(Closed) No early pregnancy symptoms but ended up pregnant anyway?

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This happened to a close friend of mine. She had unprotected sex with her husband ONCE, and missed a period but figured it was stress related because she had a CPA exam… She had no other symptoms and was almost 12 weeks pregnant before she realized what was going on! Oops. 

Her baby is healthy and beautiful despite the late-starting prenatal care. 

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Well yeah, I never had any real symptoms until 6 and 8 weeks (6 weeks with my second pregnancy).  I had a little bit of fatigue earlier with my second but if you weren’t expecting to be pregnant it would be easy to brush off.  With my first I didn’t have symptoms that stuck around until 8 weeks.  That is also when I found out (not because of the symptoms but because I missed my next period).  I had heavy implantation bleeding I assumed was my period around ~4weeks but I guess it wasn’t.  I only had 2 days of symptoms (total) before 8 weeks and it’s easy to write that off as just an off day.

If you don’t have many symptoms or they’re mild and you have irregular cycles it could be very easy to miss a pregnancy if you’re not trying to get pregnant.

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bearbear1 :  This is my biggest nightmare!!! Seriously every time I hear one of these stories I want to compulsively take PG tests

I actually know someone who had this happen to them – she had a son with DS and was so stressed/busy with therapies and caring for her son that she didnt know she was PG until she was nearly 5 months along!!! Her daughter was born perfectly healthy but yeah I can see how it could potentially happen to not know until you are later on but I think the women who have no clue until labor might have some mental issues going on (IMO)


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There was a bee just the other day who got a BFP, went into her first appt and realized she was already 4 months along!!

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One of my floormates in first year, her best friend went to the hospital complaining of bad abdominal pain

12 hours later she gave birth to her daughter (she was 18)

… we’re pretty sure she knew she was pregnant and was trying to trap her boyfriend but she swears up and down that she had no idea

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What freaks me out the most is this happened to my mom. She went 5 months without knowing she was pregnant, the entire time she had her period so never thought anything of it until one check up and doc was like eh your PG. 


I serously hope that never happens to me ! 

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My best guy’s friend’s mom went to the doctor for what she thought were symptoms of perimenopause – turns out she was 5 months along with my friend. She had no morning sickness or breast tenderness, gained a little weight but no apparent bump, and she kept spotting on and off so was thinking it was just her periods becoming irregular as she approached “the change”… 

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I am a nurse and a colleague of mine told me this story about when she worked on the gynae ward:

One of the student nurses came in that everyone knew….she presented in A+E with abdo pains. Very slim girl…no bump…denies chance of being pregnant…has had periods throughout. Was admitted to the gynae ward. Apparently the doctor went to examine her and shortly after burst into the nurses station saying she is in labour!!! They were all like WTF?!?!?!?!. Apparently this girl was really very slim and didn’t look pregnant AT ALL! When they asked how the doctor knew, she said she had gently poked her stomach and it had KICKED HER 😱😱😱

True story!! Totally mental how that can happen!

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I was five weeks pregnant before I figured it out…and only because the morning sickness kicked in. We HAD been TTC, but this particular cycle we were NTNP…to be honest I thought I had a kidney infection!

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Busy bee
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 I found out at 8 weeks just because I had a blood test for something else. I did have some symptoms but brushed them off, I thought it was something else.

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Just last week my cousin’s daughter (about 20 years old) went to the ER due to acute appendicitis. She was in horrible pain…..and come to find out she was in labor. Like, OMG, right?! She gave birth to a totally healthy 9lb 2oz baby boy – just crazy.  I can’t even fathom it.  Had spotty periods the last 9 months, never felt kicking, gained a LITTLE weight, but not obvious.  I’m still reeling at the news!

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Bumble bee
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My mom with both me and my sister….she had very irregular cycles.  Didn’t have her period for 3-4 months and didn’t think anything of it, until I started kicking her at 4+ months.  

Then with my sister, a bit more understandable as my sister is 13 years younger than me, and my mom was already 41 when she got pregnant with my sister. Again, no symptoms, didn’t have her period for 3 months and just figured it was because she was getting older and never had regular cycles anyway.  Finally went to doctor and yep there was a 12-week baby moving around in there.

I’m 19 weeks and I actually don’t know what made me take the test, as I had ZERO symptoms.  I have PCOS and my cycles are very long and irregular, anywhere between 40 – 60 days.  So I wasn’t even “late” at that point when I tested at what turned out to be 4w5d.  I mean no breast tenderness, no nausea, no spotting, not even fatigue, in other words I felt completely normal.  I had just pulled an all nighter at the office due to a major deadline, and when I got home the next day for some reason I just decided to test!!

I also had almost non-existent morning sickness. Had some vague nausea but am fairly sure it was due to taking prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach.  Slept fine.  Started getting some breast tenderness but really mild and wouldn’t even feel it unless I bumped my chest. So yeah I still felt pretty much the same as before.  

Instead of feeling lucky though, I would’ve found some symptoms to be reassuring, as I had a miscarriage before and also had no symptoms with that pregnancy.  Basically did not feel like I was pregnant. It’s better now that I’m starting to show somewhat, but otherwise I still feel the same…lol.  

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bearbear1 :  Yes. In my first pregnancy I found out at 5 1/2 weeks, I found out in the ER and I had gone in for severe stomach pain, I actually thought I was having a miscarriage. Second pregnancy I found out at 7 weeks, had absolutely no signs or symptoms and ended up miscarrying at 8 1/2 weeks. I’m now pregnant for the third time and I again didn’t find out until 5 1/2 weeks. I had the severe stomach pain again, but couldn’t get a positive test and I had a doctor tell me there was no way I was pregnant after both blood and urine tests, he was wrong. I tested at home again after continuing to feel ill and noticing weight gain. Apparently severe stomach pain is my body’s first pregnancy symptom, which seems pretty on point – I have several complications and I’m pretty sure my body hates pregnancy.

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I’ve got a friend whose younger sister had this happen. They’d spent the day together hanging out- she didn’t look any different than usual. The next day she came down with terrible stomach pains and her partner took her to the hospital when they weren’t getting better. Turns out she was in labor! She had a healthy baby boy and they were scrambling to find things for him to wear and use because they had ZERO clue.

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