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@sosadbee72:  Any man that would threaten infidelity because YOU HAVE A UTI AND ARE IN PAIN is a loser. I would dump him, seriously, and find someone worth your time and energy.

I can’t believe what an a$$ this guy is. Well, he’s shown his true colors now, so believe him and get the heck outta there.


(ETA: Your paragraphs are fine, I think there’s a glitch where it doesn’t show them when we post our own things, but everyone else sees it normally!) Smile

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@sosadbee72:  They are there :)… I would kick his ass to the curb, that’s not cool… No woman deserves to be treated like that

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Busy bee

@sosadbee72:  I guess you aren’t both seeing your relationship in the same way.  You sound very young – I am guessing though.

You need to try and take comfort from the fact that you saw his true colours before you married him and hey what an awesome best friend you have!

I know you are feeling so upset at the moment but you will get over it and find someone who truly loves you.  Big hugs xx

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Um.. this is… weird. If he’s being serious, which it sounds like he is, he sounds soooooo immature and not at all ready for marriage. Cut your losses and move on.

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@sosadbee72:  Simple…just tell him to go Fu*k himself! Is it possible this is all you mean to him? He sort of made it obvious in his texts Which sound extremely immature.  Do yourself a favor and let this douche bag go. 

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Yeah I think it’s time to move on…he sounds ridiculously immature and rude.

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WOW! I would be seriously reevaluating my feelings. Sure sex is important, but there is so much more to a relationship. And now, he’s planted the seed that any time you’re busy, he going to go out and seek physical attention. I couldn’t trust him. I wouldn’t want to try to trust him.

You’re in a difficult spot, but you need to figure out if this is the man you want to be with. It doesn’t seem like he respects you a whole lot  or honors you, or hell, I’ll say it, loves you, from this post.

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Wow. What an unbelievable piece of trash. Girl, in my opinion you are lucky to find out now. What would happen when you’re married down the road, late in pregnancy, and can’t have sex then? Or post-birth? Is his “need to f**k” going to make it OK for him to cheat on you then?! Run, run like the wind!!!

I am so sorry you are expierencing this. I can’t imagine the shock and horror, but it is better knowing on this side of things. 🙁 

I would just tell him straight up, “I thought you were a better man than this, with some concept of loyalty, and if you care so little about me as an actual human being, and only are with me because I’m an available vagina, then I’m done. You will never have a successful relationship in your life if you have this type of outlook on it, and are this selfish.”

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@sosadbee72:  You deserve way better.  Good to find this out now as opposed to after a wedding.  I’d cut this guy loose and focus on taking care of yourself!

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This is so bad! I understand that sex is important, but common! Maybe he didn’t understand how sick you were and felt frusterated. I understand maybe he thought it was more than you feeling sick/busy as a reason why you hadn’t had sex for 3 weeks. But think about the next 50 years, I guarantee you there will be many other times that 3 weeks will go by without sex based on a majority of different thing. He needs to not want to hop in the sack with someone else like it doesn’t matter. Sex is important, but this is just ridiculous.

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Fiance and I get sick, on and off, at different times, things come up, sex isn’t on a regular schedule, then my period arrives and ruins everything for a week….He never threatens to go have sex with someone else.  He’s understanding.  We both know things happen, life gets busy. It’s not often it happens, but on rare occasion, but it does happen to everyone. He’s not worth it if he’s going to get mad about sex.  All he needs to do is rub one out and he’ll be fine until he sees you, no  need to go F*ck someone else. Geez…That’s NOT love that this man has for you. Time to move on

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RUN as fast as you can. Get away from this guy who seems completely whacked! I’m sorry, but sex is fabulous don’t get me wrong, but it certainly isn’t everything! And definitely not worth breaking up over after they were sick, had a UTI and super stressed at work. What is he thinking?! 

Be glad you didn’t get engaged to or marry this crazy person. Walk away and find someone who will support you when you’re sick and stressed, not threaten you and cheat on you! 

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whoa there!! I think you need to leave him and tell him to go fuck himself..

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