(Closed) No Dancing, No Alcohol… How do I get guests out of their seats and having fun?

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  • poll: Thoughts?

    A reception without cocktails and dancing? Snooze fest.

    I think with the photobooth set up and candy buffet, people will have a blast!

    That all sounds a little kiddish. Is this a kids birthday party or a reception?

    Add games too! That will really get everyone talking and invested in the evening.

    Nobody likes a try hard! Don't worry so much, guests will entertain themselves.


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    I really think you should have dancing. That does not mean you have to dance though. I don’t like to dance either, but there will be dancing at my wedding. Most people like to dance!

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    @silkspectre94:  Don’t feel bad about the poll results. It’s the norm in most places for there to be dancing & drinks. Therefore for some reason, people think they can’t have fun without one or both. Maybe some people really can’t, who knows. I’m not a big drinker (though I tend to drink a lot at weddings lol) but I’m sure it’d be fine. I’ve been to a few AWFUL weddings and they actually did have dancing & drinks….so obviously it’s not the alcohol & music that makes or breaks a wedding.


    You know your crowd, the hive doesn’t. Don’t worry about it!

    ETA: I think maybe the people who are suggesting having dancing even if you don’t want it, aren’t seeing that you have an older crowd. I’m picturing a bunch of white haired old ladies with hearing aids and rap music LMAO! Uh, no.


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    @soontobemrsm11:  I think maybe the people who are suggesting having dancing even if you don’t want it, aren’t seeing that you have an older crowd. I’m picturing a bunch of white haired old ladies with hearing aids and rap music LMAO! Uh, no

    Hardly.  I don’t care for rap or about 98% of the “music” played in clubs these days.  So no, that’s not what I am suggesting the OP provide her guests.  I guess at the weddings I have been to, there have always been several older couples who dance. Often times, it’s the older folks who steal the show, because they actually know how to DANCE and not just grind against each other and call it dancing.  

    I’m not saying the OP needs to play the Cha-Cha Slide or the Chicken Dance, but why not offer some nice slow-dance music?  You don’t think guests would get out of their seats to dance to few romantic songs?  You could even search for songs that were popular back when they were younger.  My HS reunion was held at a local entertainment center and we shared the hall with several other groups.  It was the older guests who got up and danced, especially once they started playing the golden oldies.

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    Everyone wants people to enjoy their weddings, and for most they usually follow a few key things, such as have already been mentioned. I guess it also depends on what you’re describing or thinking will be  ‘fun’. I don’t go to weddings expecting to be entertained, so any ‘games’ or trivia or anything requiring me to follow a set series of events throughout the night would just not be appealing to me. Having dinner and mingling and dancing are what I look forward to, and as someone mentioned, the rare times when my husband and I actually get to dance. I am older and a church goer too, so those people you’re describing, to me, sound completely foreign.


    From what you’re saying, it also sounds to me like you’re afraid to do something other than what you’re used to because of the weddings you’ve attended. Unless your guests are very close-minded, do you really think music/dancing would offend them and embarrass you? As soon as it starts, we are up and out and enjoying ourselves! Maybe this crowd would really get into having something completely unexpected!


    One of my family members had horrible music at their wedding several years ago, picked exclusively for their (much younger) age group. More than half the guests were older, and WE were bored. More people ended up outside just walking around and talking, as the music was SO loud and un-danceable, we  had to leave to be able to hear ourselves talk. Not good, and many guests did leave early.


    I know you’re worried about your guests, but I do think if you have some music playing, some people will get up and enjoy it. Don’t try and plan out every minute for them and allow things to progress naturally.


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    @Miss Apricot:  We’ve had very different life experiences then! The old crowd in my family or family friends who are older are never the ones dancing at all the events I’ve been to. They tend to just sit back and observe, no matter what music is playing. I like the suggestion for playing music from their time a little bit but at the same time, if it was my wedding, I’d rather just have some light background music than have to listen to all oldies all night. I like me some oldies, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t want it ALL NIGHT at my wedding. Though now I’m thinking I should play going to the chapel of love at my wedding…I think my mom would get a kick out of that. I’m glad I commented on this thread!

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    I think it sounds like you’ve got plenty going on. Unless all your guests are children or nobody knows each other, they shouldn’t need “entertaining”.

    Well-fed people are happy people. People on sugar-highs, playing with photobooths and in the company of friends are even happier.

    Seeing people they care about getting married makes people happy, too.

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    I would say that if it’s important for you not to have alcohol or dancing, then don’t, but don’t expect people to stick around long.

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