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@mrs_g.mck:  I love charting and numbers, so I found it easy to do – that being said, we have massive fertility issues, so really, birth control isn’t a massive deal for us, haha. BUT, definitely worth looking into and reading up on – it’s not for everyone, but it can be done. 🙂

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The only differences I know of are that if you are using it as a religious means of avoiding contraception you abstain during the fertile window, and for those who aren’t doing it for religious reasons you just use condoms or alternative methods. I have never understood how that wasn’t something of a cop out given that you are still actively preventing.  

I think it is a great alternative form, and I can’t wait to use it, but won’t until I am ok with any oopsies.  I told Darling Husband once we start TTC and having kids I am only going to use this method.  I really don’t want to go back on birth control pills!


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Darling Husband and I use NFP.  We use the method in which you chart signs and tempuerature.  I really like it so far.  My sister and brother in law have been using NFP for 2.5 years now and encouraged Darling Husband and I (along with the church) to look into it when we got engaged. It has helped me learn a lot about my body which will help us to conceive when we are ready and for the time being has lead to a lot of really great conversations with Darling Husband.  There’s an incredible mutual respect that comes along with NFP that I think is one of my favorite parts.  

The NFP classes were a little awkward at first…it didn’t help that the couple teaching us was a little older and hearing them use the word “moist” so many times about pushed us to our limit.  But being able to talk to my sister about it has definitely helped.  Right now we (and my sister and her husband) are using it as a way of postponing children until we are ready, and so far so good (granted, Darling Husband and I have only been using it for 3 months now).  I would highly recommend looking further into this and I would recommend finding classes offered through the Couple to Couple League as they teach the sympto-thermal method (opposed to Billings or other methods).  


@justelope:  I know it can seem a little confusing why NFP is accepted while bcp/condoms are not.  The answer is many fold, but ultimately it comes down to following the natural cycle of our bodies.  An analogy I’ve heard before is an elderly person is going to die eventually.  On the one hand you can just murder the person (unnatural death) or the person can live out his/her life to the natural death.  One is generally accepted to be wrong while the other is a part of life. I know it’s not a great analogy, but it’s basically saying using bcp or condoms is not natural, while our bodies naturally go through times in which we are not fertile.   That’s really a very simple answer to this question, but for now I’ll let it suffice  🙂  

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@Aggie10:  That is actually the best explanation of why NFP is ok and condoms aren’t that I’ve ever read, at least to me. Thanks!

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Darling Husband and I have been using NFP for awhile now. We’ve used it to both avoid and to TTC and have been successful in both (currently 9 weeks pregnant). What I found really helpful was taking the class and then keeping in contact with an instructor. I met with her for a few “follow ups” after I started charting and having her validate what I had already interpreted and help me when I had questions was invaluable.

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I have read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and have just started charting this month. Usually I go on my cervical fluid, which I know is a bit risky. So far so good though – we’ve been doing it for a year.

After I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, I’ll never go back on hormonal birth control again. NFP is really so simple! It made total sense once I read the book.

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My husband and I use NFP, the Sympto-Thermal method, which is generally regarded as the most effective.  You can find where to take classes about it (I definitely recommend that) and order the how-to guide at the Couple to Couple League website, which is http://www.ccli.org/

We love it and it worked very well for us!  

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I am also preparing for my wedding of June 16, 2012 by charting using Temps, Cervical fluid, and the Marquette Method with the Clearblue Fertility Monitor http://nfp.marquette.edu/ .  I have read the Taking Charge of Your Fertility Book and the Marquette Method instruction book.   I am interested in knowing if anyone has used these methods and would love to hear your experience.


I love Jesus and I am also a scientist so I believe that life starts at conception so NFP is the only BC for me.


I am using a Basel Therm. and my temps are crazy.  I can’t make since of that part of my chart.  I however understand the cervical fluid and Marquette Method.  I am thinking of buying the LadyComp  (  http://www.lady-comp.com/en/ )  just don’t know if its worth the price.  Does anyone have experience using any of these methods?  Please share your story.


If you have used the Marquette Method with the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, or ladycomp please commit below with your experience.

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It is great that this has worked for all of you, but I feel like I’ve been let down by NFP. I am getting married in just two weeks, and am so worried because even after trying to figure it out for 7 months, I still have no idea what is going on.

First, I have found the mucus charting requirements to be deeply confusing. Since I first started charting (~ 7 months ago) I’ve only had one day of bleeding (maybe a short period) and one day of something a little damp, but nothing that seems like the mucus they describe in the books.

I tried to talk to our instructor about this, but she just yelled at me that I wasn’t doing it right, and “God may not want us to have sex” if my cycles were so off. Arggg!!! I think I’m going to quit – every time I think about it now I just want to cry.

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this method to anyone. I feel like it harms the integrity of women and basically says you shouldn’t have sex unless you have the perfect body/cycle.


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Since going off BCP over a year ago, I’ve been charting my cycles.  Not to only prevent pregnancy, but mainly because I find it super neat! lol.  

My other BC method is:

  • “Feeling crampy”/close to starting period = No need to worry.  


  • As soon as my period is over = Make sure certain things don’t enter my body.

 It’s a lazy/cheap girl’s method! (Condoms are like $1 a go!) 


I use the “LILY” app for charting and just keep my phone + thermometer by the bed and take my temp in the morning.  It tells me when I should be infertile and when I will start my period.  I am currently on my 9th cycle, and it is pretty accurrate, even when my cycle ends up being 11 days longer than normal. 


Edit: Initially, I also tried to chart my mucus, but as I have to go to the bathroom (and wipe) every 30 minutes due to excessive amounts of coffee/water drinking, I haven’t really been able to get a good “read” on what’s coming out.


I feel like this is the most Too Much Information post I’ve ever done in my life….

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@SteidaBega:  Oh my goodness- this is so good to know! I have been perplexed by the mucus, but I might be able to handle a thermometer + an app. Thanks for the tip!

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Rusticgirl  check out ladycomp or pearly, they are little pricey but worth looking into

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I am in the same boat as you. I have actually taken the Creighton method NFP class twice and I am still completely lost. The first instructor we met with was very similar to yours and treated us as if we were doing something wrong. We went out of our way to visit a hospital quite a distance from our home to take this course.  We took another class during our Pre-cana class which did not really help us much more at all. We liked the instructor but she is not taking new patients so we completely lost. 

I am experiencing the same issue where there is almost no mucus so I am unable to tell what the texture or stickiness is because there is essentially almost nothing to look at.

I went off the pill 8 months ago after learning about NFP at RCIA (I had extremely painful periods for years) and I agree it really isn’t seeeming like it is worth it. I am already experiencing the pain I had for years that the pill had kept under control. As our wedding approaches (it is happening in August) I hate to say it, but I am leaning towards going back on the pill because I am literally getting nothing from the NFP course we took and as a 25 year old young professional on a very tight budget my fiance not understanding the Creighton model and simply attempting to go with what we have is not an option.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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