(Closed) No Money Blues… anyone else have them?

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Yes, my husband (we’re having a family wedding) has a lot of credit cards he needs to pay off and we are trying to save money to buy a house while organizing the wedding. So it does affect us too.

I did find a lot of good ideas on this website, maybe it can help you as well:  http://wwww.fireyourweddingplanner.com

If you don’t get the ebook, at least suscribe to the free newsletter. I love it.

Good luck. And only do what youcan afford, no point in getting  debts for it. Network, network, nework and negociate as much as you can.

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I completely feel your pain!

I started planning this thing with the idea that having both the ceremony and reception in one location would be the easiest and cheapest thing to do, as far as travel expenses go.

The only problem is that, in my area, there’s only one logical place to do this… and the rental for the place is not cheap.

But I decided that the splurge on the place would be worth it and that everything else I plan would be cheap.

After doing some number crunching to re-evaluate just how much holding the wedding at my location would cost, I had a melt down. And there was no turning back; we had already given the place a HUGE deposit.

But I calmed down after talking to my aunt about how much she had just spent hosting her son’s wedding– $15,000.

I knew that mine could be done for way less than that. I found a cheap DJ and a cheap photographer. Both are already paid in full with the money I already have in my wedding account.

I got lucky when my grandmother said she insisted on buying my dress and my aunt said she wants to buy the cake as a gift. The rest– invitations, flowers and some decor (the venue has their own decorations so I don’t need to add much) — should fall into place.

Just take one thing at a time. Know what you have to spend, what you want to spend and where you can cut corners.

Good luck!

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I totally here ya. Before we were even engaged we knew we wanted to pay for it ourselves. Both sets of mothers are already asking how they can help out but we are putting our foot down on the money part, however I will be asking my parents to help pay for the rehersal dinner which will probably be only 10 of us.

My fiance and I work full time day jobs and a few years ago after our master degrees with experience in video and design we created a part time side company doing wedding videography. Needless to say we’ve see a TON of waste at weddings – we are overdosed on the traditional stuff, the YMCA’s and the good ole plate of stuffed chicken. We enjoy what we do but traditional is just not for us. We are having only 50 guests, no bridal party, iPod instead of DJ and I refuse to waste money on real flowers.

I’m a graphic designer by day so I need to have a ton of creative control and will be doing a lot of DIY projects. I’m looking to infuse creative and unique in all the little details. We’re spending the bulk of our money on food, open bar, photographer and an after party. Bridal sites have provided some great ideas but I’m trying to branch out by looking in magazines like Country Home and Better Homes and Gardens for creative ideas for our Aug. wedding. We only have $6,000 to spend, which is scary when I think of some of the weddings we have filmed where food alone at the venue cost them $6000+!

All that matters at the end of the day is that you had a good time and when you and your husband are having a good time on your wedding day your guests are having a good time.


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hey!!! right there witcha…..

 for a minute we weren’t certain that we would have any semblance of the traditional, romantic wedding i wanted (i’m just not a bbq type of girl)…..we scraped, and with a laughably meager budget, stepped out on faith. now we are having a wedding and i am somewhat alarmed at how much all the little things are costing….i have a nice little spreadsheet that outlines all the usual suspects: reception venue, photographer, ect. But its the little things that i suspect will nickle and dime us to death: audio, hotel costs, undergarments for my dress, hair, music…its mind blowing….my miscellaneous category is looking like a force to be reckoned with….

don’t get me started on the monster that is our guest list. despite explaing carefully to both of my parents that we can not afford another morsel of food for more than 130 guest, i have a gust list with 287 names. how the heck is that going to happen????? i have been putting off cutting the gust list simple bc i can’t deal with the drama right now.

i am trying to focus on the happiness of the occasion….but the money issue seems to be a sapper of joy every other day……

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Hehe, how funny I just saw your post after commenting on someone else’s on how to budget for weddings.  I can totally empathize with you!!!  You can put your head on my shoulder and lament.  You seem to be on the right track though to budgeting your wedding and taking hands on efforts.  Honestly, I think the day of, you will forget about the $$$ and just enjoy yourself.  You’re allowed that moment of happiness and your GL of 50 people makes the event sound more intimate and fun (what I really want for my own wedding).  The one positive outcome of this wedding planning is that it seems to force you into learning new craft and skill you never thought possible.  Who knows, maybe you will one day plan a wedding for someone else and get paid for it in return!  GL! 

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how much is normal to be spending?  i’m looking at a place that is almost all inclusive (minus photography, bridal party flowers, some alochol, and of course clothes) for 200, it will be about 20K.  😐  it sounds like a lot to me, but anywhere else I’ve check is even more.

what to do 😐

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After reading around, I’ve double checked all my figures and scratching my head. My Fiance and I have budgeted about $5500 for our wedding for about 160 guests. It takes hours of staring at computer screens and obsessing over every sale that waves a red tag, but we have done it! My dress was my biggest splurge Maggie Sottero’s Rhianna Royale for $1200. Otherwise, the flowers are artificial, ALL stationary is DIYed, the cupcakes will be made as a fun activity during my bridal shower, and I bought our favor boxes in the clearance section of wal-mart, 200 white boxes for $20!!!!! Our vintage – winter wedding is coming together wonderfully under budget with only one concern. . .  the photographer. Being a photographer myself, I called upon a colleague who offered her services for $100. No joke. Unfortunately, she switched jobs and I haven’t talked to her in months. I’ve been looking for a backup but no one will do it for under $1000! Luckily I still have 1 year left to plan and/or save for a photographer.

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I’m on a $5,000 budget, but at this moment am worried I’m not going to make it. The $5,000 is coming from my parents. The rest my Fiance have to contribute. I have a little $ saved up, but he really has none. His parents have offered, but I’d rather not if I can avoid it.

I’m meeting with photographers and florists in the next week or so. I’m crossing my fingers! 

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I’m in the same boat.  I feel like I set an unrealisitc budget early on, because I thought it would cost that much no matter what.  I didn’t know all the cutbacks I could have made, and now everything is booked, and everything is almost done! Little did I know, my parents would begin to struggle in their business and are now worried about how they will help us pay for the wedding.  I feel like I’m burdening them even more every day.  They are hoping to sell one of their vehicles to pay for my wedding (and have a little left over).  I feel so bad, but I don’t know what else I can do but help them sell it.  We definately can’t pay for it all ourselves.  FIL’s are helping, and I am thankful for that.  I wish I could go back and re-budget before making any moves… and be really realistic about it.

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As odd as it sounds, all of these posts are comforting because it is so nice to know that I’m not the only one going through this! We’re pinching pennies the best we can, but I’m still worried about the money aspect.

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You’re not alone…there are SO many brides feeling the penny pinch!

Check out the book Bridal Bargains…it’s a super useful book with not just DIY and budget-friendly ideas, but also real resources, websites and DIY projects that are really neat.

Enlist the help of friends and family.  You’ll make a beautiful wedding fit your budget, and be able to have a great time and relax in the end. 

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Oh, I cringe everytime I click that excel icon for our budget…I’m waiting to hear back on a couple of venues that I think we might be able to afford, but if we can’t we may be doing the church service I didn’t really want to have because neither of us, really attend church anymore, but he still belongs to his (we are different faiths)…my fabulous out-door fall wedding in beautiful Northern Michigan is trickiling down to an indoor, no photography allowed inside the church, dry reception, because I haven’t been able to find a job in this market…..McDonald’s even told me I was to over qualified to work for them (I’m not opposed to doing what I have to do in order to make money, except stripping, I draw the line), We are refusing any help from either side of the family, because one side has a tendency to hold things over people’s heads and the other really can’t afford another financial burden…so I have cut corners, I have found great deals on this website with accesories for the reception and Target had great prices on DIY invitations (love them), party favors came from some little wedding site that was offering 50% off coupon your total order (black favor boxes 150 for $40.00, filler is still undecided) trimmed the guest list from 300 (FMIL friends of friends of friends had to go) to 125-150 and still considering cutting a few more..it’s all about finding the best deal and going over and over the numbers and the red tags to see where you can find the best bargain….my sister is in the same boat

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ahhh. i’m in the same boat. Everything is so expensive and when I think about the $ I just want to run to city hall.

There are a lot of good ideas that I’ve seen, THANKS!

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