(Closed) Newlyweds…what were the splurges/details your loved and regretted?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2011


Our programs – We had a girl on Etsy design them for us.  She digitally drew our faces along with the faces of everyone in our wedding party.  It was awesome and definitely the most talked about detail. 

Globe lights!  Yes, they were pricey, but everyone said our cocktail area with the lights strung fromt he paito to the trees looked like it was straight out of a wedding magazine.  Score!  They were beeeeautiful, and every time I see a photo with them in it, I’m so glad I went for it.  Plus, there were easy to resell.

My Dress – I felt gorgeous.  Nuff said.

Our five single tier cakes – My MIL’s friend made them for roughly cost.  They were yummy, adorable, and CHEAP!  🙂 

All the DIY elements – personalized cake toppers, burlap bunting, barnwood signs, moss-frame lanterns.  All the DIY made our wedding super personal, and so many people commented on all the cuteness.

Wedding Planner for the Day of the Wedding – I was finally able to let go and be a bride.  Priceless.

Quilt “Guest book” – My friend took charge of this and had our guests sign quilt squares.  I can’t wait to see the completed quilt. 

Cookie cakes and Milk Shots from my Groomie’s table:  It made him happy and therefore made me happy!


The super expensive alterations for my dress:  Right at the ribcage my dress ended up being a little tight and it gave me over the dress fat roll if I didn’t stand just right.  Sucky considering it didn’t do that BEFORE the alterations.

Table linens:  I’m really just still bitter about how much they cost, but I don’t really know a great alternative. 

Venue:  It was gorgeous, but I think we could have had a beautiful wedding somewhere else that wouldn’t have taken 1/4 of our budget and would have included something besides the actual place. 

Leaving in our own car:  We should have splurged on a limo to avoid the trashed “decorated” car from some of our loving guests.  (Think whip cream, chocolate syrup, etc. ALL over.  I even have chocolate stains on my dress as a result.  Thanks, friends.)

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

I’d love to hear more!

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: February 2012

Splurges that were worth it:

My dress/bridal outfit. It’s funny because my dress was one of the least important things to me while planning. It was more than I wanted to spend but I looked and felt amazing and guests are still talking about how awesome I looked. 😉

Photography. SO worth it. I made so many things for my wedding and it was important to me that all the details and the precious memories of the day were recorded. My photographers did an amazing job!

The band. They were AWESOME. I thought they would just play music during dinner, but they did all kind of fun activities too, like having guests play the spoons, teaching us a silly dance and playing the musical saw! They really make the night extra awesome.


Money not so well spent:

The Guitarist. I really wanted to have live music during our ceremony, and he did a really amazing job… but tbh I hardly noticed it. I probably could have just had recorded tracks during our ceremony and been just as happy.

Our DJ. He showed up late and the equipment we specifically asked him to bring (2 microphones and a CD player) either kept messing up or were broken completely. It was the only thing that went wrong on our wedding day. I wish I had just brought my own microphones and did an iPod reception. 



I had a lot of little details at my wedding and some were probably not very memorable or noticable (like our “For Happy Tears” tissue boxes, our ribbon wands or our cake topper), but I don’t regret them because I made them myself and they hardly cost anything.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: December 2011

Splurges that were worth it: 

-Dress – out of budget but not so far that it made that much of a difference!

-Videographer – it was expensive considering we didn’t think we wanted one in the first place, but I am so glad I have the video now!

-Invites – I practically live on Minted.com and I am so glad I got the ones I wanted!

Splurges I am glad I skipped:

-Extra crab cake station and dessert bar

-Fancy favors – just did a candy bar that came with our venue!

-Glad I returned the badgely mischka shoes I ordered!

Not worth it:

-It doesn’t really have a “cost” associated, but agreeing to having a million stupid dances that ate up the fun dancing time at the wedding. (i.e. bridesmaids/groomsmen dance – it was awkward!)

-Flowers – wish I’d done fakes or gone with another vendor. My florist totally screwed up my order and handling that two hours before the ceremony really sucked!


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  • Wedding: March 2012

Great thread! I was married only earlier this month, so it’s very fresh in my mind – let’s see:

Worth it:

My day of coordinator – I didn’t think I needed one initially, but in the end, she ended up being an absolute life saver. I am absolutely convinced I wouldn’t have enjoyed my wedding without her. When she showed up, I literally handed her a box with the place setting cards, favors, etc., and she just did her thing (and that was the least of her duties). 100% worth it!

Photographer – our pictures are ethereal and out of this world. She was pricy, but worth every cent.

Photobooth! We had a few kids at our wedding, and initially I thought this would be something they would enjoy, but our adult guests ended up taking over 1,000 photos in them (we only had 110 guests). To say it was a hit is an understatement (it also doubled as our guest book and we were able to look at all the fun photos the night of the wedding when we were snuggled in bed, which was awesome).

Uplighting – This was something my husband and I debated for a very long time. I wanted them and he thought they were a complete waste of money. After seeing the venue and especially the photos, I think it wouldn’t have looked half as good without them.

Top shelf open bar – no brainer. Our guests are drinkers and a lot of them flew in from across the country, so we wanted to make sure they had a great time with great drinks. Very worth it for us.


Favors! They were awesome, but a lot of work and I don’t think our guests would have noticed if they were not there.

Upgrading the champagne – I don’t know if anyone drank it during the toast, and it was very expensive!!! Could’ve done without it.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: December 2011

Slurges/details that were worth it:

Expensive flowers for my bouquet/centerpieces.

My 2 tier cake for a very intimate wedding (we didn’t need that much cake, but I wanted it to look like a “wedding” cake, not a birthday cake).

Pro mani/pedis- I thought about doing it myself but it was nice to not have to.

2 nights at the resort we were married at. It was very expensive, but priceless having the extra night before alone with my mother.

(As you can see I didn’t have many splurges. Most people wouldn’t even consider anything I listed above to be a splurge…)

Splurges/details that didn’t matter as much as I thought:

Our wedding was very small & we had our “reception” dinner at the same resort we were married at. The food was wonderful, but I regret not doing doing it a nearby restaurant with a rentable banquet room, as there were plenty nice ones around & I could have saved a ton of money. Oh well… guess I’m just lazy because everything came in a package deal so all I really had to do was pick between choices of everything…. cake, flowers, ceremony/reception spot, etc….). It also came with a ‘day-of coordinator’, who couldn’t have given a shit less about me the actual day of, nor did she pretend to in our prior consultations. BUT I was so in love with the venue I tried not to care, plus it was the only place on the island I was dead set on that accomodated a smaller wedding. All in all, I definitely regret our dinner at the venue- the price we paid could have gone to much better things.

Also, if you shop on etsy, BE CAREFUL. I wore barefoot sandals for our beach ceremony, but purchased wedding flip flops to wear at all other times. I found some on etsy with flower embellishments that I really liked…. turns out I paid $30 for a $1 pair of Old Navy flip flops with about $2 worth of craft store flowers I could have made myself… plus shipping!


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

Worth the price: 

The venue and food. They gave us the lowest per-person price that they offer, and there was still a ridiculously large amount of food. At cocktail hour, there were servers with appetizers everywhere I turned. At dinner, the buffet had so many options that I’m not even sure the guests were aware of them all.  

Our favors. We had cookies made by a bakery (ran out of time to bake them myself) and ordered custom M&Ms with our names, wedding date, and photo on them. We spent hours bagging them up and tying/curling ribbons on them, but they looked great, and we got so many compliments.

Not worth the price:

Our guest book, custom-ordered from Etsy. It was beautiful, and I was so excited about it, but it barely got used and now sits in a box in a closet. I would much rather have had an object (photo frame, etc.) that everyone could sign and we could display somewhere. If I could have one do-over of wedding planning, that would be it.

Glad we didn’t splurge on:

Fancy transportation for ourselves or the bridal party. We arrived at the venue before the guests and left after them — in our own/our families’ cars. No one saw us, so there was no need to spend money on fancy vehicles.

Professional photo albums. I got all of the images on CD and made our parents’ albums on MyPublisher. I used every upgrade option they offer (thicker paper, lay-flat pages, high-gloss printing). Each one still cost less than $100, and they are beautiful. 

Flowers. Ours were done by a family friend at a significant discount, and they were perfect. But I got sick of holding my bouquet after a while, and it only appeared in about half of our posed shots. Because of the relatively low cost, I didn’t feel as if I wasted it.

Cake. We skipped cake entirely (but had other dessert options), and no one missed it.

Shoes. I searched high and low for the perfect shoes, but in the end I bought a mediocre pair on Amazon for $40. I took them off immediately after the ceremony and wore flip-flops and sneakers the rest of the night.

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