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@SoontobeMrsKB:  My parents used NFP for birth control after they got married and had my sister one day away from their 1st anniversary. I came into the world 13 months later, my younger brother 50 weeks after me, and I have 5 total siblings. My mom breastfed all of us, counted her days and still ended up pregnant 6 times.

I’m not trying to scare you – technology has definitely improved since my parents’ time. If you really cannot be pregnant for two years, could you abstain? (That worked for my parents) If you choose not to, you might have to make sacrifices for your family, but I’m sure you’ve thought that part through. Good luck!

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OP – I’m sorry your thread has turned into a debate of sorts! I wanted to respond to your initial question – my husband and I have been using NFP for over a year to avoid pregnancy. It does take some effort, but it does work! Much like you, I used to be on the birth control pill for non-birth-control reasons. When I first stopped taking BC, my cycles (particularly the CM) were VERY hard to interpret for three months or so. The hormones mess with your natural body signals. I’d recommend trying to stop the BC well in advance of the wedding so you have it all figured out by the time you’re married. That being said, I enjoy NFP SO MUCH more than i liked taking the pill. It’s amazing and kind of empowering to understand what your body is doing each month.

I highly recommend you take a class (we did CCLI, but Creighton is great too… there are lots of options). It’s not all that complicated once you get the hang of it (I definitely don’t think you have to be a genius or anything to practice NFP correctly), but it’s easier to learn from a teacher (and it’ll make you more comfortable with it). If you’re worried about misinterpreting, I’d go with the sympto-thermal method (you can’t “misinterpret” a temperature!). We use sympto-thermal because we like the added reliability of having lots of different signals (temperatures, CM, and cervix position/feel).

I think if you stop the BC now and take a class, you’ll be totally good to go by the wedding! The first few months are frustrating while you figure out a pattern and figure out what you’re doing, but it gets easier after that and it does work! Haha. Please feel free to PM me if you have more questions or want details about anything!

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Check out the forums on the Taking Charge of Your Fertility website, here.

On the Trying to Avoid forum, you will find a LOT of great information, scientific evidence (both faith-backed and secular), and plenty of personal experiences. 

I am getting married in the beginning of May and I plan on using FAM (so, using nothing during my interfile time, and using other methods of protection during my period up through my fertile days).  I have been practicing charting my temperature and cervical fluid since September.  It did take me a few months before I got the hang of differentiating cervical fluids (mine are not “textbook”) and I still can’t tell cervical texture, opening, and position very well (except soft/high/wet vs firm/low/dry).

I would recommend that you be as diligent as possible about tracking your signs.  It’s great that you’re reading that book.  It sounds like you’re taking this seriously, and I am sure you will be able to practice it very well!


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@SoontobeMrsKB:  Use another birth control method (even if it’s pull and pray, condoms are better) until you get the hang of reading and predicting your cycle.  Even then you may still get a surprise like I did when I ovulated 10+ days earlier than I ever had before after a little over a year of charting.  Also, read TCOYF and use as many signs of fertility as you can when you chart (i.e. temp, mucus, and cervical opening/softness.)

Ultimately it’s always a gamble so if it’s not a good time for you to get pregnant then you can always avoid pregnancy the old fashioned way and continue abstaining from sex until you are ready to get pregnant.

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I’d buy the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” and go off the pill now so you can have several months of learning how to do NFP before you get married and start having sex. However, if you’re really concerned about becoming pregnant, I would use an alternate form of birth control until you’re prepared to have a baby.

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@cutiebomb7789:  I second this post! I am using the Creighton Model and love it so far!! And honesly if God wants you to have a baby…then your going to have a baby. But yes, used correctly it works just as well as anything else!!! Just stick to the rules!!! 

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@SundayLove:  I loved your response! It was the only one that actually used the teachings of the Church true to form!

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@SoontobeMrsKB:  I love NFP. Because it’s family planning, it’s used to both postpone and achieve pregnancy. It’s not harmful to your body at all, unlike a lot of other “family planning” methods. There is no risk of future harm to my body, either.

You’ll come to know the signs of your body and realize that there are many days when you really can’t get pregnant; I know my body so much better. If you used to take a pill once a day, taking your temp. once a day will be a breeze. It’s really not hard at all and you’ll never really be afraid that you’re pregnant. If you’re following your charts, you won’t have guessing games at the end of each cycle.

I know you’ll be nervous at first, but that’s inevitable… people using contraception also get pregnant.

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I only skimmed some of the responses. But H and I sucessfully avoided pregnancy for over a year using the sympto-thermal method of nfp. did it take commitment? yes. Were there times I wanted to have sex during my fertile window, but instead abstained… yup. The first month we decided to switch from avoiding to trying (December to be exact) we got pregnant. It works, and it was really nice having the knowledge of how my body works. Especially since I have very irregular cycles. I highly suggesty the TCOYF book mentioned by another poster and also any book by the Kippleys. (I think that’s how they spell it). I hear great things about the Marquette method too!

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@SoontobeMrsKB:  Id highly recommend the lady comp. We will be purchasing one when I get married to Be sure. also, please know that there is tons of misinformation on this board about NFP. If someone talks about their parents or grandparents using NFP, know they are talking about the outdated rhythm method and not Creighton.

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My Mother-In-Law used NFP and she had 5 planned pregnancies and only 1 unplanned. She had a bit of difficulty conceiving with some of her pregnancies though, so I’m not sure if that affected anything. She feels very confident about NFP. 

I’m not using NFP, as we don’t have any religious issues with contraception and I am really not ready to bring a child into the word right now, but I am interested in charting my cycles just to be in tune with what is going on with my body. I’m not sure what your situation is, but if I were you I’d probably stop your birth control asap. That way your body can adjust and you can be more informed about how your periods and skin will react, and you can practice temping and charting with your new cycle. I don’t know much about it, but it does seem like the more information you have about your cycle the better. I have an app on my phone where I log information and it gets more and more accurate each cycle.

I found that I had a hard time taking my temperature and not moving around before hand when I woke up. I’m not sure how important this is, but I’ve read that you get better reads first thing in the morning. I would start practicing all this so you can be ready before your wedding. Good luck!

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@SoontobeMrsKB:  I don’t want to talk you out of your plans. Just want to say: staying on the pill for a long time is not harmful. Trust neither myself not the people who have told you otherwise but do your own scientific research (not catholic publications). I know you don’t want to use the pill for other reasons also, but this is more in general so this misconception doesn’t spread further 😉

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@MsquareM:  +1 (wish there was a ‘like’ button on these forums, I feel so dumb using +1!)

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