(Closed) Newlyweds: wedding highs and lows?

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: July 2009

My worst moment was very very bad… not sure if I should even share it πŸ™  It involved a horrible conflict moment with my father that left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

But just moments after that, I got to marry the love of my life, and forgot all about the bad moment for a while during our ceremony (best moment of the day!)

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  • Wedding: September 2009 - The Marvimon House

very best:  the entire ceremony!  i know that sounds a little cheesy but seriously, the 20 minute ceremony was perfect.


very worst: bouquet toss.  i didn’t want to do this, it wasn’t in any of my plans, and all the sudden someone is thrusting a bunch of flowers in my hands, the dj puts on ‘single ladies,’ and all these girls run out.. it was totally weird and kinda killed the dance party that was going on..

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  • Wedding: May 2010

best, the entire day! it was filled with alot of laughter and good feelings – even the old guy with no teeth playing a wine bottle with spoon in the band helped make the day great!

worst… ummmm only neg thing about our wedding was we chose 1pm to get married – hottest part of the sunny day so when the official said to the band “lets play another one” and it was the third song and we were standing on the beach, i was standing there thinking the white people are dying here πŸ™‚



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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2009

Worst: The night before a sudden rain storm blew up and the people who had the venue the night before left it trashed, which meant photos were running behind schedule and were not fun AT ALL.  People kept stressing about getting things perfect, rather than getting the pictures and moving on because I never wanted to do formal photos for hours in advance.


Best: Right after the ceremony in Jewish weddings, the bride and groom go away for 15 minutes alone.  It’s called yichud, and it was perfect.  It was just us and it was so low key.  Also nice: sitting and eating dinner, surrounded by craziness and just having a chance to sit with my husband and take it all in.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2008

Worst:  My uncle dredged up an old family grudge with my aunt and turned my wedding weekend (it was kind of a destination wedding) into an uncomfortable feud between several of my aunts- complete with a crying/yelling scene in the parking lot while guests were making their way to the dining room for the morning after brunch.  It’s been really hard not to be mad at all of them for using my wedding for their nastiness.

Best: Despite the garbage mentioned above- it was awesome having almost all of our closest family and friends together in one place for a whole weekend.  There was lots of time to visit and have fun.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Best: After the ceremony/luncheon we headed home to relax for a few hours before the afterparty. It was great for us to to have some alone time together… all the stress just melted away and this huge weight was lifted off of us. We had a good twister session as well πŸ™‚

Worst: My sister calling twenty minutes before the ceremony to tell me she “felt crappy” and wasn’t coming. That caused a major meltdown and I’m still incredibly pissed about it. She put a serious damper on my wedding day, but… oh well.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2009

Best:  The entire day…seriously.  I’m not sure how it happened but I woke up happy and calm, and it lastest all day!  If I had to pick a single moment it was the moment when I stood holding hands with both my father and my soon to be husband as my dad “presented me’. I love both of “my men” more than I can ever express and I loved being right there between them for that moment!

Worst:  The morning after when I found out my 93 year old grandmother who hadn’t been able to make it to the wedding had suffered a stroke sometime during the night.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Best: It is sooo hard to pick! I can’t decide between 3 moments… 1) taking DEEP, DEEP breaths when I started to say my vows as I couldn’t fight back the emotion any longer – I was SOO happy! 2) Walking into our reception venue with everyone yelling, cheering, whistling, clapping and standing with beaming smiles on their faces while we zig-zagged our way to our head table. It was the most overwhelming feeling in the world and I have never felt so much love from so many people all at once, it was soo soo incredible. Our reception was a 2 story ballroom so the acoustics from the noise made it all the better. 3) Our last dance was “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, I didn’t even know it was the last song until my Darling Husband and I were swaying with each other and everyone that was left at the end of the night crowded around us, formed a circle, put their arms around the people next to them, swayed, and belted out every word to the whole, entire song. We tried to join them in the circle but they said “this is about you.” What made it so special was people who have been very close friends of mine all the way back to high school- who I had not seen all night long as they aren’t dancers, came out and joined, too. The commrodity between everyone was so special. I will never hear that song and not remember that moment.

Worst: Our bouquets were COMPLETELY wrong. The moment our ceremony coordinator walked into our room to deliver them and yelled “special delivery! beautiful flowers” I turned my head with so much anticipation and excitement only to see the end result. Tears welled up in my eyes immediately. I tried letting it go, but ended up crying. Not only was mine wrong, but they all were. I strictly said I wanted ONLY pink, various shades, of garden roses and I had ONE pink flower in my whole bouquet. I also hate normal roses and specified they were only to be garden roses… there were only 3 garden roses and the oher 15 were normal roses. I PAID $4.25 each for the garden roses… so where did they go?! I never saw them. The rest of the colors were orange, YELLOW, purple and white… with 1 pink. FUMING!

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  • Wedding: May 2009

Best:  On the way to the reception, my husband handed me a letter he had written for our wedding day.  I cried way more while reading his letter than I did during the actual ceremony.  πŸ™‚   It was beautiful.

Worst:  Maybe when I went to introduce my little sister during our toasts and my mom announced to the entire reception that she had gone to eat at McDonald’s because she didn’t like our meal choices.  Or when my Father-In-Law started yelling/cursing at the caterer in front of everybody because one of my husband’s friends received a plate of pheasant with the gizzard bag still in it.  Sigh.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2009

great thread!

the best: reciting our vows through tears! (but entering the reception hall to cheers, clapping and whistles came 2nd!)

the worst: not being able to greet all the people that came to our wedding, and ‘losing’ my husband during the reception.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

the very best: meeting him for our first look on the dock.  Once I knew he was there, all my stress completely fell away.  He had his back to me and when he turned and smiled the biggest smile, it literally made everything worth it.

The worst: I didn’t really have a worst.  Maybe my worst was having to deal with my wedding coordinator’s daughter there.  So unprofessional.  Other than that – everything was perfect.

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  • Wedding: May 2018

best moment: I guess there were 2. First, when I started walking down the aisle with my Father and saw him at the end. Second, when we entered the reception hall (after photos for cocktail hour–before our official entrance) everyone started cheering! It was awesome! πŸ™‚ Overall though, the whole day was amazing.

worst: not having my husband’s grandfather at the wedding–he wasn’t able to come due to health reasons. We made sure to send him photos & call him the next day though.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

The best: The short but sweet ceremony. It was perfectly us and my SIL who performed the ceremony did a fabulous job.

Worst: I don’t really have one. Things weren’t perfect: Mother-In-Law and her sister were stressing out. Photographer got lost and was a little late. The in-laws and best man were a little late for pictures. The flower girls did not get naps (but ended up behaving so well!) There was miscommunication about ceremony and reception decorations.

But none of that mattered. We were both calm, relaxed, and very happy all day long!

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  • Wedding: December 2008

Worst: getting chewed out by my mom because the salon where the bridal party and I got our hair and makeup done thought we needed to be at the venue an hour later than we actually needed to be there, so us ladies arrived at the venue an hour late and our photogs had to just chill around at the venue. She made me cry on my wedding day! I was not happy about that. That and not having the right pens for my guests to sign our guest book cards. Oh, and another one that I just thought of…no one dancing during the reception except for my flower girls and the wedding party. Seriously…no dancing…talk about a boring reception! I was a tad upset and felt like I had failed at planning a fun wedding.

Best: Seeing the huge smile on my hubby’s face when we were announced as husband and wife, and just plain getting married! It was fabulous!

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