Night terrors

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Helper bee
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Hi bee, wow this sounds terrifying, poor you! 

My friend dealt with this, unfortunately she didn’t share all the detail with me but she went for therapy. She was asked to keep a journal to help her identify “triggers” which apparently could be certain food, certain people, sounds, smells, products, anything at all. She was also given a kind of meditation/relaxation cd to listen to as she falls asleep and she was put on a mild anti-depressant for a few months, although that could have been more because of what had caused her to have these night terrors rather than to help her specifically overcome them – for her they started after a traumatic event. 

Sorry if it’s a bit vague, I’ll ask her for more details for you regarding the therapy.

She’s not married or living with an SO so not sure what therapists advise for them, regarding how to wake you up and how to deal with it. Hope some other Bees might have some insight regarding that aspect!

Good luck! 

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Busy bee

I can relate, absolutely terrifying. Like the worst bad dream ever, times 1000. I had them in the lead up to the wedding. I’m not sure what caused them wedding stress or work stress (I was ment to do some tunnelling). I would dream that a huge flat granite slab was falling and about to crush me. Next thing I know, I would be on the floor at the foot of the bed screaming. I’m pretty sure it was physiological. I haven’t been bothered by it since the wedding and/or since they picked someone else to go underground.

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Honey bee
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Hi RPSGT here. Your Doctor needs to refer you to a sleep doctor. 

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Buzzing bee
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I dont know if my sleep talking/walking episodes would qualify as terrors persay but I’ve had them most of my life being abused as a child. When my mom split with her ex who was the abuser (I was 11) and the episodes suddenly stopped for years. But I started getting them again. I have realized now that I do things in my sleep more when I’m really stressed about something. I also have really bad dreams that people are trying to kill me but that’s also related to my job where I’ve been threatened to be killed. I guess my unconscious internalizes it. I’ve woke up and started changing my clothes, I’ve pushed my husband off the bed (well tried), I woke up one night and started telling him people are trying to get me and I started pulling all the pilliw cases off the bed snd pulled his blanket away from him and stuff. I feel bad like you but I’ve never been to a dr about it. All I know is they are definitely more prevalent when I’m stressed. Just 2 nights ago my husband said I was panicked and yelling “they’re going to get us. They’re trying to take our stuff.” And I never remember anything. 😔

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Buzzing bee
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happybridetobe1988 :  that’s exactly what my husband tells me. He’ll say “soo last night you….” And I’m like omg I don’t want to know.  And I literally wake up telling him I slept like a baby and he’s like no you didn’t. 

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Helper bee
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happybridetobe1988 :  YES! I am severely arachnophobic and from the ages of 16 to around 23-24 I would roll over in bed in an apparent half-asleep state and suddenly see the entire ceiling had transformed into a spider web and see a GIANT ass spider the SIZE  OF MY BED in it and dropping down on me! I would throw the covers over my head and jump out of bed screaming and shaking, and my mom would come in, turn on the light and wake me up, and show me it wasn’t really there. Sometimes I would be throwing the blankets on the floor stomping all over them and shrieking bloody friggin’ murder, and other times my mom said she would have to pull the covers off my head and I’d be standing there moaning and shaking with my eyes rolled back in my head.

That right there is some crazy, horrifying shit!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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happybridetobe1988 :  I get night terrors due to medication but for me it is either take the medication or die situation so I have to put up with it.  Usually you can’t remember the details of a night terror so it sounds like what is happening to you.

If your doctor isn’t taking you seriously then find a new doctor. You have been suffering for long enough and you may be having sleep issues from terrors you are not detecting as well. Sleep is so important and sleep terrors can be treated if you find the cause. Sometimes it is psychological so it should be investigated.

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Blushing bee

It’s hard to say whether mine count as night terrors, since people who have night terrors often can’t be woken up nor do they remember the incidence the next day. But the “episodes” I sometimes have do feel a lot different than a normal nightmare. Nightmare: I wake up, I am confused, I can be afraid but I come to my senses pretty much immediately or shortly thereafter. Night terrors: it feels more real. Like I am suddenly torn from my sleep not due to a dream but because of some made up reality that there is a spider on the bed (I’m terribly arachnophobic). It’s so real that I tear the covers away and usually then sit there shaking and trembling but frozen with fear. I don’t scream, but my sudden movements and shaking are usually enough to wake up my SO. It can then take a few mins until I realize that it was not real after all and go back to sleep. Sometimes I can’t remember the episode the next day, but often times I can. 

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Bumble bee

I get these too but yours sound particularly bad. Luckily they have stopped since I moved into my new house, coincidentally so have my allergies/hayfever that I used to suffer from terribly. My new suburb has less shrubbery/flowers and pollen. When I had bad hayfever I’d sleep terribly due to blocked or runny noses, and  being sleep deprived contributed to night terrors. I’ve always wondered if there’s a link between your environment and night terrors. Can’t find much online though. The only other thing that helped when I did get them was to train yourself to sleep on your side. Only got them sleeping on my back.

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Wow, yes I do experience something very similar, but have never really found a post that describes what happens as closely as yours does! It makes me feel better to know I am not completely insane and that others deal with it too.

Mine also occur within an hour or less of falling asleep, and are also always the same theme, mine are spiders though, sometimes one giant one or sometimes like a ‘wave’ of spiders crawling all over me or trailing down from the ceiling onto me, in my exact room, it’s like I am awake and not awake at the same time if that makes sense. I scream and throw all the blankets off, and occasionally I will jump out of bed and run-although when that happens it seems to knock me back to reality quicker. Fiancé is still usually downstairs awake and will come running, poor guy, first time it happened I am pretty sure he thought I was being slowly murdered in our bed lol. 

I have noticed mine tend to occur most close to my period so I suspect they are hormonally triggered for me. I also have noticed if I am extremely tired or upset that can trigger one. Even more odd though is that we just bought this house, and that since moving from the old house, they also seem to have decreased in intensity and frequency which is pretty strange too.

I am sorry I don’t have any tips for you, but I wanted to let you know that you are definitely not alone and that I thank you for sharing your story and wish you well.

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