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Yes – we’re required to take the FOCCUS diagnostic ‘test’ and are required to take seperate NFP classes before getting married.

We are getting married in St. Paul, MN.  We’re both required to attend the classes before the wedding. I talked to my OBGYN doctor about NFP and she said, “It’s a really great way to get pregnant, if you DON’T want to get pregnant!”  Unless your cycle is like clockwork (every X days) or you are very in tune with your body and are diligent about tracking everything, it’s recommended to have a backup method!  For some couples, NFP is a great system and it works well for them. However, one size doesn’t fit all and it certainly doesn’t work for everyone.

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@hisgoosiegirl:  I agree with you! As someone with a similar academic background, the mangling of scientific facts and logical inconsistancies can be pretty rough!


I would recommend staying AWAY from the Creighton method. My fiance and I did this, and the instructor was very poorly trained, the materials were poorly written, and unlike Sympto-thermal where you measure two signs (mucus and temp) you only do mucus, which is less accurate. I have weird cycles (like 4 months per cycle) and the instructor was extremely unsupportive and acused me of being on birth control.

I can’t say that other instructors are the same, but I think that Sympto-thermal probably has a more standard course of teaching. Furthermore, there are non-religious (and more accurate) books available on the topic.

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I don’t blame you for being annoyed. It is frustrating when you areblending over backwards to complete all the requirements and they just keep adding things. 

We had an open mind going into our class and learned a few interesting things but declined to schedule a one on one follow up to discuss my specific cycle. This resulted in the evil eye from the instructor…haha. That part really bugged me. She didn’t even know me at all and just rushed to judgement because I did not care to discuss mucus with her. 

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Wow…I guess we got lucky. At the end of precana they  just had a couple come in and tell us their expeirence with NFP, they did advocate for it and told us where we could learn more about it and just told us how it helped them get pregnant and it also helped them not get pregnant…but I wasn’t entirley convinced, especially since the wife was 7 months pregant and said they had two more at home. lol.

They expained their first two chidren were planned, completley, and that NFP delayed pregnancy for about a year after marriage….and that after the two kids they planned not to have any more for at least a few years, but (this is where it got TMI) they went on a vacation in mexico and it happend to be during their “unsafe time” but that they got so hot and heavy the husband just couldn’t help himself and how amazing it was knowing they could be making another baby. lol. I though that was a little too much. They also explained how it brings them closer during their “usafe” times they have time to be intimate in non-sexual ways, which I think made a lot of sense….time to work on the romance without so much focus on the act. I think alot of couples dont make time for that. 

But yes, I agree it probably doesn’t work for everyone. My Fiance said he wouldn’t mind trying it out, especially since I’ve been on the pill for 10 years, (no kids) and we’d like to start trying and it might be a good way to get me pregant faster…wether I’ll trust it to keep me from becoming a baby  maker, I don’t know yet. I really want to respect the churches beleifs on this, but I just have a hard time with it like many of you.

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we had to do the foccus test, pre-marital class(es) or engaged encounter, and nfp. plus, there are classes that the marine corps requires (before and after the wedding). we are in a long distance relationship and it has not been easy for him to attend some of these classes, but i’m glad we’re doing it. it’s made me feel even more confident about our marriage.

in regard to nfp, we are 2/3 of the way through our class. we have our 3rd and final class in about 3 weeks. at first, it wasn’t something we were really interested in practicing, but now that we’ve learned more about it, it’s definitely something we’re going to try to keep doing. my cousin & his wife practice it and they have 2 kids (a 16 yr old and an 11 yr  old) and they encouraged us to stick with it also. at first it was kind of awkward for my fiance to talk about mucus and my cervix, but he’s really comfortable with it now and checks out my charts to see what’s going on.

i think it’s good for all women/couples to learn about it, whether they want to practice it or not. we should know what’s going on with our bodies and understand what’s happening throughout our cycles. and if any problems arise, having a record of your cycles can help figure out what the issue could be. i’ve been on the pill and the shot, and i didn’t like wondering if the depo was causing my awful acne or if my pill was giving me yeast infections. 

it definitely has it’s pros (it’s free, there are no unpleasant side effects, it doesn’t affect your cycles/fertility like hormonal methods) and cons (you have to pay very close attention to your body and can’t be lazy with it), so it’s not for everyone.

i don’t think hormonal birth control is bad- you gotta do whatever works for you. i may even decide to go back to it down the road. but it definitely doesn’t hurt to learn about nfp. it’s really good info to have.

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@rusticgirl:  I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience. That said, I use and love Creighton method and would caution you not to make sweeping (and statistically inaccurate) generalizations based on that single experience. Instead, I’d encourage everyone to learn about all the different options and choose what works for them and their family. And if anyone has questions about Creighton, feel free to PM me! 🙂

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