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I finished precana a few weeks ago. All they mentioned on natural family planning as it was useful when they were trying to get pregant.  They didn’t suggest it to prevent it.  Which I was a little shocked about but that’s what they told us.


I personally wouldn’t trust it, I want to know it’s fully taken care of.  Plus my sister has had to go on birth control as a child (I think at 9) for a medical problem (ovary failure etc) to try to see if they can stop it so that she would be able to make her not sterile.  (Didn’t work, she didn’t remember to do it much, which is my moms fault for not doing it for her). But if it’s not wrong for someone else to take it why is it wrong for me to.  I would be just so paranoid every month, esp when my periods were hard to track before I went on the pill, I never got the hang of it.

They did studies on it in the vatican in 3 different popes lives (had to be restarted when the previous died).  And it seemed that it would have been allowed and not said it was bad to do, if it the results didn’t get finished around the same time that all the scandals with the priests popped up, and the church needed a “win”. So they gave the answer the older more conservative people wanted without reading the report, to get them on their side.

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ajbates:  we did precana as well but this was a separate NFP class (3 sessions). We either had to do this or a 1 day Christian Sexuality class and we chose this.

There are several NFP methods but we chose symptothermal & it’s actually pretty scientific and reliable (esp compared to the old rhythm method). There are many things looked at and our teaching couple actually have used it more not to get pregnant than to get pregnant (medical reasons) but they are due w/ their 2nd kid in April.

Additionally, we now have access/info to a national website/newsletter which includes testimonials (just saw one from an obgyn woman who is practicing it).

If you are interested they have in person/onine classes and then you can decide for yourself. My Fiance is an engineer, very science based but he sees the science in this. Plus, even if you don’t practice it, the charting is incredible to understand your body and what is going on. Bonus, if you can talk about this (cervix, mucus, etc) w/ your FI/hubby, you can talk about anything.

Both our teaching couple and my Fiance have pinpointed problems that we never would have discovered on our own w/out charting. It would cause to have a tough time conceiving and/or if we did, we would miscarry. It is common and treatable, esp before getting pregnant. Our teaching couple had same issue. Additionally, I might have fibroids/ovarian cysts, which again I would not have know (my mom had ovarian cancer & it’s very tough to detect).

I also was put on birth control at age 16 bc of ovarian cysts, we watched a video on this in class, from a dr, how people jump to bc before other options (esp bc bc has a lot of medical side effects cause blood clots, stroke, etc.). I’ve been off for 6 years but I’m mad that I took it…I think I had issues bc of it looking back.

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summerbride2016:  What is the problem/issue with light brown spotting? I have a slightly short luteal phase (but it’s definitely there), but I have the pre-period spotting and didn’t know there was anything abnormal about that.

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ronmcdon:  light brown/tan spotting consistently, each month before period can mean endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or uterine fibroids. And/or mean you’re not ovaulating.

A short luteal phase can indicate low progesterone, a hormone that if too low will not allow you to get pregnant or maintain/carry a baby…i.e. miscarry http://www.m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/luteal-phase-defect

Low progesterone can be just bc or can be bc of underlying disorders like thyroid, etc. Since I know I have a short luteal phase, I might as well figure out and not wait

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