(Closed) Nicest/Rudest Comments Your In-Laws Have Made…Share Yours!

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Wow, mine isn’t nearly as terrible as some of things on this thread and my FI’s parents are good people and generally nice to me. But it still stings that after the very first time FI’s mother met me, she told him she was surprised because I looked way too old for him. There’s only a year difference between us 🙁

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This isn’t so much rude as very presumptuous? My Fiance had been dating just about a month when I met his dad for the first time, and the second thing he said to me, after the hellos and nice to meet yous, is “hey, if you have a son, you can name him Fiance the third!”, my Fiance being a junior. Fiance knows that should we have a son someday, I’d rather name him after my late father, which he is fine with. He’s not really into doing the generational thing either. 

The only thing that could be considered slightly rude wasn’t actually said directly to me, it’s something my Fiance mentioned. When we first started dating, his brother, my Future Brother-In-Law, had been with his now ex-girlfriend for about six years. So around the same time as the above, Future Mother-In-Law commented to Fiance that she liked FBIL’s girlfriend much better because she knew her better. And it wasn’t even something I could fix! Often in the first month or so we were dating she’d walk out of the room when I was around, so it took a while for her and I to actually talk beyond just pleasantries. Things are better now, at least. 

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ny88:  I’m sorry you’re going through this. People are just so rude sometimes and it makes it worse that it’s going to be family.

Fortunetley my Father-In-Law, Mother-In-Law, BILs, and SILs have always been great towards me and we always get aling very well and have such a good time together.  My Father-In-Law has always said such nice things about/to me such as “I’m the best thing that has ever happened to his son, and he can’t wait for us to have children, and he thinks of me as his daughter” etc. My Mother-In-Law has said some nice things as well such as “You make my son so happy and I’m so glad he found you and I can’t wait for you to give me some grand babies”?

Hopefully things get better for you! Good Luck!

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Future Sister in-law (his brother’s wife) looked at my ring and said, “It’s sooo small”!  

We took a last minute trip and my fiance decided to get a gorgeous claddagh ring to propose to me, and then at a later date we would pick out an engagement ring that I would like to wear.  Had she listened  to what we had explained before she said that she would have understood.

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ny88:  You are handling that sh*t well!!!! I’d probably decide I didn’t want to be in that family! You must really love than man. Sorry you have to deal with that, I can’t even imagine. 

This isn’t recent but in the past my Future Mother-In-Law has said :  (My now fiance once referred to ourselves being a couple as being “Beauty and the Beast” and my Future Mother-In-Law asked “Which is the Beauty and which is the Beast?”

And of a dinner I cooked for her “Of course _____ (her son, my fiance) paid for the groceries. And Salmon is so easy to cook.” 

And when my fiance’s car broke down when we were driving her on a day trip to another city “We should have taken your car (to me), it’s newer” in an acusatory voice as if it was my fault his car broke down. My car was about 1 year “newer” than his, neither car was particualrly new.



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My DH’s husband have not been what I would consider the greatest.Rudest

(When we moved in together)

Mother-In-Law: I raised you better than to live in sin. Don’t flaunt your lifestyle to the rest of the family.

Cousin: If her morals are so loose that she would live in sin imagine how bad her family must be to allow it. (WHAT?!)


(Cause I came inside whenit was 104 out)

Me: WOO! Hot out there!

Cousin: *eyes me up and down* My daughters love it outside. I hope they never grow up anything like you.

Bitch you’re inside too.


(Because we spend Thanksgiving with his fam and Christmas with mine)

Mother-In-Law: I just don’t see how you can choose her family over your own.




Father-In-Law: *on my wedding day* You are so so beautiful.

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My in-laws are amazing! It’s my own family that’s the problem.
Last week my mom told me she was going to write me out of her will because I chose not to have someone say grace before dinner at the wedding. Even though none of us are religious at all. 


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Wow! People can be so rude!

I think one of the very few nice things my in-laws have said came from the mother:

“You have a pretty good head on your shoulders, young lady.”

(That’s actually the only nice thing I can think of)

Now for the rude part:

I have three kids from a previous marriage and my future husband has none. His father pulled me aside one day and said: “you know you can’t expect my son take care of you and  your children right?

I was highly offended and felt horrible that he would even think I “NEED” him to take care of me and my children when I’ve been doing it for 5 years by myself. I have a great job and can hold my own, thank you very much!

Sorry you all have to go through such mess!

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Rudest comment had to be from my Future Brother-In-Law

Right after my fiance told him the date and asked him to be best man – “You DO realize that is three days after my birthday right? I’m turning 40 – it’s KIND OF a milestone. I wanted to do something for me that weekend.” 

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Wow it seems MILs are a special breed. Someday I can’t wait to be a great Mother-In-Law who’s loving and treats her children’s SO just like her own children.

About a dress that has been handed down. SIL says to us,” well if we have a girl she’ll pass it to us.” Snarky Mother-In-Law says to my SIL, “no you keep it for when your daughter has a baby. (MIL looks through me) Well, actually when your little sister has a girl. Oh yes give it to her.”

So she can break tradition for her half sister that’s 15 years younger but not us. I mean we’d be done with it by the time it would be her turn.  

It really hurt me because it made me feel like I wasn’t part of the family. I tell myself I didn’t want it anyway, I don’t really care, but it did hurt. It was what was behind what she said. And I love family traditions and I don’t have anything from my family to pass to my future children. So I’m trying to learn to quilt so my future children can have heirlooms to pass to their children. 

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The worst things seem to come from Mother-In-Law.

– “My own son, siding with the whore who is tearing this family apart! You said you’d always stick with your mother, no little girl would ever come between us!” On speaker phone, after many issues had come to light. Darling Husband responded with “she’s no little girl, she’s my wife. And you’ll be lucky if you ever get to see either of us again.”
– Once she also told me she didn’t want me to have a baby with Darling Husband cos she was worried that I’d give the child eczema. Thanks for making me feel good about myself. Fuck you.

The nicest thing my Father-In-Law has ever said? I can’t recall, because I swear everytime I see him he has something sweet to say. Darling Husband and Father-In-Law didn’t speak for three years due to some issue I can’t even remember, but once they made up, everytime we see Father-In-Law he is wonderful. He’s full of love, massive hugs and kisses, and he is such a gentleman. He insisted I sit down on the train home from a football game, even though I tried to get him to sit down because he looked tired. I love him 🙂

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My own aunt once we hit the 4 year mark, she asked how serious our relationship was and after my response about how happy I was and how I could see spending the rest of my life with Fiance: “Marring an Artist isn’t a good idea for a first marriage.”

But she has been married four times so I guess I could have expected that

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When I asked Mother-In-Law for a list of people to send wedding announcements, she pretty much accused me of being gift grabby, said she has never heard of this, and asked if this is something people from my hometown do (she is from the same town!). Now, 4 months after the wedding she has asked me to print pictures to send to her friends. Ummmmm that was the purpose of the wedding announcements!’

edited to add… As I read through these replies I guess mine isn’t too bad after all. I mean I’ve never been called a whore by her atleast. I guess she just kinda rubs me the wrong way, even though I know she loves me.

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My now mil said “you are good for him” the first trip we met and all I could say is “no, he’s good for me” I am blessed with his amazing family!

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