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I’m so sorry you’re going through this when you should only be enjoying your new pregnancy. 

If you’re sure you conceived may 17th, you are considered 5+6 weeks along. No one goes by conception date only, you won’t find reliable infos online if you count it like that. 

I hope you still hear good news with your HCG results, I’m hoping for the best!

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*hugs* I’m sorry bee.  I totally understand why you wouldn’t be able to focus.  

If you are absolutely sure you conceived May 17 then you are indeed 6 weeks pregnant: add 2 weeks to the day you concieved.  The reason we typically start counting from last period is becuase we assume ovulation/conception is about 2 weeks after your period and most women have no idea when they ovulate.  

They probably didn’t prescribe progesterone because it sounds like they have no reason to believe you have low progesterone.  The right treatment for your friend could be the wrong treatment for you.  They would need a blood test to know–hopefully they will test the blood draw they took to find out.

I really hope this is nothing, and that the bleeding stops and the blood tests come back fine and they do another ultrasound in a week or two and see the sac.  My aunt bled throughout her first trimester with my cousins (and with a few miscarriages, unfortunately).  It had to do with the shape of her uterus: she was restricted to bed rest for the first trimester, which sucks.. but it worked.  Both her daughters were born healthy and are now both smart, beautiful women with families of their own.

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Bumble bee

I spotted intermittently from weeks 5 to 9.  It was never a significant amount of blood (never enough to fill a pad, for example) and the color varied from red to brown, but I was terrified.  I saw my doctor when the spotting started and they were unable to find any cause for it.  They simply advised taking it easy (no exercise or physical strain, total pelvic rest, lots of water) and trying to relax until my first OB appointment at ~8 weeks.

I’m now almost 19 weeks and actually had some spotting 2 weeks ago.  I squeezed a last minute appointment to see a doctor and again there was no obvious cause but the baby looked fine.  All the doctor could tell me was that some women are just prone to spotting and there can be multiple reasons: irritable cervix, cervical polyps, subschrionic hematoma, shit luck. Luckily, these are often harmless and just more taxing emotionally than physically.

The best you can do is keep an eye on the spotting to see if it gets heavier (enough to fill a pad) or you start to experience cramping; take yourself to a doctor in either scenario.  Otherwise, unfortunately at this early stage, there really isn’t anything you can do: progesterone would only make sense if you had been diagnosed with low progesterone levels which does not appear to be the case.

I wish I could say the anxiety totally goes away but even almost halfway, I still live for each appointment where I get to see my baby and get reassurance that everything continues to be OK. I’d strongly advise you to stay away from Dr Google and just try as much as possible to focus on the positive: you are pregnant now.

Good luck and I really do hope things work out. Please update the thread when you have more information.

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Buzzing bee
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Four weeks since conception is still six weeks pregnant.  However- early ultrasounds are notoriously unreliable.  Wait until you hear your hcg results before you panic.  I have had two pregnancies with early bleeding and inconclusive early ultrasounds.  First was a miscarriage (hcg was decreasing), second was my perfectly healthy daughter (hcg was increasing but not doubling.)  Unfortunately there is not much you can do but wait.  Do not mess around though if you do get symptoms of an ectopic.  I have no experience with that, but from everything I have heard it would be important to get treatment asap in that case.  Otherwise, try to think positively and lean on your husband for support while you wait for more information.  Fingers crossed it will be good news.  I can’t put into words the feeling of seeing a heartbeat when you were so sure you were losing a pregnancy.  I hope with all my heart that is the outcome you get! 

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Bumble bee

MuseForever :  I’ve gushed blood twice during this pregnancy.  I haven’t just spotted it’s been like buckets of blood once at 9 weeks and once at 20 weeks due to a SCH and I’m still going strong at 35 weeks pregnant.  Unfortunately time will tell what is happening I just wanted to say although bleeding isn’t fun it doesn’t always indicate the end of a pregnancy.  

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Bumble bee

A SCH= Subchorionic hematoma- sounds scary but most of the time they resolve themselves and are okay. Which kind of ultrasound did they do- abdominal or transvaginal? Did they say anything about the lining of your uterus?

Wishing you the very best of luck with this little bean. 

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it’s still early! Even though some people will see a yolk sac and/or fetal pole at 5 or 6 weeks, it’s not always the case. The OB who did my vaginal US saw gestational sac with no yolk sac or fetus at 5+6. I had also had light bleeding/spotting for days and all he said was sorry, you are having a miscarriage. He did not offer to check HCG or recheck the US in a week or two. 

And guess what 2 weeks later I came back to ask them to check it again (since I already had an appt scheduled before the bleeding happened) and there was a fetus with heartbeat.  I was shocked. So miracles can happen!

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Bumble bee

MuseForever :  For sure! If they are bigger, they can unfortunately cause issues or be a bit of a worry, but lots of ladies will have smaller ones from implantation which pose little to no risk to baby and the body absorbs them. That’s good news about your uterus lining. Have you heard about your HCG? Are you doing a repeat test? I know the waiting is torture- wishing you the best of luck!

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Did you get your HCG results back?

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