. Now im just clipping images into my gallery and pinteresting. Its an Indian wedding so its about 5-6 days long so there’s a lot of outfits and caterers and venues involved. He’s mentioned eloping but ultimately we both want all of our friends and family to be there to just celebrate together. Plus he wants to ride in on a horse….. our weddings are too dramatic undecided

Dont be discouraged. Health is the most important factor right now. It’ll all work out. Give yourself a break to not look at anything wedding related for a little bit and then go back in. Think of how beautiful you would look and how handsome your groom would be. It’ll be an amazing day and you have plenty of time to research and it perfect. 

Congrats again!!

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We got engaged on March 4th and also went looking for venues, as we too wanted January 2021! Thankfully we didn’t book anything because there are no refunds if a vendor goes bankrupt. 

We decided that if by July 1st we’re in the same place we’re right now in terms of the COVID, we’ll have it on January 2022. After all, it’s only 1 day in your entire life and I want it to be absolutely perfect, not worry about possibly postponing, reducing the number of guests, losing money, being able to have our dream honeymoon right after, and not being able to have my family there (they live in another country). So for now, I’m polishing the guest list, perfecting all my Pinterest wedding boards, setting a specific budget for everything, making lists of potential vendors for each category, …

I would recommend to also put your plans on hold until everything is sorted out. Best of luck x

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Congrats on your engagement! My fiance and I have been engaged for about a week now! We’ve decided on a very intimate family only (plus each of our best friends) ceremony and reception – then we will have a party to celebrate with everyone at a later date. We’ve just been reaching out to potential venues to get a rough idea of pricing. We have a few virtual appointments and are going to drive by some venues to check them out and narrow them down. We’re not comitting to anything until we know more and everything has started to calm down. 

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I got engaged a little over a month ago, and there was already social distancing in place. Fiance and I are actually having two weddings: a legal ceremony & reception in Australia where he’s from and a Catholic blessing ceremony & reception in Pennsylvania where I’m from. At least that’s the plan atm. We were actually able to find venues because the one for the US wedding is owned by my mom’s friend. It’s a barn and she opened it up and turned the lights on for us as a favor so we could visit while keeping distance. She did ask for a deposit but she is a family friend so if things go south we’ll be able to move it back or cancel and she’ll refund it. It’s booked for May 29th next year so I don’t really forsee an issue with a 80-90 person wedding by then.

The Australian wedding is the tricky part because of possible lingering travel restrictions. We are planning that for March 6th next year, but we’re having it at his uncle’s country house we can easily move it if it isn’t possible to travel by then. We’ll call that closer to the date, and the backup plan is to get legally married in the US on May 29th and have just a reception in Australia whenever it’s possible to do so. I feel good about these plans so far. Other things will obviously have to wait until things open up. Gotta keep on keepin on. We don’t wanna wait forever since we’d like to start a family not long after the wedding and it’s a happy thing to focus on.

Edit: also, as a sidenote it may be slightly risky to delay booking venues for too long. There are countless 2020 brides rescheduling for next year, plus us newly engaged bees planning for 2021. It’s certainly going to be a busy year for weddings! The woman who owns the barn venue we booked mentioned to my mom she’s been flooded with calls in the last couple weeks for 2021 bookings like nothing she’s ever seen.

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