(Closed) Newylyweds: anything surprising or unexpecting about your wedding?

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  • Wedding: July 2009

Good surprise – everyone dancing, even my grandmothers who I suspect may not have even danced at ther own weddings

Father-In-Law singing White Wedding by Billy Idol during the dance

Bad surprise – finding out the day after the wedding that there had been a “tip jar” on the bar, that was filled with cash at the end of the night. We paid for an open bar so that our guests wouldn’t have to pay for anything, and I was really angry about this. I wish I had gone to get a drink at some point so that I would have seen it and stopped it.

Neither good or bad surprise – two wedding crashers who came in to dance for a bit and then left. 

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  • Wedding: October 2009

Bad Surprise: My husbands parents wanted to leave the wedding early & after being “guilted” by my husband to stay, they went into a room and watched baseball, while everyone else was outside dancing…

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  • Wedding: October 2009


I had the same thing happen with a tip jar when I paid for open bar with gratutiuty included. Ack.


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  • Wedding: November 1999

Let’s see.  My Mother-In-Law was complaining about my uncle because he apparently couldn’t speak english really well and that we could have gotten someone who could speak better english.  (He came up during the ceremony and wanted to thank everyone (in english) and then he wanted to thank the non-english people in another language. It was short… like 5 min.

That was the big issue.

One of my bm complained that I was asking to much of her because I asked my BMs to fold programs, assemble placecards, assemble some decorations and a few other things.

My family thought my Mother-In-Law was very arrogant.  Some thought she was racist against us.  And some of my BMs told me that Mother-In-Law was rude to them.

Still annoyed that 2 of my Bridesmaid or Best Man dropped out two days before the wedding.  One was sick and the other was in an accident.  Both reasonable reasons to not come to my wedding but both of them told me in a text.  Really?  Couldn’t they have picked up the phone to tell me something this important.

Any way, that was the bad.

As for the good.

A bunch of people told me that it was one of the best weddings they went to and that it was a great time.

(one last bad)  Mother-In-Law and his family expected our wedding to be not as elegant as it was.  At the end, they were very happy at how well it turned out.  (WTF?)

People loved my diy centerpieces.  People loved my dress and told me I looked stunning. People loved my cake and it was really good.

DH took medication to calm him down before the ceremony because he was nervous.  That interacted with the 5 drinks he had, so half way through our reception, it looked like he was drunk and he definitely acted drunk.

Oh, I was on time to the church. Big relief. Church and reception looked great. 

I had a bit of a snapfu (sp?) a week before the wedding with my diy bm bouquets but i went to an alternative flower and it came out great!

I had a great time at my wedding. It was lots of fun!

All and all…. I thought my wedding was great.  All of the hard work paid off.  What I didn’t want to hear about was all the stuff after the wedding happened. 

Still need to tell myself that I did a great job planning my wedding.  People thought I spent 25K when I only spent 15K.  Yay! Just gotta keep thinking of the postive and some how erase the bad.


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  • Wedding: October 2009

Bad surprises:

  • The plane of the friend who was doing our wedding video had “mechanical difficulties,” and she didn’t arrive until sometime after 3:00 AM.  As a result, we ended up with her dog as well as ours in our bed the night before, which was a touch crowded.
  • The hair and make-up person was a half hour late due to bad traffic, which caused the ceremony to start a half hour late.
  • We had carefully arranged to have a digital voice recorder for the front, and another one for each person who was giving a reading or a blessing. Since a friend was making a video of the ceremony, we figured this would make sure that all the sound got picked up. Unfortunately, all the DVRs got left on a chair and forgotten, never even being turned on.
  • We misplaced the special archival pen we had planned to use for signing the ketubah.
  • NotFroofy’s veil got knocked off–twice.
  • When we went to exchange rings, the rabbi accidentally handed NotFroofy the ring that I was supposed to give her. She decided that she would just go ahead and put it on my finger.  I then had to hastily switch rings so I could put the one she had just put on me back onto her.
  • We had a special glass for the traditional breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony.  It turned out to be nearly impossible to break!
  • My sister started a whipped cream fight with my son at the luncheon after the ceremony.  (She is 51 years old, and should know better!)

Good surprises:

  • The rabbi was amazing.  He was warm to all of our guests, said great things at the ceremony, and handled all the little glitches with such grace that everything just seemed perfect.
  • The staff members at the synagogue were so excited about our ceremony that the rabbi asked permission to have them attend.  Of course, we said yes.
  • Our hair and make-up person, with whom we had not been able to have a trial since it was a destination wedding, did a wonderful job on both of us.
  • The DIY chuppah, which I had been very nervous about, looked wonderful in the pictures.
  • A friend just happened to have an acid-free pen for us to use for the ketubah signing, when we couldn’t find ours.
  • We had only hired out photographer for three hours.  However, when the ceremony got delayed, he agreed to stay longer without even charging us to make sure we got all the photos we wanted.
  • Our videographer friend made us an amazing video, which included all of the readings and blessings, even without the digital voice recorders.
  • The staff at the Legal Sea Foods was enthusiastic and efficient throughout, and even reacted with humor and offers of towels for clean-up to the whipped cream fight.

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