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I am 30, FH is almost 30, we have been married 6 months.  We live in Ohio.  FH and I are both physicians, he is a resident and trying to get a spot for the rest of his training (stressful!).  I bought a house and he proposed 4 days before I was set to close on it.  We are slowly getting it together.  No kids anytime soon- not ready and no time.  Maybe a dog soon?

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Great thread MRS. Asb (wink)

My real name is Lori, I’ll be 39 in a few weeks and after 10 years of dating, my husband and I finally got married on Halloween of 2009 (and that date definately was by choice, hee hee).  We lived seperately all that time including the last six months (long story but it’s job related), however as of this week we are finally FINALLY closing ecrow on a house here in the L.A. area.  I thought planning a wedding was crazy, that’s nothing compared to trying to buy a house when 20 other people want the same one.  So I’m hoping that real soon I’ll finally (there’s that word again) be able to live with my husband. LOL!!! We have no kids and realize time is running out soon (for me at least).  We’re animal people. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, I love Wedding Bee.  Unfortunately, I discovered it only two months prior to my own wedding and I think I missed out on a lot of fun pre-planning conversations but the questions I did have got answered and I really appreciate all of those that helped me out.  Also, I had NO idea that colored shoes were all the rage! Embarassed

I actually found myself enjoying this site way after my own wedding was over and have just begun to wean myself away from it, however I do like to come in to see newlywed pictures.  So fun!!!

Side note:  Just this weekend we went back to the Italian restaurant where we had our reception and the owners were reminiscing about our reception and told us how much they enjoyed it.  It’s so fun to hear other people talk about how fun your wedding was months later.  And this was the staff!!!


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I am studentbride… no longer a student bride, just a student wife ๐Ÿ˜€

We got married in December of 09 and we are currently planning our 2nd honeymoon since our all inclusive resort honeymoon was just under average. I am a full time student, a part time bank teller, and a mommy to 3 puppies!!! I <3 weddingbee but this semester in school has been b-u-s-y so i have only had time for facebook LOL

Anyways… Hey Miss ASB-congrats on becoming a hostess, i havent been on here in awhile. cool!

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I’m Rebecca. I’m 22 and my husband is 26. We’ve been married just about eight months now. We had a pretty short courtship and engagement (started officially dating October 19, 2008, though we’d known each other several years and had been heading in that direction for several months — engaged March 7, 2009 — married August 22, 2009) but as others have said, when you know you know :-).

I grew up in Michigan, got married in Toledo, OH, (where I met my husband), and then moved to Kansas City, MO about a month ago. So lots of transitions. We’re just renting right now and actually share a house with another couple (kind of fun, actually, though it’s a little bit of an adjustment after having our own place; more of an adjustment than moving in with my husband after we got married). But someday….someday….we’ll have our own house, preferably a big one so we can fit lots of people, with a garden :-).

I work at a before and after school program in the city, teaching preschoolers (craaaazy some days) and my husband works for a tree nursery based in Home Depot. But those are just our jobs. Our passion is building community and restoring families and in general loving people.

I also like photography and want to save up for a nice camera. But I think I may get a sewing machine first (I’ve discovered a recent fascination with people who can sew/alter their own clothes and would like to try it). I’m a gardner at heart and am hoping that this year to finally have the opportunity to plant a garden (moving from rental property to rental property in the past makes gardening difficult).

We don’t have kids yet (our plan is to wait a year to adjust to being married and then see where we’re at after that), but definitely plan to have kids eventually (I think I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was….3 years old? Haha). We’ve also talked about fostering and adopting as well, because our heart is really for kids in general.

We also have no pets (though the couple we live with has a beagle — very cute, even though I’m not really a dog person). I want a cat but have to convince my husband that he likes cats first (hasn’t happened yet :-P…)



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Hi there!  I’m Dragonsus and my husband and I got married December 19th, 2009 in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We then ran away to the carribean for a week before heading home to Lexington KY, where the hubs is a CPA and I’m working on my Doctorate in Voice (1 year to go!). 

We dated through college, did the long distance thing and finally move in together permanently when I started my Doctoral studies.  I’m a neurotic, cleaning-averse, take it all on opera singer who knits and reads in her spare time and my husband is a neat freak, one-thing-at-a-time,  self proclaimed Dork and CPA who likes to paint miniature warriors in his spare time.  I can’t stand his paint, he can’t stand my yarn, but we manage to make it work, mostly by having separate spaces for our hobbies. 

We just got our first furbaby and boy are we proud parents!! Her name is Eva and in about two weeks she has totally wrapped herself around our hearts and us around her little paws (well, not so little, she is a Corgi after all!).

So that’s me and my little fam – so great to hear more about all the bees!



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Howdy. Great thread!!! I’m Professor and have been married for just one week now. We got married north of Boston because I grew up in southern New Husband. We live in the NYC-area now, though and met at work. As you might have guessed, I’m a professor… of political science. I teach law-related subjects like Constitutional Law; Civil Rights and Liberties; and Gender & Law. I don’t actually love my job, though, and am considering a switch to library science. I’m 35 and can’t believe I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

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Hey Professor,

I’m a Librarian, actually a librarian in a law firm. Legal Librarianship could be a good fit for you. I was an undergrad Poli-Sci major.  Although, I figured out that I wanted to do something different while still an undergrad so I went straight to an MLS grad program.

One problem though is a lot of library positions have been cut in the last few years. My firm cut many librarians and we are an AmLaw 100 firm. We did just hire a Librarian in NYC to replace a departed Librarian so there is some hiring going on.



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Hi im 24 yrs of age and the husband is 26, we have been married for a little over a year now (we were married at our local city hall). We are currently in the works of getting our marriage “convalidated” by the Catholic Church and we are fulfilling all of the requirements to be able to do that *hopefully* June 4 of 2011 along with a small but with lots of people back yard bbq.

We live in San Diego .. the city of Chula Vista to be exact & I was born and raised here as well as the husband however he did get to live in South Carolina for part of his Elementary years. We currently live in a small apartment and probably will not be able to buy a home within the next 2 to 3 years (times are tough for us!). I am a Paralegal working at a criminal defense law firm and he works for a prison/the state of California and has been hit with major paycuts =[.


We have a small dog we adore and although I can not wait to have kids.. he can and we have decided to start trying after our Church wedding ceremony.

We are both HUGE fans of DEPECHE MODE and pretty much any other bands that are similar to them.

We enjoy trying new micro brew beers!

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@kayakgirl: Thanks. I’m considering both law librarianship and college/university reference. I’ve actually been admitted to a MLIS program near me, but have to figure out how to pay for it, etc.

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I’m 39,  hubby is 29. I used to be a Neurologist living in NYC now moved to England to be with my British husband. We met in Times Square 3 years ago, in fact, on our 3rd year anniversary of meeting few days a go he surprised me with a surprise trip to Bath, Wiltshire(Stonehenge) and Stratford on Avon (Shakespeare country), England, he’s such a romantic surprising me with trips. That’s his thing since he’s a traveller and how we met.

The best thing I love about being married is I don’t feel alone when I do things anymore, I have someone who’s got my back all the time.  Currently not working, because I can’t get credentialled in Europe unless I do more exams and training,  now I’m a housewife. Learned to cook chicken stuffed in chesse wrapped in ham, seafood delight, chicken in white sauce, stuffed mushroom, make trifle, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, lemon sponge cake. Kind of nice just spoiling my husband and cooking and not rushing off to the rat race. Now, I’m a regular Martha Stewart, I should find a  job but I’m not in a hurry since I’ve worked so hard all my life. Just going to take some time off, concentrate on newlywedlife especially since we were long distance for so long and enjoy travelling around Europe for a bit.

I recognize a lot of names here who were also planning their weddings like I was; it’s such a positive website, because it has happy news and there’s so much creativity; I’m so glad there’s life after weddings on this website:) And so the next chapter begins……

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HI! I’m go4me77 AKA Ari! (Air-ree) (22) to pronouce. I JUST got married a week ago! I’ve been living in VA with my husband for 8 months now. I moved out of my parents home in Aug of last year.

I met my now husband Jeff (45) online. I’d had a rough experience with this, but finally found someone good! He works about 45 minutes away from our home as a Machinist for the local mines making hydrlic cyclinders. I commend him for what he does! It’s hard labor.

I LOVE married life! Not much has changed. I still stay at home and do housework while Jeff my husband, works. I had 2 jobs that I left behind to move in with Jeff before we got married. We have a cat, a dog and 4 horses that we feed. Jeff only owns one horse of his own but his cousin has 2 that have always been together. We just got a new addition Petty. He’s another family members.

We had a small church wedding with about 40 people. It was a very nice day for all involoved. I have to thank my mom for all of her hard work on putting it together on such short notice (2 months in advance I told her) Pro pictures will be here in about 2 weeks! I’ll be sure to post a few for you “bees”

I moved into a single wide trailer and we are bursting at the seams..lol. Our plan is to find a peice of property that we can buy (currently we rent the land) and move a double wide onto it or just buy a house! We don’t plan on having kids. If it happens it happens. We are both satisfied without them.

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I don’t know how I missed this thread a month ago. I’m not exactly a newlywed anymore (been married since Dec. 08) but I just can’t seem to let the ‘Bee go. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and are both 26. 

We live in Central Florida, and both work for his family’s construction company. It is pretty large, about 60 years old, and he will eventually be a third generation owner. I used to be a project coordinator, but with the recent economy dump, I’ve taken on about 4 other people’s jobs, like Accounts Payable. I currently dislike my job very much, but know how much this company means to my husband, so will do anything to help out. 

He is the Vice President and basically is in charge of everyone in the field. 

I have a BA in Business. I have thought about going back to school, but have yet to figure out what I really want to do, so I don’t want to spend the time or money on something I end up hating. 

We have 2 dogs, an english setter and a lab, and I moved into his house when we married. I still own my old house with my sister, and we are currently trying to sell our lake front property to purchase land in an airstrip community. My husband has his private pilot’s license and we can’t wait to make aviation a huge part of our lives. 

I like cooking, crafting, reading, gardening and just being outside in general. I really want to learn to keep bees. Weird, I know. We spend much of our free time at the lake or beach, and love being on the water. We go boating often. My husband likes flying, of course, but he is also a big hunter and fisherman. 


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Hi fellow newlyweds!  I’m AnamCara and I just got married twice!!!  Well, kinda.  We got married on April 10th in Connecticut where I’m from and just had a Blessing (a full Catholic Mass) followed by a full reception this past Saturday April 24th here in Ireland where my husband is from and where we live.  I work in study abroad with American college students in Ireland.  We just booked our honeymoon yesterday and we’re off to Barbados and the Grenadines in two days for two weeks – we can’t wait!

My husband and I met in September 2006 and we’ve been together since then.  We’ve been engaged since May 2009.  We loved our wedding and our wedding part II but we’re both so happy it’s over – we’re loving married life and we’re getting used to referring to each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ – I prefer it WAY more than ‘fiance’!

I’ve been on WeddingBee since before we got engaged and I have learned so much from the other bees…so nice to ‘meet’ the other newlyweds :o)

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Hi Everyone, I’m Jenn. Just made it through two weddings in five months! WooHoo! What a ride….we got married in India in Nov ’09, then two weeks ago here outside Philly where we live. It was the most stressful five months of my life, but so awesome! I’m glad it’s over though…now we can relax a bit and enjoy life!!!

We met almost three years ago. He bought the townhouse right next door. We hit it off, became friends for a few weeks-then he asked me out on a date. The rest is history!

Although we grew up in totally different cultures, countries, etc. we are so much alike. We both love the Phillies and Eagles (both of us are sports nuts!), going to the beach every summer multiple times, same tv/movies…for being so different (race, culture, religion) we were MADE for each other! We have fun ALL the time! ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s an environmental engineer for a local enviormental firm and I work in marketing for a music company.

We are anxious to have a baby in the next year or two. I’m almost 33 and he’s almost 31.

Guess that’s it! Thanks for starting this thread-neat to read all the stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m LatteLove and I got married last June 19th.  I can’t believe I’m already coming up on a year of marriage!  I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

We met in college and then spent a year apart, mostly during our engagement while he started school and I moved home to save up money and work.

It’s been a fun transition from all things wedding to nesting life–cooking, gardening, deocrating. We’re young, and broke newlyweds–I’m working while Mr. LL is in school full time (for the next two years!) but we’re having a lot of fun!

I’m happy to still be a part of this community!


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