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Where do I begin? My Future Mother-In-Law is from a smaller town and I’m from a big city, for some reason she has this weird complex where she feels the need to remind me that I’m more different than her other DILs (also from smaller towns). Oddly enough, she’ll only make these comments when nobody else is around or nobody else is paying attention, personally I think it’s hilarious she feels so threatened by my presense.

Some of the many rude things she’s said:

Regarding me taking care of my skin and apply face masks “Oh you need that crap because if you don’t do it your face will explode (I’m assuming she meant into acne – even though i’ve never had acne). I don’t need that stuff, I only use water and look at me, I look great. It’s just a money grab for stupid people.”

Regarding her other son’s new Girlfriend “she’s skinny” gives me a look like i’m not, i’m a size 4-6, “She’s got a good pair of lungs on her” aka she’s got boobs, even though I def do and am well porpotioned. “She’s naturally pretty, she doesn’t need all this make up” Referring to my make up, which isn’t a lot and I got compliements all the time.

Regarding my clothese “Your shoes are funny” about my pointy flats/heels, “nobody wears those around here because round toe is in style, not pointy” then points at my feet and says “maybe if you didn’t wear such cheap shoes your feet wouldn’t look like that. Look at mine they’re from Payless, you should go there” even though I explained to her I have bone that sticks out a bit on my left foot but didn’t mention my shoes were over $100+ so save her from embarrassment.

At a baseball game when the my bf and Future Father-In-Law went to go get beers, she just stared me up and down and started laughing.

LOL, i have so many more but i think you get the picture.

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I don’t have a nicest/rudest thing that I can remember but Mother-In-Law and I have a great relationship, we go to lunch and spend days together shopping, she treats my dd from a previous relationship like her own grand daughter. 

SIL is another story. We are currently pregnant and because she wanted to be the first to get pregnant she wouldn’t pick up the phone and didn’t call us back when we tried to call her to tell her once she caught wind of why we were calling her. She’s immature and selfish and I am cordial with her when I have to be. That’s it.

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I get along amazingly well with my mother in law. She only has sons and tells ppl all the time that i am her girl, how happy she is i met her son, we are so close that i am the maid of honor in her wedding this weekend.

I haven’t had any rudeness towards me from his family until yesterday. Well it was really more hurtful than rude. My Fiance told his dad yesterday that he proposed to me and his reaction was “no,no,no,no” and didn’t even say congradulations and then changed the subject. Really made my Fiance upset for the rest of the day. I have no idea if it has to do with me or something else. I don’t really care if he is happy or not, but seeing my Fiance upset really hurt me. 

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My SO has my ring and his hinting about my proposal timing being in January. I am thinking probably a new years proposal. πŸ™‚ He let me help pick it out. I really look forward to being able to call his mother my mother in law. She’s so sweet and kind.

I honestly don’t really think I have had any bad comments made.. though I worry what she’ll say when he proposes or tells her he is going to (around December). He’s her oldest and I’m worried she’ll feel I’m taking her baby boy away or something like that. Since she has said the below to me, I am sure I’m over thinking it. πŸ™‚

Future Mother-In-Law: “You are the answer to my prayers. I have prayed every day that he would find someone that was kind and good to him, that would really love HIM. My prayers have been answered!”

Future Mother-In-Law: (When showing my picture to his grandparents the first time)-as told to be my SO) “Isn’t she a DOLL?! She’s so beautiful, Ryan, how’d you ever get a pretty girl like that? haha”

Future Mother-In-Law: “You’re such a pretty girl.”

Future Mother-In-Law: (Said to SO) “Oh..she has such a kind heart. She’s so sweet.”

Future Mother-In-Law: “I love your new hair cut! Such a beautiful girl.”

πŸ™‚ Warm and fuzzies.



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Blushing bee
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When my Fiance and I saw his mother over the weekend she made an offhand comment about not being sure if she’d still be around for our wedding next year, when she’s only 55 and still healthy.

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but for me it was an incredibly painful comment to hear. My own mother is being treated for a rare and incurable cancer. It’s been nine months since she started treatment, and the median life expectancy for what she has is between six and twelve months. So the odds aren’t high that my mom will be there for my wedding. And I don’t have my dad either because he died over four years ago.

My Future Mother-In-Law knows all of this and she still made a comment like that to me. 

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ny88:  When I met them for the very first time, they very grilling me over everything (you know, typical where do you work, school, family etc.) When I shared with them that I just changed jobs for better paying one, my Future Father-In-Law looked at me and said “Well, then I am assuming you will get your citizenship now?” with this very rude eye roll. I felt like they slapped me in the face, because I was LEGAL immigrant and I still haven’t lived in USA for 5 years (you have to live here for 5 years to get citizenship).


Fortunately, that was the only rude comment they ever made. Ever since our relationship got serious, I heard many many many compliments πŸ™‚

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my Fiance was actually just telling me last night how his parents were laughing and making fun of me to him because I can’t cook and how he will have to cook every meal for himself. 


UMMM? Rude! I CAN cook and I WILL cook when we live together. 


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This is nothing in comparison to some of the comments you ladies have gotten. But I will NEVER forget this. Within the first year of dating. was at the vacation home. Had to work during the day so I was sitting at a table across the great room, working away with my back to the family.

Future Sister-In-Law was talking about buying a treadmill or an elliptical and then Future Mother-In-Law chimes in (in front of the whole family):

Future Mother-In-Law: You’re not the one who needs it, geekgirl is!!

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ny88:  Moving far away does help! My FI’s rela with his parents is so much better now that there are thousands of miles in between πŸ™‚ 

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ny88:  He’s a blessing in disguise. Everytime she’s made a comment (whether it’s about my eczema or my weight-I’d consider myself full figured), he’s always backed me up. It’s all irrelevant now, because Father-In-Law and his wife are always kind to me. They are lovely people, and honestly with every nice thing they say I forget something horrible Mother-In-Law has said about me. πŸ™‚

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Woah. OP those are really rude! I’m mixed race. I’ve had members of my own extended family be racist towards my siblings and I. Would good does it do? Arseholes.

My ex’s mum said to him “why do you want to be with a girl who can’t stand on her own two feet?” I was working and studying full time. He was working full time, earnt a good wage that he wasted on utter crap, had no savings, lived under his parents’ roof for free etc. And they had an issue with me who was in education trying to better myself. I’m glad they’re no longer in my life.

My fiance’s parents love me to bits. His mum told me on the phone after the second time that we met that she’s so happy I’m there with them, she loves that I love her son as much as she does, and she loves me very much too. It’s perfect because my family love him also.

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LOL- Does making Novenas that I should fall out the door of a moving car count? Mine said a lot worse than that!

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