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netto614:  I lost 50 pounds a year or so ago after years of losing a bit then putting it back on etc. I think what got me sticking to it this time was joining a program that kept me accountable weekly with weigh ins etc. So it was harder to be ‘naughty’ and break the diet when I knew that I was going to have to weigh in and enter my results online etc. Also looking at photos of myself at my biggest was a great reminder of why I needed to make the change. Or trying to put on pants from when I was smaller and them not fitting – it really woke me up to how big I had become.


With regards to working out I was already a daily gym goer so I already had that sorted so to speak but I think it is important to remember that constant motivation is a bit of a myth. I do not feel motivated every morning at 5.45am when the alarm goes off to go to the gym. But it is a habit so I just get moving and before I know it it’s over and I feel better for it. Ultimately there are no tricks, just consistency and commitment!

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Try getting into a routine, once you have implemented working out into your schedule it feels like less of a hassle. If you’re a morning person – get in, get out, get on with your day. I like my sleep, so when I’m busy I pack a bag and work out at the end of my day. DO NOT go home after work or school and tell yourself you’ll work out after you relax a bit, you won’t.

Are there any cheap gyms around you? Like planet fitness ($10 a month)? For me, if I have to go somewhere to work out, I’ll be more motivated than just doing something at home or running around my neighborhood.

Remember that consistency is key. It won’t do you any good to have a good work out only once a week. Start off with commiting yourself to at least 3 days a week to see the results (and get into a routine).

Lastly find something you like to do. I hate running but enjoy cycling. Leg days are my favorite.

Keep in mind that you may start working out to feel good in a wedding dress, but I PROMISE you will eventually work out to make your soul feel good 🙂 remember excercise releases endorphins 🙂


Good luck! Hope this helps!

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I need a workout buddy to stay motivated sometimes.  I need to feel like I’d be letting someone else down, not just myself.  I also like to “achieve goals” so I make them real small to have more achievements which helps me stay motivated!

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What about a fitness/health program? I am one week into doing the 21 Day Fix from beachbody (http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/21-day-fix-simple-fitness-eating.do). It really helps when I have a plan to follow that shows me what, how much, and when to eat. For some reason it takes away the pressure of trying to lose weight. I feel like I can’t mess up when I have specific directions to follow LOL. I take it day by day and so far I haven’t felt deprived. The tupperware containers seemed a little small at first, but you can actually pack a lot of food into them! It also comes with 30 minute workouts that you can do each day. These are perfect for my schedule because there are some nights when I am not home until after 8pm. I would never be able to get myself to go to the gym at this time, but popping in a DVD for a half hour is much easier. I am somewhat uncoordinated so it took a few days to get the exercises down and feel comfortable, but now I feel pretty optimistic about the next two weeks. I’ll keep you posted on my results once I am completely through the 21 days. Fingers crossed I will be much lighter next time you hear from me! 

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I’ve never been motivated to continue a work out (in my case running) until I started using and app (Strava & C25k apps) that tracked my progress.  Since using that, for the first time in my life, I’ve run 3-4x a week for the last 6 week.  I love the accountability of the app (you add friends so friends can bug you about not going or give each other “kudos”) and seeing and feeling progress.  It’s only been 6 weeks, but I see myself continuing.  And for another motivation boost, I just bought new running clothes and sneakers so now I have to make use of them!

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netto614:  Like pp said, try starting a routine… even if you aren’t in the mood, run 5k a week or something. Something is still better than nothing. 

Also write down what prevents you from working out / eating healthy… 

and after each obstacle list 3 ways to overcome it. 

Good luck

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I spent a lot of time waiting for the motivation to kick in. I figured I wasn’t that overweight and it wasn’t much of an issue. I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office one day and realized I had hit the 180 pound mark. 

That’s when it hit me. I’m sick of this being an issue. I’m tired of trying on clothes and feeling fat. I want to look great for my wedding, and more importantly, I want to be healthy. 

Ask yourself this: if you do nothing, how will you feel in a month? Six months? At your wedding? If you change nothing, you will continue to be overweight (possibly even more so). 

Counting calories and regular exercise got me going, and now I’m 12 pounds down in about a month. I still eat cake, popcorn, and pizza, just in healthier amounts. I also have one meal a week where I don’t log calories.

When I feel my motivation waning, I step on the scale again and realize how far I have come. It keeps me accountable. Best of luck to you!

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