(Closed) NO I do NOT want your weight loss advice!

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Congrats on your weigth loss. Think if you keep it up for a year youd be bellow 150lbs. I dont believe in diets and completely understand students having a hard time to excercise. When I was in school the only workout I could get was doing stairs at the college randomly it was my fun. 

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Congrats!  1 pound a week is healthy and long-term sustainable.  Whatever you’re doing is working for you, so don’t pay any attention to other people!  When they say what you’re doing didn’t work for them, say, “I’m sorry, I’m having great luck with it.  Everyone is built differently though” and change the subject!

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Busy bee
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The easiest response I’ve used regarding non-expert comments on anything health-related is this:

“I appreciate your opinion, but I’m doing things the way my doctor recommends.”

Insert the terms “trainer and nutritionist” if that works better for you, but either way, telling them you’re doing this your way for a reason tends to calm the commentators.

Also, try to answer compliments or comments about your success with a simple “thank you for noticing!” so they don’t have any ammunition for other comments. 

FFR, these responses are useful for ANY unsolicited health topics, not just weight loss. Good luck!

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You’re doing it right… and anyone who tells you differently can go eat a twinkie 😛

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I would also make sure you don’t inadvertently TELL anyone that you’re trying to lose weight. If they just noticed a slimmer you and the convo came up as a result, that’s different of course. But just keep your strategy and plan to yourself, don’t even tell close friends or family…because everyone talks and it’s really no one’s business but your own.

That being said, congrats on the weight loss! 1 lb a week is sustainable and a great goal to have. Good luck for the future months!

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Congratulations on the weight loss!

I agree with telling them that you’re just doing what the doctor ordered. People tend to chill out when they think a professional is in charge of your regimen. And, like you said, walking away is always an option, especially if the person is a repeat offender and you’ve previously told them not to offer you advice. It’s your body and your health, so you should do whatever you need to do to stay on track!

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Any time someone says there is a “faster” way to lose weight (with the exception of surgical intervention), that method for most people will result in longterm weight gain. Honestly, you’re doing it the right way.  I’ve read so many studies on interventions (I’m in psych research) and they all point to the same basic idea–small changes work better because they are easier to maintain and they build on each other, quick major changes to your diet or exercise don’t last long for most people. Congratulations on taking a very healthy approach to your weight loss goals!


ETA: I’d also say, the reason there is a ‘great new diet’ every week is because all the other ‘great new diets’ turned out not to work. It’s like that ‘great new wrinkle cream’ or that ‘amazing new psychic’.

As for that unsolicited advice? I agree with PP saying you’re following a doctor’s plan, and also saying studies suggest slow weight loss is more likely to be permanent weight loss because it is more likely to mean permanent lifestyle changes. Or tell them to suck it, which is what I’d do.

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@pharmy:  i fell ya pain. so many have heard stuff like that. Even yesterday there was one. Sooo annoying cos they dont know all the details, limitations, facts, etc…I just try to keep chill and remember that they’re only ttrying to help.

But if it gets really bad, I have turned the table and have given my unasked for opinion as well! For example, a friend (who is overweight as well) said that now that im engaged I should really get serious about my weight loss and shed a tonne of pounds. I was so bothered by that, that i responded that she should be even more worried cos she’s single in a see of singletons! That did the trick and now she doesn’t say a thing.

GL to you!

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Why do random people think they have the right to comment on other people’s bodies? I would never go up to someone and start telling them about weight loss plans. If it’s a friend or family member and you’re having a conversation about it, that’s one thing. But people really need to learn to keep their mouths shut!

I agree with other posters that losing one pound a week is the healthy and sustainable way to lose weight. If it’s working for you, keep at it! Lots of those diets will let you lose a lot of weight fast, but it always seems to come back. Your way sounds more like a change in lifestyle than a diet, so it makes more sense long term. Congrats on your progress 🙂 

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Congrats on the weight loss!  You are doing a great job!

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