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I would express to him that you don’t think having a TV in a 2 year old child’s bedroom is a healthy situation, end of story. I’m assuming your little one goes to bed relatively early, so you have plenty of time later in the evening for more adult prime time programming. Kids cartoons can get on your nerves, I totally agree with that, but maybe you could invest in some Disney/Pixar movies that you call can enjoy rather than Big Blue House or whatever 😉

Maybe you could also suggest a spending limit for the holidays this year to keep the expenditures under control and money set aside for *later*.

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Well, I think the engagement/wedding is a separate topic than the TV.  IMO a two year old does NOT need his own TV – regardless of if you had a ring on your finger, and especially if your finances are not completely free flowing and worry free.  If he’s worried about the cost of a ring, every little bit saved will help with the hit.  You can always spin it as trying to save money for the future and just have a better buffer.  And it wont be NOT getting a gift for you kid, just not something to the scale of a TV.

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Just tell him you don’t want a tv in the bedroom for him and you would rather him watch tv in the living room where he is. Say you’d rather save the money for better things.

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Thats a generally good frame of mind to have on spending if you ask me.  Having a nice plush savings account is more enjoyable to me than having all these little wants all the time.  It makes it that much easier to splurge on big wants – new handbag, shoes, nice dress.. or in your case ring, wedding, etc

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Recent studies agree that children watch a lot of TV as it is, and having one in his room, especailly at the age of 2 is too much IMO.

I think a Christmas budget is a good idea, and setting up a special savings account or smething is good for anything, not just saving for a wedding. If he smells a rat, he smells a rat, but there are plnety of reasons why you don’t need a TV in a kid’s room without mentioning saving for a ring. 

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Geez my bf is the same way…. It is quite a downer when they go out and by the top of the line electronics and come home and try to show us…. but the only thing going on in our minds is shouldn’t that be going towards a ring?….or if he is buying this stuff he definitely can’t afford to buy me a ring afterward!It can be very frustrating but hang in there

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Yeah, a two-year-old does not need a TV in his room. (I don’t think any child needs a TV in his or her room, but that’s just me.)

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@Statutory Grape: It isn’t just you, I completely agree . 

I think you should have a conversation about savings in general. Presumably you are both in agreement that you will be married sometime in the future.  I would say that since weddings are a large expense, you should set up an account together for one.

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@Statutory Grape: @rachaelrobin: y’all aren’t alone. My senior year of high schoool I inherited my grandmothers 3 inch black and white VHF whatever they were called travel/emergency TV. LOL. I didn’t mind at all… If I wanted to stay up late I read books. crazy idea 🙂


I think it would help to first of all explain all the reasons. 1) A 2yo doesn’t need a TV and why 2) Why the 10 yo doesn’t need to keep up with the jones’. 3) Budgets 4) Timelines if you haven’t discussed marriage at all.

I do know how you feel. Fiance bought himself this thing that was 4-5k before we got engaged. Sometimes, guys have timelines and don’t think how much it will aggravate us to make large purchases. They may have a plan for funds and a ring but then they do something “stupid” and make waiting that much more difficult.

🙁 Sorry. But this is probably one of those things where a nice lil heart to heart is in order.

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