nicknames that have nothing to do with your name – tell me your stories

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My sister and I called each other Bub or Bubs or Bubbie, whatever we were in the mood for at the time. But it was always some form of Bub. Idk where it started but it was always something we called each other. She has since passed away in January and I miss her and our nickname 🙁 no one calls me that anymore and it’s sad but it was only our thing so I guess I’m okay with that.

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TravelingBride31 :  

A past friend of h’s used to call me Spike. I thought it was because of the haircut l had then. Turns out it was because of the relationship he and l had. H didn’t tell me till after. 

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My mom often calls me “Moo.” My name is Meghan, and I think it was just an evolving nickname Meghan -> Meggie -> Mooie -> Moo.

In high school, my best friend called me S (and I called her B). Came from Gossip Girl.

My two best friends now call me plop whenever they want to annoy me. I’ve always said how I didn’t like Pete and Erin together from The Offi ce. I also said how I wanted to give us silly nicknames like how Jim is “big tuna.” My friends decided that was a perfect time to nickname me plop (Pete’s nickname).

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My nickname given by my mother, aunts, and grandma is “chickenhead”.

They call me that because I was born with an unusual amount of hair on my head and it was all sticking straight up like a chicken’s comb.

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Pumpkin because as a blonde teenager I always asked my dad for money to go to the mall like Kelly asked her dad Al Bundy in married with children, and that was her nickname. It stuck and now I think it’s cute when he calls me that- as a 16y.o I wasn’t too pleased!

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Sugar bee

Peaches because I used to eat those Maynards fuzzy peach slices all the livelong day. 

And this little gem a good friend gave to me…Cabrita which means little goat in Spanish 

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I go by “B” ( my name shortened)  or “Pickle” which my Dad nicknamed me when I was born.   My Dad also called me ” Little One” from birth as I was only 3lb 9oz when I was born.  My fiance also picked up calling me little one,which is sweet, as since my Dad passed away in June, it’s nice to still be called my nickname by someone I love 

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My great niece calls me “Max.”  The first day that she did it I didn’t realize she was talking to me.  She kept saying “Max, Max!”  I finally said, “My name is Aunt Tracy.”  She just laughed and said “Nope, it’s Max!”  I love it.  Now her mom, my niece, and her whole family call me Max.

Evidently she does this to other people, too.  My niece has a friend that my great niece calls “Sue.”  Her name isn’t even close to Sue.  

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TravelingBride31 :  

I have a few that actually pertain to my name, but one that doesn’t is Dumfy. Yep. My brother said i was a mix between Dumbo and Goofy and wrote it on a greeting card and it never. went. away. LOL

Even when i send him stuff in the mail, I just put From Dumfy on it.

My dad called me Tinker or Daddys little Tinker until i was 10 or so. Always thought it was because of tinkerbell (were a disney family). Nope. Was for Daddy’s Little Stinker when i was a baby lol.  

Another one is from my step dad. He use to call me Buga-Lugz which just turned into bugz. Hey Bugz, can you grab that Bugz. 

I actually just googled it for the first time ever HAHA

According to the Urban Dictionary, the expression is an Australian term of endearment, similar to “Mate” but usually used in a slightly more patronising tone and with less immediate masculine connotations. A good example is a parent describing a son or daughter, or an older person describing a young person

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I’m Jessica and my family calls me Jessie. 

Every single other person calls me Jess. I hate Jess and prefer Jessica. 

I never call myself Jess either. I answer the phone with Jessica so why do strangers automatically call me Jess 🤦🏼‍♀️.

My parents gave me a lovely name and I wish people would use it.


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My nickname has nothing to do with my name but my parents always called me Sweets because I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. Anytime I was called by my name I wouldn’t always respond when I would hear sweets I would also go and ask if either parents brought sweets home the name had stuck and so has the sweet tooth

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  My husband calls me “Cliff” because he says I remind him of a goofy person – someone he knew who was silly named “Clifford.”

   Nothing to do with the Big Red Dog. He’s called me that for so long that I actually prefer it. When he calls me by my real name – it feels weird.

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I drink a lot of tea and I like hobbits.

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I have several nicknames but most relate to my name.  My name is Kristin and my family calls me Kristi(y) but when I graduated college I started referring to myself by my full name.  I was in engineering, a male dominated field, and I felt Kristi was too “girly” and I wouldn’t be taken professionally.  So friends that I’ve known since I was little still call me Kristi but my newer friends call me Kristin.  I really dislike being called Kris, but fortunately no one does.  I have an ex that did for a while and I think he did it to push my buttons.

A different ex called me Boo because for Halloween we went as Sully and Boo from Monsters Inc.  If you saw pictures of me from when I was really young, I did actually look like her.

My nieces and nephews call me Kiki, which is I guess a shortened version of my name.  My older sister used to call me that so I guess it stuck.

My husband calls me Bella.  When we first started dating one of his friends told him I reminded him of Kristen Steward in the Twilight movies but I was much prettier.  The only resemblence I see is that we both have dark hair and eyes (yes, I know she wore contacts in the movies).  The name stuck because the name Bella means beautiful and my husband liked the meaning.

My husband actually has more nicknames.  His first name begins with a D and his college buddies call him Duff.  He’s not exactly sure where it came from but I don’t think he looks like a Duff at all!  His family calls him Mully, again not sure where it came from as his last name is nothing close to that.

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