Nicest thing your SO has ever said to you?

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Honey bee
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These are all so sweet. My husband’s love language is acts of service, and he’s not great with words. His most memorable comments to me are failed compliments. tongue-out

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Sugar bee
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I’m 24 weeks pregnant. Yesterday, DH told me he couldn’t wait for our little girl to be born because he loves her so much already because he loves me and she is the result of our love for each other. I swooned a little. 

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Sugar bee
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“You’re the most successful person I know.” It’s not really true, but I understand what he was getting at. He said it 4 years ago and I still remember it 

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Helper bee
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Mine tends to compliment me when I look like a total scab. Like, I’ll have skipped yesterday’s shower so my hair is stringy and my face is oily, got bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and a heavy stomach bloat, wearing a t-shirt with holes in it and sweatpants covered in dog hair and he will just come up to me and say, “you’re looking mighty cute today.”

It makes me want to roll my eyes so hard but also I’m so glad he doesn’t get grossed out by my appearance and he still thinks I’m attractive when I’m at my worst.

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Bumble bee
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– always telling me what a beautiful woman I am

– that I’m a good mom

– that my Parmesan crusted filet mignon is the best steak he’s ever eaten

– but the best was ” I just never thought I’d have access to dream breasts and here they are in my life “. Lol 😂 

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Buzzing bee

My husband is a romantic and he has been telling me amazing things for years. Even though it took us a long time to get together I was the only woman he ever loved. He tells me he thinks I’m beautiful and amazing every. single. day. 3 really special things were – 

1. We facetimed after not seeing each other for a few years, and he got really tongue-tied and awkward. Later on he emailed me that he had forgotten how beautiful I was and he felt completely overwhelmed and unable to speak. 

2. When we got married, he told everyone that I was the woman of his dreams and the only one for him, and he’s incredulous that I fell in love with him. 

3. He had a journal, 150 or so pages, of our first vacation and dating experience back in 2005. I still have it. It is full of beautiful passages about how much he loves me, all the things he notices and appreciates about me, and our amazing experience together. It means more to me because it wasn’t anything I was supposed to have access to at the time. 

I am incredibly lucky to have such an affectionate and amazing husband and I feel grateful every day. 

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Bumble bee
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Valentines day this year

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Busy bee

My SO looked at me and said he’s never truly been with someone that he was confident would be a life partner to him. We’ve both been married before/we were with those people for 8+ years each, and for him to look at me and say that meant a lot, although his ex sounds like a real treat, so it was a great feeling 😉

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Sugar Beekeeper

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” My little piranha fish” a la Basil Fawlty lol. He has resilience,  my h. 

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Helper bee

Oh boy that’s hard…my SO is very affectionate and verbal lol

i think when he talks about being proud of me, or when he thanks me for doing a lot of the cooking to keep us healthy or trying to make his day better after a bad time at work.

my favorite thing is when he says his favorite thing about me is how good my heart is.  I don’t always feel super nice, and he definitely sees the cynical side of me, but it makes me feel that I still have the positivity and kindness I want to express in my life.

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Helper bee

You guys, these posts are some of the sweetest things 🥺

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Blushing bee

Too many to count! But he’ll often say stuff like, “how’s the prettiest girl in the world doing today?” Or he’ll say I’m “the love of his life.” It’s always so sweet 

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Helper bee

I have a spine disease that is now in remission but at the time I was diagnosed it was very severe. I could easily fracture my spine with normal movements.  I’ll never forget him holding me when we were just dating and saying, “I will do anything for you. If I have to dress you each morning, bathe you, change you, wipe you, push you in a wheelchair, I will do it. And I will be happy because I’ll be with you”. I’m now married to him, of course. He’s amazing. 

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Busy bee

Such a great thread. I’m mildly annoyed with my husband right now but this exercise is making me want to give him a hug.

He always reminds me how I’ve done very well for myself career-wise given my upbringing and my very unambituous family. He tells me that his (considerable) career success is far less impressive than mine, given where I started. 

And this may be shallow but it was such a confidence boost! When we worked at the same company (different buildings) he and I would occasionally run into each other. He told me later that whenever he caught a quick glimpse of me, his first thought was ‘wow, who’s that hottie?’. Then his next thought after recognition set in was a smug, ‘oh yeah, I’m married to her!’ 

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